Launched the first online class on Gumroad. Need help!

Launched my first online class on Gumroad titled "Going Viral Masterclass".
Here's a link to the class: https://gumroad.com/l/dLtix

You can pay anything you want starting from $5.

How should I promote it and get customers?

P.S: I don't have an audience yet. I'm building my youtube channel and blog.

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    I highly recommend you pick one traffic source and master it.

    I am a huge fan of Twitter - and this kind of content can do very well there!

    I have only been on twitter for about a month (@oddhacks), and I managed to get 38 email subscribers and close to 600 followers. Here is what I have been doing:

    1: Tweet 2-5 times per day on your timeline. (Not many people will see these when you are small)
    2:Make a list of 20 large and 20 medium accounts in your niche - comment 10-20 times a day on their tweets with high-quality comments. (High quality is the key)
    3:Make friends with people who have a similar follower count as you - and help each other grow.
    4: Pin a link to your ebook at the top of your profile, and plug it occasionally on your timeline.

    The path to 1000 followers is hard but it can be done in 2 months with consistent effort- stick to the process.

    You can find me on Twitter as @oddhacks.

    Also - you might consider making it a totally free product and using it to build an email list which you can then upsell to.

    Just a thought.

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      Just followed you on Twitter! Thank you for your ideas. I will probably make it into a free course as of now to build my email list.

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        Great! See you on Twitter, its a fun platform.

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    Hey Shushrut,

    I think Twitter is such a GOLD MINE to find potential people for your course!

    What I do is that I follow similar people to myself, and mostly likely, they'll follow you back if they're interested in you or your digital product. It's kind of spammy, but it helps!

    Even if they don't follow you, the fact you got your name out there is more than enough to remember you in the near future.

    You can follow me and the accounts I'm helping to monitor. Maybe we can help each other out? I'll follow you back on all of them:


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      Thanks, @monnieking! Just followed you. Looking forward to connecting.

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    I'd have at least some sort of landing page that convinces people to sign up. This is a bit barebones, and I personally wouldn't sign up for this unless I have more information.

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      I agree this is just the course and nothing else. Created and uploaded quickly as I've been procrastinating on it quite a bit. Working on a landing page and social proof as I create new products. Thank you for your thoughts @ChrisSchwartze

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    Hi Shushrut!

    Normally, before a product or service launch (specially paid) I would suggest to have a minimum audience first.

    In your case, if you want to drive customers now, the only way I see until you build that audience is to do paid media (fb ads, google ads).

    Also, I would suggest you add some "social proof" on your gumroad page. If you are selling a class to go viral, do you have any examples? Have you applied it yourself?

    That should help generate consumer trust.

    Hope it helps!

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      Yes, I've some case studies on my work with video campaigns which I can use as proof. Thank you for your suggestions.

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