Launched the Google Cemetery. Learn from Google's +100 Failures

There are 2 Google Cemeteries already, but none of them included explanations on why the products have been shut down.

After reading the comments on one of those Google Cemetery Product Hunt launches and seeing that people were interested in reading further about the dead products, I decided to build Failory’s Google Cemetery.

Along with our team, we’ve been working on the Google Cemetery for 3-4 months. Collecting the data. Writing the articles for each product. Adding more data and correcting the writings. And building the website.

Everyone fails, even Google. Each of their dead products provide lots of valuable lessons on how to start and run businesses. If you want to start with one read, I’d recommend you Google+’s one.

We’ve finally launched it today on Product Hunt and to our +6,500 newsletter subscribers, hope you enjoy reading their stories.

This project is part of our Failory goal for 2021 of 150k organic users per month (currently at 80k).

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