Growth March 7, 2020

Launched today on Product Hunt (plus +1 unusual growth strategy)


Hey guys,

I've just launched E-commerce Ranker on Product Hunt today - Link here 👈

I'll be replying to comments there all-day, so if you find my project useful any support is great.

Now, here's a new growth strategy every Indie Hacker should do for a Product Hunt launch:

I call it "Audience Avalanche".

Here's how it works, step-by-step:

  1. A few weeks before your Product Hunt launch, make a post on relevant
    Facebook groups scoping for interest in your product (make a tiny pitch and ask - "is there anyone here interested in this?").
    👉 For example, see how I've done it for E-commerce Ranker here.
  2. Wait for the engagement to build-up at around 50 comments and start
    tagging users who've shown interest by commenting your website URL
    in the comment section of your post.
  3. Now, you've just acquired a loyal audience, in a place where you can
    notify them easily 🔔 (your own Facebook group post).
  4. Once you launch on Product Hunt, comment on the same Facebook Group
    posts where users have shown much interest in your product - do
    this by tagging them on a comment (optional) and writing that you've just
    launched on Product Hunt, with a link to your submission (and of
    course never ask for upvotes, never ever).
  5. You're done - enjoy your new free buzz on your PH submission. 🌍

This is a more advanced way of generating buzz for your Product Hunt launch, without just being the usual email newsletter blast (which everyone does).

Facebook also works great for this strategy because if you tag the users in your previous post they'll get a notification instantly (which doesn't happen with email newsletters).

And since they were already interested in your product (since they commented your post), it's a really non-spammy way of notifying your new followers and using them in a productive way.

I call it "Audience Avalanche" because you'll use your previously acquired followers to generate a positive growth loop, which in turn will help you acquire even more users (in this case from Product Hunt).

Now, have you guys tried this launch strategy before?

What have your results been?

  1. 1

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I caught your recent interview and came back to this post.

    Something I am keen to try

  2. 1

    Definitely gonna use this when I launch .
    How do you recommend a founder begin building an email list? FB?

    1. 1

      How did it go?

    2. 1

      Hey Landon,

      Yes, Facebook groups are the best organic traffic source I've found on 2020.

      I've gotten around ~700 qualified leads for my newsletter mostly from Facebook groups (with only around 12 posts in total)