Launched tool to provide FREE growth quicktips

Hi community!

💡During the last month as an IH I realized that this community values quick tips that all we can test for our projects. I think that a really good way is to condense those tips in just a tweet. And what if we aggregate #quicktips of everybody in a searchable notion database?

🏗️ I've been working on it and created a tool to aggregate actionable quick tips for technical founders/makers/IH: https://growthtips.growthseeker.io/

🔍This tool reads twitter looking for quick tips on growth and aggregates all of them in a notion database automagically. Check it periodically for updates and/or subscribe to receive the weekly tips in your email.

🚀 I hope to have a global aggregated database of actionable tips on marketing, sales, strategy, innovation, startup, leadership, productivity... all business-related topics to help technical founders. So, if you have your tips in the database (of course with you as the author), just tweet the tip mentioning @growthseeker with the hashtag #quicktips and zapier will do the rest :)

Feedback is always much-appreciated 💙 Thanks hackers!

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