Launching a choose-your-own-adventure game on Product Hunt

Hi everyone!

tl;dr: Saw a great post by @brunoraljic and have decided to launch/ build in public an old choose-your-own-adventure text game, launching it on Product Hunt this weekend. Would love any feedback and advice, or you can follow along on my Twitter if you'd like.

Detailed version of this post:

Recently saw this post on Indiehacker's Twitter about a post from @brunoraljic about launching a mini-project on Product Hunt in order to be more prepared when launching future products 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


I've always struggled with launches and releases so I decided to do just that!

I am dusting off an old project that was 80% completed but never shipped, and I am now going to build and launch the last 20% in public, all the way until launching it on Product Hunt!

Current state of the mini-project:

This was an old project that I built when I first started to learn to code! It is a pure text choose-your-own-adventure game that I also created the illustrations for. It has:

  • 21 custom illustrations
  • 9 different story endings
  • 3 side stories with 3 ending each

I am not planning on changing much of the story as that would be a massive undertaking. However, I intend to tweak the interface, design a proper landing page, and prepare all the launch assets all the way to launch this weekend!

I'll be putting updates on my Twitter and building it all in public so if you'd like to follow along, you can follow me there!

Also, would love any feedback and advice on how to improve the game interface or launch!

Thank you everyone and have a great day!

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