Launching a new automation podcast

Hey folks!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about doing a podcast about intelligent automation. I am just amazed how little content is out there given that it has become a big topic for companies and will become even bigger in the future.

I am actually on a good track with regards to planning things (mostly thanks to IH actually!) and setup but I wanted to get some feedback and opinions on contents/focus of the show. And maybe also some people you would want to hear on these things.

My plan is to focus on two broader topics:

  1. What people have accomplished with integration and no code tools (Airtable, Zapier and friends) – just looking at what we have built at our company lately with these tools made me a die-hard fan and I think people should know what is possible.
  2. What is commonly known as intelligent automation – stuff that goes beyond if/then, i.e. machine learning. There is so much going on in this space these days and I think that this will really shake things around in the RPA/Robotic Process Automation space.

In addition to that, we could explore applications like marketing automation and so on but I guess those are less relevant for non-marketing people.

The format should be mostly conversations with practitioners and people working at these automation companies and possibly a few solo sessions in between where it makes sense.

I have actually never sone something like this before and I am really curious to hear what you think!

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    I actually work directly in this field - We use a lot of tools like BluePrism, UiPath ect. although my time is mostly spent integrating ML/analytical solution to increase the functionality of these automation 'robots'. It's an interesting field to be in at the moment, looking forward to hearing more!

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      It sounds like you are living what I have in mind. Hit me up on twitter or mail of you want and we can have a chat

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    I would love to hear episodes on this podcast, pretty good idea! I'm in :)

  3. 2

    i'd say, go for it! i can't wait to hear the first episode!

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    Hey Arne,

    I like the concept, how would you plan to monetise?

    I run these types of podcasts for large brands and we monetise through a number of ways... happy to share if needed!

    We also have built a podcast host (https://bcast.fm) just suited to B2B podcasts so also happy to get you in at a discount as we just launched :)


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    Cool idea! I'd listen. @ajascha do you have any background with automation yourself, or are you just curious/interested in the topic and thinking it'd be a good podcast?

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      Thanks! I do automate a lot in my current company but it's mostly because I am curious about the field and through this podcast I will get a chance to speak to people who really know their stuff. And I couldn't find a format that was covering the topic in the way I wanted to hear it so... scratching my own itch it is!

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    @koen903, @8bit thanks for your support already! I will let you know once I go live

    1. 2

      of course! we are here to support!

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    It's funny because a buddy and I were talking about automating the process of turning podcast episodes into videos.

    A feature where when the author presses publish on the episode a video is generated using the service I built @ https://storycreatorapp.com/.

    I would leverage the rendering engine I have made to listen to an API request setup on a webhook that contains some metadata to inject into the video.

    Let me know if this would be an interesting conversation :)

    1. 1

      I will keep things audio only in the beginning but thanks for letting me know!

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