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Launching a Newsletter about remote work

Hey Indiehackers,

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing companies to adopt WFH culture, I thought this is the right time to start a newsletter focussing on people shifting to remote work.

People who are used to working in company HQ along with their colleagues are having a hard time adjusting to the new scenario. We all get bored working alone the entire day and feel less productive than in the office.

The objective of this newsletter is to bring exciting content for you related to remote lifestyle and make your life less boring.

What kind of content will the newsletter have?

  1. Latest news and information about remote work.
  2. Products/apps to help you be more productive while working from home.
  3. Travel tips and advices.
  4. Stories of people working remotely.
  5. Ups and downs of remote lifestyle.
  6. Discussion from hackernews, reddit and twitter.

Here is my website https://remoteletter.com/. Pretty simple and straighforward. I am using EmailOctopus to manage everything. Planning to release the first issue next week. If you are interested, do subscribe.


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    Are interested in giving your readers a deal for a new tool that helps teams master remote work? Hit me up if you're interested!

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