Launching a WP plugin - daily updates

Hi everyone :)

I will be updating this post until 1 month after the launch of my WP plugin (mid of December).

Every few days I will update this post (or add a new one if updating will not be possible) and add statistics with the performance of acquisition channels I will be using. Hopefully you will find this post useful (and maybe subscribe to my Early Access ) but hey, no pressure :)

I will not include any traffic from Indie Hackers to keep the data valid.

--- About the plugin

My WP plugin is called Full Picture (https://fullpictureplugin.com).

It basically does 3 things:

  • integrates WP sites with Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Pixel, Hotjar, GTM and many other platforms
  • allows for tracking custom data like events, user actions, form submits, conversions, etc.
  • includes a cookie notice with geolocation (to show the popup only to people from countries with strict cookie regulations).

--- About Me

It is important for you to know a few things about me because it will give you context to the data you will see below.

I consider myself 75% introvert and I don't really like marketing. I trully hate social media and I use Facebook only to be able to use messenger. That is why the task of running a marketing campaign for this plugin is something I feel very uncomfortable doing.

But I am doing my best.

--- My plan

My plan is to collect as much feedback before the launch of the plugin as possible. That is why I am giving away free lifetime licences to people who agree to test the pre-release version of the plugin and send me feedback.

After I have the feedback I will fix bugs in the plugin and launch (at the same time) the Full Picture PRO version on my site and the Free version on Wordpress.org.

--- What has already been done

Before I started acquiring traffic I created:

  • a FB page for the plugin
  • a Facebook group for people interested in getting full insights about their traffic and marketing efforts (called "Beyond Google Analytics" - https://www.facebook.com/groups/beyondga)
  • an automated workflow in Mailerlite which sends subscribers an email with basic info and a link to join FB group (not page)
  • and I also installed my plugin on my site to get as much actionable data as possible. For the moment I am running Google Analytics and Hotjar. No Facebook Pixel yet.

--- Marketing efforts

  1. Beta list (Published!)

Until now the plugin was featured on Betalist (https://betalist.com/startups/full-picture) with 6 upvotes. Unfortunately, I lost traffic from the first ~7 hours after the plugin was published due to a silly technical problem.

In the end I got 138 visits from betalist with 20 signups to Early Access and 6 to launch notification. I also got 2 signups to my brand new Full Picture's Facebook Group.

We will see if it will be worth the $199 fee betalist asked for publishing the plugin without the 30+ day wait time (but I don't think so).

  1. Beta page (waiting for publication)

I submitted the plugin to https://betapage.co/ 2 days ago but this time I didn't pay for quicker publication as with beta list. The price tag of $98 didn't seem justified since from what I heard the platform is generally much less popular than betalist, looks unprofessional and it didn't fully work when I was trying to submit the plugin info.

In other words, I am waiting 30+ days.

  1. Get Worm (waiting for publication)

I also submitted the page to https://getworm.com/. Although the site doesn't seem to be very popular (nothing I could find about it in the internet) I liked its idea. There is no paid publication option so I will wait.

Oh. And there was a big bummer. Once you submit application of your startup, you cannot change a word in it. I made a mistake while describing the benefits of Early Access so I can only hope that I will still have a chance to correct before publication.

  1. Facebook groups

I joined a few groups and started getting involved in them. I asked moderators and admins if I can post on their groups info about the Full Picture's Early Access.


Update 09-11-2020

2 days ago I submitted my project to Startupbase (similar to beta list) and paid $15 to skip the waiting. Results - no new visitors from this source.


Update 10-11-2020

Traffic from betalist is almost 0
2 days ago I added some posts about my plugin to Facebook groups. So far got 3-4 more Early Access signups.

4 people who signed up to Early Access decided to join my Facebook group.


Update 18-11-2020

I haven't posted here in a week since there was nothing exciting to tell you about. All in all 31 people subscribed to my Early Access and 8 to Launch notifications.

Facebook didn't give much - only 9 people came from facebook groups.

Yesterday I launched Early Access and I am waiting for feedback from users.

  1. 2

    Hey Kris, just wanting to wish you luck! I launched LearnDash in 2013 (a premium WordPress plugin for creating and selling online courses) ... the WP ecosystem is great, but also very demanding so be prepared for some very candid feedback. :)

    Your website looks nice, kudos! That is one area I see so many developers struggle with -- good at code doesn't equate to being good at design :P

    I would suggest not waiting too long to get something on the repo. I don't have a product on the repo as it wasn't a good fit (and the landscape was a lot different in 2013 than it is today)... however it's definitely the way to go to get your early adopters and beta testers. Just give the plugin a version number like "0.9.1" and people will understand that it's beta. You can even include that in the description.

    If I may suggest something... the current Hero headline is:

    "Learn what your visitors do on your site...and why"

    I think this could be tightened up some with minimal effort. Connecting the dots for people on why this matters. Just as an example...

    "Learn why your visitors don't buy... and where they go instead!"

    That can probably be refined too, but I think you probably catch the point.

    1. 1

      Hi Justin.

      I haven't thought about giving it a version number like 0.9. That's very good advice! Thank you!

      As for the headline, thank you for the idea. I will think about it. I know the current one is not perfect. I had a list of 20+ titles but I wasn't 100% happy with any. My second best was "Understand your visitors". What do you think about this one?

      1. 1

        I like your current headline better :)

  2. 1

    Kris - Great website and great concept. Here is my feedback -

    • Don't wait too long to get the free version out. Publishing a plugin on WordPress.org is easy. You might as well get it done early on. There is tough competition in SEO and analytics related plugins in Wordpress - publishing early will give you clearer feedback. The number of downloads is a very clear indication of market demand!

    • You are targeting your blog and website for people who are familiar with other analytic solutions. If a person has already invested in getting themselves acquainted with an analytic solution - it is highly unlikely that they will switch to your plugin. [For a person PRO at Google Tag Manager/ Google Analytics - No amount of tabularizations of pros and cons will convince them to make a switch]

    • Your facebook posts strategy seems to be on the right track. You are giving people daily doses of how to achieve mundane analytical tasks. If you expand each task and write a detailed blog post to achieve it, I think you will have a successful offering. I am not digging to gifs on the facebook posts - they are distracting. Original animated gifs would be entertaining.

    • In my mind, you don’t need to showcase integration in multiple platforms [google, facebook, hotjar etc] to be successful. Instead, tell customers what it means to them. Can you walk customers through step-by-step to achieve a task? Can you showcase simple use cases?

    Wishing you the best!


    1. 1

      Thank you for great feedback Meera!

      I will follow your and @MrJustinF's advice and try to launch the Free version sooner than I originally intended. Along with the PRO version I hope.

      • I realize that getting people to switch from a different analytics solution to mine will be tough but this is now what I am aiming at. It's great if someone is happy with their setup. I am giving (hopefully) a better option for people looking for an all-round tool for new sites.

      • I was thinking about expanding some of the daily tips into blog posts but for now it is too time consuming. I will invest more time in the blog after the launch of Early Access.

      • Gifs in FB's posts are going out :) I am already looking for a replacement. I was thinking of using a tool for making single-strip cartoons. It should give me enough flexibility.

      • My plan for today is to make an introductory video showcasing the most important USPs. Hopefully, it will look nice :)

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