No-Code April 21, 2020

Launching first course on No Code MBA

Seth Kramer @sethk

Today I'm launching No Code MBA! It's a no code learning site with step by step instructions on how to build apps without code.

The first course I created is a real estate app like Zillow using Glide. The course has 8 lessons (about 2.5 hours of content). Right now everything on the site is completely free to access at

The Zillow course includes:

  • Advanced filtering to view homes
  • User onboarding
  • A “favorites” tab for homes

If you're interested in this course and you go through it, I would love feedback on anything that was confusing or anything you’d like added so I can improve future tutorials. My next planned tutorials are apps like Tinder, Headspace and Allrecipes but I would also love feedback on any other apps you'd like to learn how to build.

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    Like this idea a lot. I'm using Thunkable for some projects and would love to see some tutorials on that – the only benefit over Glide is that it seems easier to release apps straight to App Store.

    1. 2

      Thanks! Awesome. I haven't used Thunkable yet but that's next on my list to check out. I've been enjoying Glide because it's so simple to use but also has a ton of power from Google Sheets. I agree I wish there was a way to export to the App Store for apps where that was necessary.

      Is there any type of app specifically you'd like to see a Thunkable tutorial for?

      1. 1

        I'm trying to build an app similar to ~Vivino~, so that would be my dream tutorial!

        Thunkable allows you to integrate Web APIs so I was thinking of using Vuforia's Web API for the image recognition component. But even without that, I'd love to see a full app-building workflow on Thunkable. Based on the release dates of the few existing Youtube tutorials, seems like people just started playing around with Thunkable – so this is the right time to release some top quality walkthroughs!

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          Sweet. I didn't realize Thunkable could integrate with Web APIs, very cool. Thanks for the feedback I'll keep you updated on any Thunkable walkthroughs!

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