Launching High Signal - Zoom calls with founders

I was feeling pretty lonely over the summer working from home and being a solo founder. I think it's not really talked about a lot but indie hacking is a pretty solitary lifestyle for most people. And it's not as if our friends and family really get what we are up to at all.

So in August I started making Zoom calls with founders in a group I named High Signal. I wanted to make it a close-knit group where people weren't just spamming but actually delivering value as well as taking value. So I made a rule that you had to have at least $500 in monthly revenue to join. This has ensured we have a really high quality group, as the name High Signal suggests.

Every Thursday at 10am UK time we meet for an hour and talk about our goals, our progress and what we need help with. We have people from Europe, Asia and Australia on our calls just now.

(I'll make a time suitable for Americans in future)

Zoom has a great feature with breakout rooms allowing us to split into smaller groups. This has proved really popular as video calls become too chaotic otherwise as more people join.

I'm really lucky to be able to talk to really smart indie founders each week like Amar Ghose from Zenmaid ($1.3m ARR), Tom Jacquesson from TweetHunter ($20k MRR), Lachlan from Building with Bubble ($20k MRR) and many more! We have developers, marketers, newsletter writers and loads more.

Having these calls means all of us are less isolated so we can make better decisions and not burnout. It's invaluable being able to unwind and talk shop every week in a private setting where you don't have to pretend you're crushing it all the time.

If anyone's interested in joining and makes at least $500/m reply here.

Oh and High Signal is now on Product Hunt :)



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    Hi Pete! Time and timezone would be good to know :)

    1. 1

      hey! So at the moment it's 10am on a Thursday UK timezone. So we have members in Europe, Asia and Australia.

      We've had later meetups in the past so we can accommodate Americans too

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