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Launching in 10 days my SaaS boilerplate (también en español)

Landing page: NetcoreSaas

1. Background (you can skip this):

I've been developing with C# for 7 years now, 90% winform desktop apps. This year I had an idea but of course it had to be website, I wanted it to be multi-organization and I like to keep each of my customers on a different database but I didn't find a starter project that fit those requirements. So I paused the idea and started to develop a boilerplate first.

2. The stack (.NET Core + VueJS with Typescript + TailwindCSS):

I decided VueJS since I have some experience and ever since I switched to TypeScript I love JavaScript even more. Maybe if it goes well I'll learn React.

3. The landing page (built with unicornplatform.com): netcoresaas.com

I hope I get a few sign ups so if you could criticize it I will be so thankful. Shout-out to @alexanderisora, I love your site builder, maybe add multi-language?

4. The pre-launch (today):

I started yesterday by telling my friends and I will be posting updates every day or so twitter.com/alexandromtzg until launch.

5. The launch (August 24th, 10 days remaining):

I will create a product and post here, then I'll make some GIFs and post in PH and I'll start a twitter thread.

6. Price and 48 hour -50% deal:

I'm thinking of $199 and you get lifetime updates, and the first 48 hours it will cost 99 (maybe 100 seats only?). Also, is it worth it to develop the SaaS of the SaaS boilerplate? Or should I just charge from Gumroad?

Please feel free to share your advice and thoughts.

headlime.io (launch)
tenancyforlaravel.com (SaaS boilerplate)
divjoy.com (codebase generator for react)
aspnetzero.com (competitor)

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    Hey Alexandro, I can see you're missing a few essential bits from your launch strategy. If you have time, hop on a call with me next week and I'll give you some tips.

    Not a sales pitch, I'm fully booked through https://consultily.com, just trying to help out where I can :)

    You can schedule a call using the popup at the bottom of the page if you're interested :)

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