Launching Kleoverse, the platform for work in the Web3

Hi all!

I quit my previous VC job a few months ago to found my own company, Kleoverse (https://www.kleoverse.com/). We are building a platform for permissionless work and objective skills-based talent signalling in the internet-native world.

Our goal is to revolutionise talent discovery in the Web3 – in other words, to fundamentally change our status-driven thinking to skills-based talent measurement.

I think the current system is problematic in three main ways:

  1. Status – like education or years of industry experience – measures the past, not the future. Couldn't we do better with current technology?
  2. Status signals are incredibly indirect and thus unreliable. High rank in a prestigious company may tell something about persistence or intelligence, but also about good networks (of one's parents) or about something completely else!
  3. Status-driven talent measurement treats people unequally and makes opportunities inaccessible for many who'd deserve them.

To solve this, we at Kleoverse are building a permissionless platform that gathers together all open projects from the web and enables anyone to work with anything at any time without acceptance from gatekeepers. Based on your proven work history, we build verifiable personal portfolios and objective talent discovery leveraging our proprietary Proof-of-Talent NFTs and public wallets of our users.

Our goal is to make Kleoverse the main platform of talent signalling and talent discovery – i.e. working – in the new internet-native world.

If you find this interesting, you can request early access by signing up to our waitlist here: https://www.kleoverse.com/. We highly appreciate all the support 💚

Feel free to shoot me any comments or questions. More than happy to have a chat about anything Future of Work & Web3!

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