Launching my first collaborative project : Crypto Comparator

Hi Indie Hackers !

I just launched my first collaborative with my friend @Gsouillard on ProductHunt : https://producthunt.com/posts/crypto-comparator

As crypto enthusiasts, we tried to develop the most useful and optimized tool on the cryptocurrency comparator market.

Crypto Comparator helps you to compare cryptocurrencies statistics like prices, volumes, exchanges and more.

We support more than 5000 coins today and we get fresh data every minute to give you the best precision.

New exchange platforms are continuously added to helps you to buy your favorite cryptocurrency at the best price.

You can easily compare prices average, supplies and volumes in one look with a clear design, and check them with your preferred currency. Millions of data are aggregated to facilitate your business.

We would love to hear from you about our tool!

Start now at crypto-comparator.com!

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