Launching my first product : CoinConsume, a website that helps you find out how to spend your cryptocurrencies

A few weeks ago, a colleague asked me how cryptocurrencies work, and I was explaining the mining, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies.

After explaining all these concepts, I said that the cryptocurrencies are decentralized and can be used as money on Internet.

But... what about the payment part? How to spend these cryptocurrencies? Is there any websites that accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum?

So I searched on Internet some websites, and I found only some articles who were talking about that and display a few for example.

I realized that there was no website where you can find other websites who accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

That's why i created https://www.coinconsume.com !

You can find any websites (filtered by categories/cryptocurrencies ATM) where you can spend your cryptos!

CoinConsume is new and there is not a lot of websites indexed today, but you can add yours (if you accept cryptocurrencies on your website) or contribute for free if you know one. I also add new websites every day!

I also created a twitter account (@CoinConsume) where I push every new website referenced on CoinConsume.

Don't hesitate to give me some feedback, like adding some categories or what would you want to see on CoinConsume.

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