Launching my new personal website! Feedback is always welcome

Launching my new personal website http://jakeprins.com! I'm moving most of my articles to this place. Sign up for my new newsletter to stay updated about my projects or blogs. I don't write a lot, but when I do I write about coding, side-projects, or indie hacking.

Link: https://jakeprins.com

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    Website: "Hey do you want serverless saas boilerplate?"
    Me: "Wat"

    Website: "Hey do you want to release your react apps in 3 days or less?"
    Me: "I am listening"

    Just my 2c for your ongoing project.

    Sorry for the unsolicited advice, but I like what you are doing there, and felt it could use better positioning.

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      Thanks, man! Really appreciate the feedback.

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    I like it. Very clean and personal design, perfect for a personal website. You have calls to action at the top and bottom for signing up for your newsletter. You also have links to your various side projects. Well done.

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      Thanks you! I appreciate it

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    Looks cool! I like!

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    I really like your design! Well done! There's a lot I should learn for my own personal website!

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    Well done Jake!
    I agree with David, great clean design. I really like the "Projects" and "Posts" section and the fact that it's immediately obvious what you are doing and what to expect from the site.

    Regarding the design, to me something at the top doesn't feel 100% finished, I think Im missing some kind of header. Something else I get stuck on is that everything has the same padding except for that blue shape behind your picture which stretches all the way out. It's probably just me but that was my second thought after the header 🙈

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      Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. You have a good eye for design, I was missing the padding issue with the blue shape ;)

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