Launching on Product Hunt is all about timing

We built a WhatsApp inbox analytics tool to help you understand who and how you spend time on WhatsApp. We chose WA because it has 2B MAU in the world.

Check out the free tool here: cooby.co/insights. The insights might surprise you 😉.

We were super excited to launch on Product Hunt but unfortunately got lukewarm responses. After consulting with a few founders that had successful launches, here are our lessons learned:

  1. It's all about timing. This is what we did wrong. I launched it at 6 pm PT. Make sure you launch at 12 am PT sharp and in the first 30 minutes you'll know if the product will make it into the Popular tab or not. That's critical for a successful launch.
  2. Don't link your campaign directly and ask people to upvote. Product Hunt allegedly downranks the campaigns that got upvotes from direct links. Instead, ask your friends to search your product name on Product Hunt.
  3. Optionally find a hunter to hunt your product. Reportedly this has mixed results. Some founders said it was quite helpful while others who tried it recently didn't think it makes a difference.
  4. Most importantly, engage with other influencers on Product Hunt early on so they will give back and respond to your campaign when you post!

For reference here's our Product Hunt campaign: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/cooby-insights-for-whatsapp

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