Product Development March 29, 2020

Launching Probstack - Find problems that are worth solving!

Sai @SaiVas

Hi all,

Hope you are well and safe during these challenging times. I'm very excited to share this news. So a little background on how it all started..

I have seen successful failures with most of my projects since last few years except 'How's It Like' - which is doing great! ;) This took me back to the first step of understanding if I'm looking at the right problem at all that needs a solution. Often times, I found majority of the products are solving something that is not actually broken and not worth fixing it.

I started curiously searching for some real problems from users so that I can pick the most pressing problem in that list and work on that. I ended up finding thousands of articles and content on how to find problems that are worth solving but there is no actual platform where this can be initiated. I've seen loads of time, effort and money going into products that ended up failing and most of the times, the reason being the product is not of interest to the users!

This is where our initial MVP started off in 2019 Feb..

Kicked off in February 2019 with a small community of people raising, discussing and sharing problems in an excel sheet.

In April 2019, we have launched 'ProShareUs' - 'Share your problems with us' through a minimal product and that helped us reach more people.

And in 2020, we are redesigning and rebranding our product as 'Probstack' - 'Find problems that are worth solving' to better reflect our mission and stand out.

I'm happy to be re-launching very soon and would love to speak to people who have frustrating problems and also to curious makers who are looking for valuable problems.

Here is our landing page meanwhile we launch -

Probstack is a place where users can raise, discuss and get problems solved that are worth it organically!

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    Good going mate!

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      Hey thanks man!