Launching the product I've built in 30 days with just HTML and CSS

You can build a product and launch it in 30 days with just HTML and CSS. It will help you in so many ways on your web development journey.

First of all you learn by doing a real project, get the chance to grow your audience, find much better job opportunities, freelance gigs and even create a recurring revenue stream.

I've created this challenge for myself and tweeted transparently all my actions, reasoning and results on my Twitter account.

The challenge inspired many peers that are good with HTML and CSS which shared their enthusiasm and messaged me about doing a similar project on their own.

They offered me their support and waited patiently for the challenge outcome.

Today I am proving this can be done because it's Day 30 and I am launching the promised product on Twitter and through this post.

It's an HTML templates website that I created using my 6 years experience in HTML and CSS. All templates are offered with included images, illustrations, device mockups and a very simple license.

I have invested in custom licenses for graphics so that users can utilize them for free in their projects.

Although the designs need a little bit of time to create, in terms of code there is nothing difficult to master.

If you posses some good graphics software knowledge and great HTML CSS skills then you can create this type of product yourself.

So please check out the product on Templatesurf.com and stay tuned on my Twitter @luciantartea for the sales results.

I've set a reference point of $1000 total sales in the launch week to declare the challenge a win. I will tweet the results transparently as promised when I began the project.

Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated.

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    Amazing! ❤️

    I'm looking to build my own component library in ReactJS and looking to use the JamStack as far as possible.

    To speed up my development process, I'm using Clutch.io.

    Wondering if you used a visual development platform to build this product or wrote the actual code?

    1. 2

      For the future I also want to build my own components library based on CSS grid. All the code is written by me and it was a big effort indeed. Thank you very much for the appreciation

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