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Launching YouTuberHacks MVP πŸ˜³πŸš€


We're launching a new product called YouTuber Hacks, a collection of content and tools that help you grow on YouTube in a data-driven, way today and a couple of things are going out:

  1. An email to a list that signed up for another similar product of ours
  2. An email to a list that signed up for the launch of this product
  3. product milestone on IH
  4. This post πŸ˜›

We deliberately decided to launch a barebones MVP that took ~4 weeks overall part-time with a landing page and our first YouTube video (perfect channel for this? πŸ€”).

We need you

We'd appreciate any feedback, that you have on either the landing page or the video ❀️

Further reading

If you're interested in more info about the background of this product feel free to check our Launching YouTuberHacks MVP post πŸ€™

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