Learned Python 🐍 basics in 24 hours and created my first game!

Yesterday, I watched the first couple hours of a Python Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course by CleverProgrammer.

It was super helpful to learning the basics and fundamentals of coding with Python.

I've learned many frontend languages and techoligies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Next, Gatsby, and so on...

However, up until this point I had never really divded into the huge ocean of backend development... so I decided to learn Python! 🐍

How did it go?

Pretty smoothly actually. Python is really simple to learn.

It has an easy-to-understand syntax and great documentation. It also didn't hurt that this wasn't the first language I've learned.

After a learning about sets, lists, dictionaries, variables, if/else, while loops, for loops, (and so many more 😉), I decided to make my first game.

I chose to recreate Hangman in the terminal.

Github source code ➡ https://github.com/BraydenTW/hangman-python

Terminal screenshot

It was a great learning experience along the way.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have for my code style/process.

'til next time! 👋

Lebron wave goodbye

  1. 2

    Cool app! Keep it up Brayden

  2. 1

    Congratulations! I love hearing stuff like this. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for reading!

  3. 1

    Great work! I'm an indiehacker building The Codex (http://thecodex.me/) to help folks learn Python by building practical projects.

    I'd love it if you would check it out and let me know your thoughts :)

    1. 1

      Looks promising! I’ll try out the free plan today. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 1

    This comment was deleted 18 days ago.

    1. 1

      Yeah they are great.

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