Learning from critical feedback

I recently posted my site to reddit's Futurology subreddit which is devoted to speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization. My site I think suits this community, it's about sharing the Worlds hardest problems and seeing who is working on them.

I have had mixed feedback from the users there. I'll share the one that stood out.


Sorry mate, but your website sucks. There is no content and without content you'll never get adoption. It's a cool idea, but you need to do more than "build your own website" and labeling it the world's hardest problems...

I mean Wikipedia has a more comprehensive list than you, so not sure why anyone is ever going to visit your site.


In all reality he did say it's a cool idea.

How do I interpret this feedback. I do think he has a point, I didn't focus on the content, because I wanted to get the community to submit. So far I've had 5 users sign up, one submit a post. I submitted to reddit 5 days ago. The post did get 25 upvotes on reddit and the traffic was around 250 uniques. I don't really know if that shows some interest in the idea.

I'm looking for feedback from this community. What is wrong with my site? Or what is it missing? The goal of the site is to get people to share hard world problems, and identify who is working on them. I see my first users could come from this reddit community.

You can see the site at


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    That comment is worded more negative than it has to be. The core point is why would people come to your site before there is strong community-created content?

    You have to find a way to kickstart the process, provide real value to the first user on the site. Similarly, nobody would use IndieHackers if no one else creates posts, or replies.

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      Thanks makes total sense, creating that value is something I will have to brainstorm around.

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