Learnings from 2 years of building, owning and growing a product

Hey all, just wrote this post about my past two years building and iterating on mentorcruise.com. I realized that two years ago I really pushed out a bad product, and through new learnings I got to where I am today, so I hope this can help a new builder out there!


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    oh man, if I had $200 laying around :D there are some pretty good options. I think I'll try out a free one after I launch. Quality people there it seems!

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      I think the pricing is pretty flexible, get started with $50/mo, and move from there... I am sure they are worth their money.

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      good post. Strikes a nerve.. I have not been able to prove demand beyond the fact that the problem does indeed exist and that some people in the target audience do get exited about it. So now I'm building it. Taking months, but it is a deeply technical product, so.. going against your post (and my own principles), hoping for the best.

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        Today, I would not bother before anybody tells you "I'll buy it", honestly. Record a demo, put up a landing page, get pre-commitments.

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          I tried that, but couldn't get the point across to people. So I thought I'd make a prototype, didn't fulfill it's purpose. "okay, okay, I'll add those features" and now it's been two months (with a lot of marketing too at least). I've decided that I'll finish the current stage (i'm not terrible at stopping, in fact a lot of the time i stop too soon) and then let it fail if it wants to. At least I put my effort in to properly test this product idea. Coming almost-to-the-end and not even testing is probably worse.

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