Left a 300K package to start my own journey.

Hey everyone.

I'm very excited today. As I sip on this coffee, today marks the day I venture into the unknown.

Just yesterday, was my last day working at Facebook, on a relatively comfortable 300K total comp package. It was even harder to leave as I was able to work remotely and save so much! But I did it.

I've saved up enough to last me a few years, and feel ready to leave. My decision to leave was motivated by some of success stories here.

I am currently working on a design tool that I hope to release in the coming weeks (not wasting too much time) and try to build a community / network for myself! I'm a pretty good front-end engineer, and would love to team up with those in SF (or remotely) building any types productivity tools.

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    Hey congrats on the big step! I did something similar recently, so know the feeling :)

    What kind of productivity tools are you interested in? More for developers, indie hackers, productivity focused people, or everyone else?

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      My goal is to create around 1 micro project each month. An example would be an easy Figma to React plugin. Nothing fancy.

      In the process my goal is to arrive to a big idea and find people to solve it with.

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        Awesome, good luck! Keep us updated!

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    Good on ya Sasha! You can’t lose. Worst case you will learn a lot about yourself. They main threat I can see is your runway may be too long! Too tempting to mess around… I will follow you with interest.

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      Thank you Steve 😊. I actually do have a plan that I've been working towards. I am reading books to pick up on marketing and sales and also finishing up the product.

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        I've been involved in marketing professionally since 2005, so let me know if you have any questions, @sasha_codes. Also, good luck, it sounds very exciting!

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    Awesome, congrats Sasha!

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    Hi Sasha! Congrats on the audacity :) I hope you are finding it a lot of fun being adventurous with your life.

    I have a few productivity ideas regarding Reddit karma tracking and fundamental value investment comparisons for equities/stocks. If you have the bandwidth I'd love to hear from you:

    [email protected]

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    Hi Sashi, I'm in Miami but would love to chat.

    As a product designer who uses Figma daily and learning Blender. I'm sure I can be a nice soundboard to help you find some problems to solve.

    Shoot me a DM on Twitter.

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    Sounds great Sasha.
    I applaud the move.
    If you need to ping pong on any idea let me know. I'm a designer slowly turning to code, recently built https://partnerz.vercel.app/ and have some other web apps in the pipeline.

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    Good luck Sasha and all the best

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    Hi Saha - Congrats on taking the first step. I’m starting on a productivity tool in the data space if you’re interested in chatting to see if there’s a possibility to team up as it would be UI heavy and could utilize your front end skills if you know ReactJS.

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    Congrats @sasha_codes, wish you the best for this new adventure 😉

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    Very cool! Could you share more about the 2 micro products in the pipeline and the type of collaboration you’re looking for? I’ve made several prototypes in the design space and am working on bringing the most promising one to market.

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      I like 3D space, so I would like to create a 3D vector design platform. Existing tools like Blender are very old. Tools like Spline are getting there but I don't like their design choices.

      And so I'm starting with 3D tools that can later be incorporated into the 3D vector design platform.

      I will post about them in 2 weeks, once I figure things out.

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        Very cool 😄 I’m not in the 3D space, but I’ve seen spline and would love to learn blender someday. Looking forward to the post! 3D vector design would be amazing for web

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    Ah yes, someone who has already won the lottery gives it all up to try and win it again. Let's see how it plays out.

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      Well, my career has definitely provided me with a huge safety net, but I stopped improving. I haven't learned anything new for at least a year. I can always go back or into big tech if things don't work out (I'm 27 and might never get a chance to IH if I stick in my career).

      And thank you!

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    Good luck! I'm crossing my fingers.

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    Awesome, congratulations on taking the plunge!

    Now enjoy the journey! ;-)

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    Good luck on your journey!

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    Congrats on making the leap, and good luck!

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    Good luck with your newfound freedom and your new business venture!

    I know from experience how difficult it is to leave a nice salary and unvested equity packages on the table.

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    Hey Sasha, Im a full stack developer looking to partner up as well. Here is my Linkedin, let me know if you want to team up.

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      hiya, I just build this tool for helping cofounders find their match: https://partnerz.vercel.app/ - would love to have your info on there!

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    Hi sasha, congrats on the new adventure. What kind of partner and collaboration are you looking for? Given your projects seem to be ready very soon.

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      Speaking ideally, people who have vision, insights and network to make it happen. These are also the things that I lack.

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    Good luck! I'm starting to work on a new app, and we could use some front-end help. When you're able to share more I'd love to learn a bit about it!

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      Can you share more about your app? I have 2 micro products in the pipeline, and would love to discuss new, long-term opportunities.

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        We aren't public yet, but it's going to be for the B2B SaaS monetization stack. Once we get there, IH will be the first place to know about it :)

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    Best of luck! I hope everything goes as planned.

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    leaving your job before making sure your idea works may not been the best thing to do, but good luck and all the best

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      I respectfully and heartily disagree! The best thing I ever did was leave my job.

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        leaving a bad job is a good thing, leaving a bad job with no safety net in place may not be the best move

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          I agree, but I think my safety net is pretty good :)

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        agree, it always depends, just not for everyone and definitely not advisable unless properly planed

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