Leo Widrich, Buffer co-founder, is launching a mindful social network

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    Fun to see this here! Been having tons of fun with the first group and giving out another 100 invites this week. If you'd like one and what we're building resonates, shoot me a message [email protected]

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      Sent! Would love to try this out!

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    Interesting, all successful social networks so far are driven by the desire to see and to be seen. The only way to keep it 'neat' is to exclude certain personality types that represent the majority of humans and to spend tons of money on content moderation. Facebook was nicer because it was small and did not portray all facets human nature...

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    Fascinated to see how this turns out. I listened to a podcast episode from Seth Godin today talking about Clubhouse. He was discussing their referral system and growth model. And all I could think was "Great... another social app playing on status and if you're in the "in group.""

    I would love to see one built truly for human connection, collaboration, and healthy interactions.

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    Let's see how this mindful social network play out. A social network to help people feel connected in a meaningful way is always welcome.

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    One of the reasons I'm an optimist is that people are problem-solving machines.

    Sure, the world is full of problems, but we tend to fix them over time, because there are always hundreds of people working really hard to do so.

    I'm not sure if this new social network will work out, but I'm glad it exists and @leowid is working on it :)

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    This is intriguing! I've sent a DM to find out more.

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