Lessons From Having Jason Calacanis as a Customer

Back in 2015, I was listening to billionaire Peter Thiel recount the story of telling Mark Zuckerberg – "Just don't f**k it up" when he made the first investment in Facebook.

My first company had landed the ticketing deal to power Jason Calacanis's LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco.

In addition to Peter Thiel, LAUNCH boasted speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Reid Hoffman and Tony Hawk.

Many people have asked me how I managed to secure a deal like this in my first year of business with no experience, here's what I learned and how you can get customers like this too 👇


  1. 2

    I opened the link hoping to find an example for a cold email done right but you took things too 'far'.

    Wonderful story,Kyle!

  2. 1

    Good stuff, Kyle! You have to earn your luck. :)

    1. 1

      Thanks Ali, love this - 'you have to earn your luck'!

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