February 3, 2020

Let me give you feedback on your landing page and/or app

Adam Miedema @armgitaar

Are you looking for someone to take a looksy at your website or app and provide you feedback? Look no further! I'd be happy to provide some feedback. 😃 All you have to do is add your website in the comments and be sure to let me know if you want any of the add-ons.

I'll answer the following:
1) My first impressions looking at your home page
2) Who I think the target audience is
3) Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
4) If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it

Additional add-ons (let me know which ones you'd like me to do) :
A) I can also answer the following (but only if you explicitly ask me to):
1) What I would consider changing
2) If I find the product desirable to me or to the target audience
3) What I would be willing to pay for it

B) Answer one additional question you have

C) Record video of my walkthrough (I'll add it to youtube but will not make it public, only available to us at IH - unless you want me to make it public to all youtubers)

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    I'm still building the ui around a user being to able to edit/delete posts.

    Do you find the product desirable to the target audience?

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      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • First place I look when opening the page is almost right between "Guided Open Sourced Learning" header and the diagram with red circles. Works well because I read the header easily, then look at the flow, read the text next to the red circle, the curved diagonal lines are good for moving your eyes through the flow.
        • I then look to see where the CTA button is as that is a common pattern for homepages. I don't see one, so then now I have to choose between looking at the header or scrolling down - I look at the header first. Sign In and Register are minimized - usually I'd expect register to be treated differently to call attention to it as websites usually want people to register fairly quickly
        • Scrolling down is where I see the CTA to sign up for an account then I click register
        • On the register page, I look at the header links again and click project board. I see a couple of projects, the first one being something I was going to mention about the main nav treatment for smaller screens
        • Creating an account is quick and easy - since you are displaying an avatar, you might consider integrating with gravatar; there also doesn't appear to be any account management capabilities
        • Adding a project also appears to be super easy
        • As you mentioned - will be nice to edit, delete, mark as done, etc projects; might also open GitHub in a new window
        • I came across a weird issue where I click a link and the URL changes in my browser, but the page doesn’t come up unless I hard refresh the page, then it comes up

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • Experienced devs with open source projects that have some smaller tasks they may not want to do but are willing to give to a newbie to tackle while still being open to give the newbie some guidance
        • Dev newbies that want to apply what they are learning with real world projects, learn, get connected with potential mentors

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • On the home screen the main register CTA was below the fold, so I poked around at the main nav

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        Is easy enough to sign up and start adding items. As you mentioned, need to edit, delete, mark as complete. I wonder too, will there be a means for a newbie to "grab" the card from ColtXP or will that, as well as communication, occur in GitHub? I think it's fine for earlier versions but wonder about the direction for collaboration directly on ColtXp.com.

      Do you find the product desirable to the target audience?
      I like the concept! I tried searching to see if there is something similar and I came across https://www.works-hub.com/. Theirs appear to be more hiring oriented whereas yours is more learning. I hear from senior devs all the time that they like someone to work on a small tasks, unit tests, etc. Newbies want to work on real-world projects and build experience. So, I think there could be a mutually beneficial relationship - and if mentorship/friendship comes out of it, then all the better. Therefore, I believe there to be desirability (I'd consider myself a newbie and sometimes I just want something to work on but can't think of anything to do). There's definitely a chicken-and-egg issue you'll need to figure out. "How do I get newbies without senior devs posting?" and "How do I get senior devs with no newbies coming to the site?" Maybe you already have ideas for that. One I can think of trying is to find open source projects with small issues, post the issues on their behalf, and then post your site to CS departments at colleges.

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        This is absolutely fantastic feedback. Thank you so much for this!

        Just to respond to some of your notes

        • Edit/publish/delete tasks is in progress as we speak and will hopefully be out before the end of the month. Following that will be user account settings.

        • 'Grabbing' a card is definitely something in the back of my mind but I'm unsure of how I want to accomplish it so for now it's a back-burner idea and all communication will unfortunately happen outside of the ColtXP environment for now, but definitely on the road map.

        Overall, your feedback tells me I'm on the right path. This project was born out of the frustration of not getting hired for not having as much real-world experience and, as you stated above, the core mission of this is to connect people willing to teach and willing to learn in a mutually beneficial relationship.

        Thanks again so so much for your feedback.

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          I've added ColtXP to That App Show

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    Thanks for this! Here's my website: https://snipline.io

    I'd be particularly interested in anything you'd consider changing/what you think is an ideal price-point.

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      Wow! Your website and app is really polished, great job! I have terminal avoidance syndrome, but will test this out further to see if it reduces my anxieties.

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • First thing I notice is the 'Command-line snippet… " headline due to the large font and lime green background
        • I next look at the heroic animation as it is moving; though the colors don't grab my attention, it's mainly the movement
        • The CTA in the header and in the heroic banner come in very clearly
        • I must say, I really like the color pallet
        • At this point, I already want to download the app - not because I am a "power user" but because I hate using the terminal / command line so if I can do some shortcut commands easy enough, then that speaks to me
        • I like the pricing page, nice and simple
        • I really like the site - looks professional, good use of using the voids, responds wells, easy to navigate, get's to the point

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • People that use command line interface often

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • Free trial - good job! 🎉

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        • Awesome onboarding flow! I love it; also, great documentation and a helpful video

      What would I change?
      • Honestly, everything is pretty spot on in terms of the website.
      • In terms of the app, and keeping in mind I'm not a terminal power user, some feature request I have is ability to add in alias / exports - such as update the bashrc file for me. Another feature request would be to be able to call the shortcuts from within terminal without having to copy/paste from the app - or to click on the item and have it inserted into the terminal - not sure if that is possible but would be great.
      • I like the VIM like commands.
      • I'll forward this to a extreme terminal power user and see what he thinks

      What I think is an ideal price point?
      This is hard for me to say - $1.50/month I wouldn't really bat an eye at. It's billed annual, which is smart. Though, I'd like to see what the annual price is - I personally don't like when sites show the monthly price that is billed annually and not highlight the actual price I'll be charged. I'm not sure what the willingness to pay for power users might be...

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        Wow, thanks for all the kind words! I'm glad you like the website

        some feature request I have is ability to add in alias / exports - such as update the bashrc file. Another feature request would be to be able to call the shortcuts from within terminal without having to copy/paste from the app

        I'm not sure how easy this would be to implement, but there is a command-line app that I've built which sort of solves these issues. This gets introduced to you in a later onboarding email.

        I'll forward this to a extreme terminal power user and see what he thinks
        Thanks, I appreciate it

        I personally don't like when sites show the monthly price that is billed annually and not highlight the actual price I'll be charged.
        Noted. It did used to show the annual price but I had comments from people that the app was too expensive, thinking it was billed monthly. I'll review what I can do about this.

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          I've added Snipline to That App Show. I'm still loving Snipline! I use it at least twice a week. 👏

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            Cool website! I'm glad you're still using it 😀

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          Ah yes, if I see the price being $18/month I would think it is too expensive as well. This site has a bunch of pricing page examples - maybe there is one that you can pull from that well states the pricing without confusing - https://hyperpixel.io/ > select the toggle on the top left to view pricing page examples.

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    You're a star for offering such amazing help! Please dissect my products:

    https://oneprofile.info - A webpage builder to create personal about page.

    https://oneprofile.team - A webpage builder to create about pages for brands, businesses, teams, groups or literally anything.

    Thanks, @armgitaar!

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      No worries, cool site! Below is my feedback but let me know if you want me to do any add-on items from A and/or B per my original post.

      I chose oneprofile.team since I clicked it first. ;-)

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • OooOooo - I really like the heroic banner and the person creating / painting something. What are they painting, I wonder? The letter H?
        • The headline is spot on and I do want to click on the CTA. But, I'll hold off for a bit as I like to see a preview of what I am getting into before I sign up for anything.
        • The logo I honestly didn't think of it as a logo at first - I was thinking it would give additional information or something; mainly because it looks like an information icon you'd click.
        • I clicked on demo thinking I'd be looking at a demo. But, the page appears to be random tiles. Then, I realize this page IS the demo. I was expecting the 'About Us' page to be an example; but, I suppose I didn't expect the demo would link to the about us page and that be the demo.
        • I tried dark mode which is cool
        • I like the pricing page and the buckets graphic - nice and simple page
        • The footer hover overs are delightful
        • When I clicked blog I get a newsletter sign up which I wasn't expecting
        • Eventually, I get cross linked into oneprofile.info - not sure how that happened. Why have the sites separate?
      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • Teams (and individual) that want to brand themselves with their own dedicated page
      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • On the team page, I really want to sign up. As I mentioned, I want to see what I am getting into before I sign up and click on demo. It's not overly clear that what I was looking at was a demo, I felt it was wanting me to sign up for something else - like schedule a time for a demo or something. The more I looked around the page the more I realized I was looking at the demo.
      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        • The first couple screens before adding my customized link were a bit confusing - wasn't sure if I was done setting up, since it said I was, but I didn't do anything yet…
        I stopped at adding a photo since I didn't want to at this point. It'd be good if I can get into more configs and come back to later on to add something in. In other words, keep minimal required fields and let me skip to add things at my own rhythm and pace.
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        Hey @armgitaar! I'm so sorry for the slow reply! When I saw your feedback, I quickly got to work on it. Here are the changes that I've made:

        1. Logo on the top left has been replaced with a home button instead - hope this makes it clearer.
        2. On desktop, when you click on demo, you'll be brought to a section on the page which mentions about demo pages - visitors will now be expecting it to be a demo page. No surprises or wondering whether this is a demo or not.
        3. I've spun a Ghost blog make it the official blog - no newsletter pop up anymore.
        4. Clearer separation on the different websites - the 2 products are separated because they have slightly different features.
        5. I've added some explanations on the onboarding pages - hope that makes it clearer.

        Thanks for the amazing feedback! Hope you'll give it a try again :)

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          Awesome - I like the enhancements you made!

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    Hey There, I would like to hear what do you think about my app EmojiFinder: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/emojifinder-emoji-keyboard/id1457744893

    Additionally I've also built a little landing page: https://emojikeyboardapp.com


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      OMG - thank you for making an emoji search! I hate doing emojis on my phone because I just really want to search for something instead of scrolling around, giving up, and then selecting some that just does the job...

      For the website:

      • I'd recommend working with the void a bit more - by that I mean increasing spacing between parts. The content is pretty close together and spacing it out will make it more easily readable and will feel less congested. Also, try to make the 'app store' icon / link pop out more as that is your main CTA and right now my eye tends to move down the page and not look at the CTA. Also, all of the section headers are treated to look like a button, but they are not, which is a bit misleading. The one actual button for 'Sign Up' is styled very similar to the headers which increases the confusion.

      For the app

      • The app listing has pics with text, but the text switches from top, to bottom, to top, to bottom. That feels like a lot of searching to see the text; I think I'd like the text to be at the top so I can easily read through them and then look at corresponding screen shots.
      • The onboarding flow is great and I like the example during the flow - that helps quite a bit!
      • While using the keyboard when texting someone, I ended up removing the default emoji keyboard so I can get to this one quicker. Some enhancements I'd request - 1) remove a emoji if I tapped one I dont want to really use, 2) move the text search towards top of keyboard - its hard to notice the search text being at the bottom (though, it could just take some getting used to because I am fighting against muscle memory)

      Really cool app, thanks for sharing and I don't think I will uninstall this anytime soon!

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        Wow! I'm glad you like the app and thanks for the detailed feedback! Everything is noted and I'll definitely implement some of your suggestions 👍👍

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    What a thread. It's amazing you're giving your time in such a detailed and extremely helpful way!

    Could I ask for feedback on https://isthisbigenough.com
    plus A) 2 if you can please? Thanks Adam👍🏼

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      This is a handy app! Here is my feedback -

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • Love the picture on the left! I stared at it for bit; refreshed, saw another. I love the oxymoron / pun of it all
        • Ah, I love unsplash - kudos on giving credit to the creative!
        • Ok, after enjoying the image selection I then look to see what the content is about of the right
        • I read through the steps - I think I kinda get it - people need to upload an image to something and sizing can be a pain in the arse. I think I get it enough and select the check box the Lets Go! Let’s see if that remembers my selection! It does! Even without filling out the form.
        • In step 2 - I am not quite sure what I am generating a link for… hmmm. I clicked the help button but that didn't really answer my question since it just went to the previous step. I copied the link - let's see what it does
        This is my link
        • I see image types - would be nice to select what type of image I need since there may be a constraint there as well
        • I added an image - the validation works. I wonder; why minimums and no maximums? Or, if I am lets say adding an image to twitter, I want to get the height and width to be exact - can I add more constraints to my request?
        • Since now I am curious about that, I look at Get Premium and see those features there in the paid plan, bravo!

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • Wow, thinking about this, this issue does come up quite a bit in my past and present. To answer this question, it's for someone who needs assets that abide by certain constraints and they are looking for someone else to provide. This is a good quality check and verification tool.

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • I like how it puts me into the flow and is simple - it did take one go for me to really understand what it is; but once I did it, I'm good to go do it again.
        • Question for you - the site is pretty minimal on the home page, which I like; but is there a concern with impact on SEO?

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        • Hey, this is great! I'd recommend giving limited free access to premium - like you can do 3 images in premium mode for free or something like that, that way I can see how the advanced features work without committing right away; plus, might help to convert - though, I'd A/B test that hypothesis for sure…
        • I don't see this listed for premium option; but seems like it would be handy to have templates for common image sizes - such as for twitter headers, app store images, etc. And also, for users to create templates as well if they have common image constraints.

      A.2) Do I find this desirable for me / for target audience?
      Yes - this would cut down the back and forth that happens for sure! Great idea! I personally don't run into the problem enough to pay for the premium, but I can see web design / implementation shops willing to pay for it (that's what I think anyways, would recommend testing desirability/viability with that audience)

      1. 2

        First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to review it, in great depth too. This was created to help me, some friends and a colleague to get the right size images. It was also just as a way for me to learn a bit more backend, until I thought I could actully bring it to a wider audience.

        Noted, it needs more explanation! The help button was a bit lazy. I'll put some more effort into that.

        I am with you on the SEO point, it isn't going to do well. I will look to implement a landing page with more content and explanations before linking through to the main app.

        Templates would be a great addition, thank you for the idea.

        Limited free access to premium to allow people to test is a good plan. I value this myself when looking for new software to use. I will build that in... when I build the premium features. The premium section links to a form at the moment to collect data. This is so I can make a more informed decision if it is worth putting in the effort to build it, if I know people would pay for it.

        It sounds like overall it was a positive experience for you, which is great. Thanks again for your time Adam.

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          I've added ITBE and feedback to That App Show

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    Would love to hear your thoughts on https://howuku.com

    1. 1

      Your app is really cool! Seriously, how come you aren't on product hunt yet??

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • First thing I notice is the "Create High Performing …" heroic header, then the sign up for free button, then the pic. I like this flow - often, the design standard is heroic text on left, image on right - which often forces your eyes to fight what to look at. The images used a lot of times don't feel that important - just an aesthetic device. But I like the simple start at the top, and move your way down approach. It feels like you have more control of the user journey by doing this.
        • I do wonder how I am supposed to pronounce howuku (not that I am suggesting a call to action on your part, just a point of interest I am now curious about)
        • Scrolling down I see a couple of feedback items, one bottom left and the other middle right. The bottom left one is a surprise. I like when things are switched up a bit from normal patterns - websites are getting a tad vanilla in design creativity these days.
        • Why two means to provide feedback though? Bottom left looks like a simple test that will go away after selecting. I like that.
        • I clicked on the A/B testing images and looks like that triggers the feedback to pop in and out
        • I navigate to the product page - it seems like the tiles are appearing above the heroic text / CTA?
        • The support sections seems to go the a Zendesk site - and removes the top nav; I prefer when top nav persists / or open the support in a new tab so I can easily get back to the main site
        • I look more at the features on the homepage - it seems the homepage shows off the features more so than the product page
        • After looking at the features, I think this app would have quite a bit of upvotes on product hut - so I check product hunt and I don’t see it? Surprised!
        • I go to sign up - the sign up page was a bit jittery
        • I log into the account, and the layout and everything seems impressive - I don't have time to truly set it up to look at the features; a video highlighting the features or a demo account to interact with the features I think would go a long way

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • Web admins, UX experts, etc, that want to build a website with a great experience
        • This is pretty cool, very cool actually

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • From the home page, I am compelled to keep scrolling down - I like this first experience flow of the website

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        • As mentioned above, I got into the app and it looks pretty impressive! As someone who is looking at the tool, I do think a video or an interactive demo would go a long way to see how the functionality works
        I like that you can configure the feedback popups to appear on certain pages, locations, etc. This is very helpful when adding new content / features to your web app!

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    Omg. this is a great thread, looking at the landing pages and read your review of them is great. My project is https://topiqs.online.

    1. 1

      Thanks! Here is my feedback for Topiqs!

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • Before hitting the homepage, I was looking at the domain. For some reason I read it as "toe pick" which made me think of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_56TYtCggc 😂. I did quickly realize it was like 'topics' - I like the name.
        • The site was pretty slow for me to load at first; it goes a bit faster after the initial load
        • The sign in option pops up in modal right away, blocks everything out. I did sign up > registered my email > and said an email will go out (I didn't get it but I assume this is all test) > then I see the sign-up / login modal afterwards. I wouldn't normally sign up right away - the register modal seems pushy for someone that comes to the site for the first time and not yet knowing what the site is about
        • A cookies warning! I must say, I don't see these too often on IH preview sites - kudos for appearing to take privacy and euro laws seriously!
        • The first thing I notice is the reddit-esque layout
        • After about 5 mins, the page seemed to refresh on it's own and I got the register / login modal show up again; I cancelled out
        • When looking at the center column, the large grey text in the peripheral calls my attention, making me wonder what it is. I'm not quite sure what their utility is - I see the hover over tooltip but they aren't links or anything. I suppose for awareness of some major features. The placement feels odd. I think if the onboarding and info architecture flows well, then these all become learned via context of using the platform.
        • So now that I see the site at a high level, I want to focus on something to get a better idea of what the site is about, so I chose the first post "Rotate Images in JS…"
        • I see a paging looking icon next to the title so click it since I am curious what it is - appears to take me to a page with a topiqs control header (my fav feature after going through the site) and the source article in an iframe or something below
        • I go back now to see what clicking the article title does - appears to take me to the details page. It looks like there are a lot of things in the top table (name, page, category, creator, stats) I think this can be visually cleaned up a bit - minimalize and contextualize some things a bit - I feel like that content could be condensed down into a line or two in a simple, elegant way
        • Went back to the home page, and clicked on something that made the whole 'Rotate Image… " article expand - I'm not sure what I clicked to do that, but I found the less button to collapse back down
        • I clicked on Create New Topiq to get more of a sense of what posting was like and maybe some other features such as collaboration. I can see how one would add something - pretty straightforward and the tooltips help if I was questioning.
        • Overall, it seems pretty straight forward and lot of functionality. Main issues for me was the site was slow to load for me, the registration modal is a blocker at first since as a first time visitor I don’t know what the site is about, and the design can be smoothed out some.

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • There is a lot of developer-esque content - but I'm sure because the builder(s) are the main contributor(s). It will be interesting to see who comes in and posts. I know by reading the grey text tool tips that it's for anyone and anything. Though, some will say to try to target a specific audience at first since its often easier to attack groups you can define. I'll be interested to see how people contribute in the future!
        • There is mention of collaboration with closed groups - I see how you can share it with others but I wonder what the collaboration looks like.

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • Since it is similar to something like reddit / medium - my muscle memory would tell me to see if anything of interest comes up on my landing page - if not, then go into a category that I am interested in looking at right now
        • Though, if I wanted to post something than the create new topiq blue button is nicely placed and visible

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        I couldn't seem to actually login; I can see in the interface some things that will be unlocked with an account; but am curious what else I'd get access to

      1. 2

        I am still somewhat shell shocked of the quality reviews you deliver here for free and I am very happy about both the review of my own project as well as the reviews you have done on other peoples projects.

        I saw you had created an account but not confirmed your email (I will test my email confirmation logic asap), however I have manually confirmed your email in Topiqs, so you can login now.

    1. 1

      Cool! Here is my feedback. Let me know if you want me to answer any A / B addons per my post.

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • I like the colors and their usage
        • My eye first gravitates to the video and that is what I click and view the video (I'd like it to auto-play after I click it on the homepage as opposed to clicking the play button again after the modal opens)
        • The video is nice, informative, clean, and professional
        • After the video, I x out and go back to the main home page - next element that draws my attention is Try For Free CTA. I already know it's a CRM I'd be testing, so I just click on it having an idea of what I am will be trying
        • 'The only app you need to manage your entire business' is a pretty bold statement. For what type of business?
        • The underlined words in the sub-header text make me want to click on them; but they aren't links
        • Similar to the underlined text, I also want to click on the tags. It appears they should be clickable as my cursor changes. I assume they just aren't wired up yet
        • Above the fold, everything looks clean and clear on desktop view. The small screen view can use some tidying up - this is persistent through some of the pages where some slight tweaks can be made to show better on small screens
        • Before scrolling down below the fold, I chose to click on the main nav items - going left to right so starting with features
        • There are some grammatical corrections to make throughout
        • The tiles on the features page I feel is missing something - possibly an icon or image
        • The 'Get Started for free' button on features blends a little too much with the bg due to the gradient
        • Pricing is nice, clean, simple
        • Blog section obviously is placeholder, but I do like the placeholder
        • About us says helps thousand of business - but, I don't see proof of that so that may be off-putting to some
        • I like the little bits of delights I come across - such as: some of the graphics highlighting or popping out when I hover over; especially, when the logo bounces when I hover over! That's fun!

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • Small business - but I am unsure which types of small business until I see the signup page as well as when I play around with the CRM a bit

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • The main thing is I wanted to sign up looking at the homepage and after watching the video.

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        • When I sign up, the options are very specific - if I had one of those small biz types, I think I'd want to know that this CRM is for me, a salon owner, before I get to this point. Otherwise, I feel like this is more "office" centric than something retailers, services, etc would use.
        • I signed up - I like the hurray screen 🎉; it brings delight
        • When I am put on the landing page after logging in, the blue graph I think is too much; maybe a lighter blue will soften it up
        • I don't like that my password is visible in the signup email I received, that's concerning from a security standpoint
        • After poking around a bit, it does seem like this product is made for certain types of businesses, I recommend making the target customer type more clear on the website
        • It doesn't appear the functionality is all completed on the CRM app side - let me know when it is a little more complete and I can give more impressions

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    Sure! My site isn't 100% ready but zappycode.com please!

    1. 1

      Awesome! I like the direction you are going with teach coding. Here is my feedback. Let me know if you also want me to answer A and B sections from my post.

      1. My first impressions looking at your home page
        • The very first thing I see is 'Coding Is Fun' - which right away makes me think this is a website that will help me learn to code. This is later confirmed when I read the paragraph text below the main header. Though, I don't tend to look at description text right away and came back to this as mentioned in a bullet point below.
        • The second thing I see is 'All Included' and then I force my eyes to look at the background to view all of the tiles. Since I know of Kotlin, Django, etc., I know a little more conclusively that this is a site for learning to code and those are some examples of what I should be able to learn. If I wasn't privy to the languages / frameworks, then I might be wondering what they are.
        • The reason why I look at 'Coding is Fun' fist is due to it being on the top of the page and in large font with the blue-ish purple background which makes it pop. My eye gets heavily drawn down to the 'All Included' text because of the even bigger font and colorful background.
        • It becomes a little difficult to look back towards the top since the All Included portion has a very strong presence
        • After 'All Included', I look back up to the Coding is fun sub-text; confirm my belief this is a learning to code app and has a community aspect.
        • I like the logo, it definitely is zany, but with relevant characters for coding!
        • For some reason, the Dank Courses header my eye can't stick too long on as my eyes get drawn back down below to 'All Included'
        • The Join now button is also difficult to concentrate on as my eyes get pulled down to the content below
        • All of the above bullet points are my description of what I see when first hitting the site, and only the items that are above the fold
        • The pricing slider is amusing! I like how the emoji appropriately changes with pricing. I'm not sure if the frowny faces will convert well - but worth the experiment. I'm also curious how the pay what you want approach works out / what the willingness to pay results are. Be sure to share your approach and findings on IH!
        • I like the idea of showing code and financials - I assume those will link over to GitHub and Stripe
        • The 'All Courses' buttons leads me to a page with a couple of courses. At this point, I am curious how the other languages come into play. For instance, I saw a Kotln logo on the previous page. Will I indeed get to learn more about Kotlin?
        • I clicked this, which leads me to the videos. I watched parts of the videos - I like the green screens and the backgrounds you add in. It's zany. Looks like you put some great work into making the videos feel good quality while being fun to watch. I was surprised to see everything I clicked on had a corresponding video - good effort! My nitpicky thing for the videos page is I don't like scrolling down to find the next video and would like to see the next video without scrolling much as well as be able to see which videos I completed
        • Overall, I like the colors - works well with the 'zany' theme. I also like the idea of a zany theme to keep learning interesting (it speaks to my personality anyways)

      2. Who I think the target audience is
        • Those that want to learn how to code (and have fun learning)
        • What I am unsure about right now is: what languages / frameworks can I learn and what are their application to real-work development? Is there a theme in terms of what I will be learning? So far the videos seem to be for iOS development, I also see a Kotlinm logo. Will this be just for mobile development? I also see django, bitcoin, a computer screen, so I believe I might be able to learn to code web apps as well and some block chaining action
        • I am wondering more what the "community" aspect will be

      3. Where I feel compelled to go next in the experience flow
        • I really wanted to click on the 'All Included' text because it looks like a big ol' button; I ended up clicking on All Courses and looking at the courses instead

      4. If I am able to get into the app, I'll provide my impressions after playing around with it
        I tried signing up but was unable to do so

      1. 2

        Holy smoke @armgitaar! A whole mountain of feedback haha this is amazing. Well thanks a ton. I won't take you up on A or B as I got more than enough to handle with what you said already but thank you so much. You rock!

        1. 1

          I've added ZappyCode and feedback to That App Show

  9. 1

    If anyone would like additional feedback - submit to That App Show and I'll be happy to provide some feedback on your website and/or app!

  10. 1

    Adam! Thank you some much for doing this :)

    I would love for you to look over my WIP landing page.


    1. 1

      Hi! And no worries - glad to provide feedback. I'll give you some high level feedback now, but if you reach back out to me in about 10 days - I'll be happy to provide some more thorough feedback.

      1. Homepage observations:
      • You are correct, the mobile responsiveness isn't there yet so I'll give feedback on full desktop view
      • The content on the homepage is weighted quite a bit to the left side of the page and the tour/login/setup feels a little congested. There is plenty of room on the right side to move items to.
      • The video is pretty cool - well done. I'm unsure how I feel about the reply button; maybe a simple replay icon?
      • I like the header and description text - straight forward and to the point.
      • The button text '$1 per ...' doesn't provide a call to action. I believe it is a clickable button by the design of it (in which case it is) but the text doesn't necessarily encourage me to click it. I'd also consider revising the text to something like "First 10,000 sends are free per month. $1 for each additional 10,000." That way you lead with the free piece.
      • Note - I like how the header is weighted and designed on the children pages
      1. Documentation - It looks like you have a skeleton up right now. Consider placing the content in the center - it's a bit weighted to the left again. Just scanning the doc it looks like you are putting good time into creating good documentation - which will be very much appreciated by anyone who purchases and is in charge of implementing your service.

      Great start! Please do feel free to reach back out in ~10 or so days when you are a little further along and I can provide some follow up feedback.

      1. 1

        I really appreciate your long reply and you give some great advice. I will reach back out in 10 days and make some edits in the mean time. Would love to hear your thoughts on my pricing.

        1. 1

          No problem!

          For the pricing page, I agree with another poster that mentions the pricing is a bit confusing. The first card I'd focus on 10,000 free per month and $1 for each additional 10,000. Managed sending is 749 + but I wonder what the + means. Possibly, if its custom pricing then maybe say 'contact for quote' or provide a simple calculator.

          This site has a good list of pricing page examples. https://hyperpixel.io/

  11. 1

    May I ask you for your in depth review also? Dr. Diary is an Android app, quite stable atm.


    1. 1

      Bummer, I don't have an Android! I'm sorry - if you have an iOS version I can look at that. :-)

  12. 1

    great idea!


    Not finished yet by any means. There is functionality missing and some pages are incomplete at this point in time!

    1. 2

      I like your website, simple tutorial on the homepage gives a great first impression. I guess your product is a direct competitor to sheetdb.io . The green theme of your website is better IMHO, but I like their API requests counter at the bottom - it is really catchy.

      I would like to see more reasons why should I consider your sheets-to-api solution. For example some claim about your infrastructure quality, servers location (ping response milliseconds, etc.)

      I like your super-cheap starting 1.99$ tier, but would like to see some tier for about 20 or 30$ - it would make me feel you trust your product is ready for serious customers. The picture on silver tier should be silver or grey.

      1. 1

        I like the website! I've added it to That App Show and added some feedback

      2. 1

        Wow! thanks for that feedback @TailorWarren !! Yes it will be a competitor, albeit, more simplified version without all the fluff. It serves one purpose and that's to record data into your sheet.

        I'll take a look at the API request counter on their site.

        Yeah i will elaborate on reasons to chose Sheet Capture. As i say, it's a work in progress and to be honest I need to revisit the homepage to spice it up a little. A higher pricing tier is definitely achievable. I could maybe swap out the Gold plan and place it a bit higher, after I work out a few things.

        Thank you very much for your brilliant feedback. I really appreciate it.