Let me promote your product for Free (5th edition)📣

At the start of August, I created 30+ newsletter issues in Markdown format. But the indie maker sections are empty. And I want to add some products there. So I can start posting them on Indie Hackers (Bootstrappers Bible ❤️).

Previously, I asked for product submissions here & here & here and here. Collectively I got 200+ product submissions in last 4 rounds of free promotion. And I added them to Indie Hackers posts and some of them in the Marketer Crew newsletter.

How to submit the product

  1. Name of product (hyperlinked)
  2. Short description of your product.
  3. Your Indie Hackers username if you would like to be notified when I share it.

Here is an example:

Accepted products: Anything that isn't spam.

💌 Subscribe: https://www.indiehackers.com/series/marketer-crew
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  1. 4
    1. namy.ai
    2. A domain name generator that's actually good
      (should be perfect for indiehackers that are always starting new projects)
    3. @uwwgo

    Thanks for doing this!

    1. 3

      Namy.ai is wonderful and I am using it since I discovered it. Really nice project.

      1. 1

        Thanks Falak! Those are really nice words.


  2. 3
    1. Userbooster.co 🚀
    2. A Notion dashboard that helps you get your first 100 users
    3. @xavier
  3. 3
    1. Cinematic Studio
    2. Video Editing for social media. Dead simple. Dead fast.
    3. @johnt2021

    P.S. I believe I haven't added my site in the past, please correctly if I'm wrong.

  4. 3
    1. appmetrix.com
    2. A privacy friendly web analytics with JS code size less than 1 kb. We do not track and store user's device fingerprint and IP address.
    3. @appmetrix
  5. 2

    Discover the truth about apps and helps you stay safe on the Internet. Make the best-informed decisions about apps you use.

  6. 2

    Slate — Experience multi-display multitasking on a single screen. With unlimited floating windows that stay-on-top, giving you space to do even more.

    Thanks a lot Falak!

  7. 2
    1. curatedfunding.com
    2. Helping diverse creatives discover sources of funding for their next creative and social impact projects
    3. @asksolomon
  8. 2
    1. pirsch.io
    2. Pirsch is a cookie-free, privacy-friendly, and open-source web analytics solution that easily integrated into any website or directly into your backend.
    3. @m5blum
  9. 2

    👋 Hey Falak. Thank you for this opportunity.

    microns.io — discover the best micro startups for sale.

    1. 1

      👋 Hello Ilya,


  10. 2

    Startup Checkr - a website that lists useful tools or apps that business owners or startups can use to boost their business. You can find it all in one place with over 500+ latest tools or apps listed. Created by @startupcheckr

  11. 2
    1. NotionMailer.com
    2. Write. manage and send your newsletters from Notion. Integrates with your favorite tools.
    3. @ostap


    1. 2

      This looks dope for Notion lovers

  12. 1

    Talk to a Doctor - Affordable and fully anonymous doctor's opinion

  13. 1
    1. https://brytebook.com/
    2. Working on decentralizing media and giving writers the control for their audience and content
    3. @samyakr
  14. 1

    GameWidget - Turn your website visitors into customers with a unique mini-game experience, by @marclou

    Thanks for doing this!

    PS: I hope you'll crush the game 😉

  15. 1

    The Creator Productivity System - A clever system for makers, creators and thought leaders to work smarter, not harder. @eisabai

  16. 1
    1. Wait, What Do You Do?
    2. Data roles where you know what you'll actually be doing
    3. @stevepisani

    Not sure if you're still collecting but either way great stuff!

  17. 1
    1. Ragg (https://raggcleaning.com)
    2. A platform that connects users to trusted cleaners in their area
    3. @Jujuglomez
  18. 1
    1. Enzyme
    2. AI web builder that turns words into websites in seconds with GPT-3
    3. @simona_says
  19. 1
    1. Wealthie
    2. Modern investment portfolio tracker. Stocks, ETFs, funds — all in one place. Know where you stand and learn where to go next.
    3. @juliusz
  20. 1

    [AnyTrack](https://anytrack.io "conversion data platform) - One line of code to track and feed your marketing stack with your conversion data. @trackingaddict

  21. 1
    1. https://www.inmoat.com
    2. Email Smart Filters that prioritize your incoming emails that matter.
    3. @jvuka
  22. 1
    1. Does It ARM
    2. The largest community on Apple Silicon compatibility. Stay up to date on what works on the new Macs.
    3. @ThatGuySam
  23. 1

    Thank you for doing this!

    1. bookcamp.app
    2. Audiobooks for Plex
    3. @MBornemann
  24. 1

    Tenably Labs - https://www.Tenably.app

    No-Code Automated Web Accessibility (ADA) compliance for Shopify stores. We automatically resolve violations in the underlying theme code.


  25. 1

    https://headcomai.com - Get backlinks from the world's most reputable sites with the help of AI - @jamalavedra

  26. 1

    👋 Hey @FalakDigital. Great initiative and I'm curious to participate and contribute!

    1. Derigo Dash
    2. Transform the new tab startpage of your browser into your space of productivity & motivation.
    3. @vdevos
  27. 1
    1. Digsby
    2. Automated host for AirBnb and other short-term rentals
    3. tshirtcandy
  28. 1
    2. DIGITALFIRST.AI recommends the most accurate marketing tactics basing on answers to a few questions about business and gives tools to execute chosen tactics without any marketing knowledge or skills.
    3. @niewska
  29. 1
    1. Signal Flare (SignalFlare.app)
    2. Let your analytics tell your story by sharing your marketing activity inside the analytical tools you are already using.
    3. @agarithm
  30. 1
    1. Nailted.com
    2. Engage and understand your teams even on remote
    3. @Bordoyy

    Thanks for doing this! Love your initiative, let me know if I can help you with something.

  31. 1
    1. Inspakt - https://www.inspakt.com/
    2. Trust builder platform that helps businesses digitalize their paper-based operations with digital documents and digital biometric signature.
    3. @firocob

    Thanks in advance :)

  32. 1

    Hi Falak, thank you for this opportunity.
    Here is my startup information, please consider it as well. 🙏

    1. https://www.selfhelpbooks.pro
    2. Self help books newsletter and curated database.
    3. @tokozedg
  33. 1
    1. SubtitleBee

    2. With SubtitleBee, you can have subtitles created and translated in 120+ languages around the world - automatically! It's easy to use with an editing dashboard for changing font styles, colour, size or time frames of your subtitles.

    3. @Rundown47

    Thank you @FalakDigital ! 😊

  34. 1
    1. Scoop
    2. The project aims to help catalog some of the amazing newsletters being produced within the creator community
    3. @sebh1234

    Thank you thank you 👋

  35. 1
    1. NoCodeLetters.com
    2. Send your newsletters directly from Notion
    3. @bansalangesh

    Thank you :)

  36. 1

    StreamBee - Analytics & Monetization Tools for Streamers

  37. 1

    firehunt.io - Product launch aggregator which aggregates product launches from all over the web, over 50,000 users by @Tomshwa

  38. 1


    — A website builder that allows you to build sites as if you were using a design tool like adobe xd or figma.


  39. 1
    1. Right QA - https://www.rightqa.com
    2. Right QA writes and maintains end-to-end tests for startups, so the team can focus on delivering features.
  40. 1

    FastFWD - set up and run A/B tests effortlessly


    Thanks for what you are doing 🙌

  41. 1

    NFTDetect.com - Search for copies of your stolen artistic work on major NFT marketplaces. Brought to you by @dlowe

  42. 1

    Thank you for helping out the community!

    1. tooltip.com
    2. Never spend time on the software or service again with our research and curation tailored for your business or project.
    3. @gimelgabriel
  43. 1

    BooksBank Loan or Give away yours books to your community has never been easier by @zelig880

  44. 1
    1. pullthunder.com
    2. A web application that helps developers using Bitbucket Cloud & Microsoft Teams to ship code faster.
    3. @bioudi
  45. 1

    1st things 1st
    The first of a kind strategic prioritizer that helps you make up your mind.
    By @archatas

  46. 1

    Weka Checker - The smarter way to check references. Get your reference checks done in record time.

  47. 1

    Beanvest - Stock portfolio performance tracker for investors by @romainsimon

  48. 1
    1. Batteries
    2. Track all of your device batteries from your Desktop. Get notified when they need recharging.
    3. @ronyfadel
  49. 1
    1. https://heyzine.com
    2. Convert boring PDFs to great interactive online publications.
    3. @mzrd
  50. 1
    1. https://datelist.io
    2. The simplest, yet complete online booking system for your business.
    3. @alexclarembeau

    Thank you so much!

  51. 1

    Icon Horse – one URL fetches the best quality favicon available for any site, with fallbacks when there are none by @fiiv

  52. 1

    http://tarta.ai - a personal recruiting assistant that automates your job search. 450,000 active users in August 2021. By @alexander_g.

    ps: thanks for the opportunity 🍻

  53. 1
    1. linkstorm.io
    2. A free SEO tool to improve internal linking
    3. @flm
      Thanks for doing this!
  54. 1

    This is awesome!
    Product: Life and Estate Planning Documents https://simplifiedwills.com.
    Description: Automated DIY Essential Legally Binding Life and Estate Plan Documents.
    Indie hackers UN: @BMosely

  55. 1

    Thanks for doing this Falak! 🙌

    Notabase — an easy-to-use and powerful note-taking app for networked thinking, by @richardchu

  56. 1
    • readwok.com
    • Online text reader with a progressive viewing mode. Enrich your reading experience.
    • @readwok
  57. 1

    Slantt - Create stunning isometric graphics for free in minutes. Show off your website or app in style. Slantt by @daveagill

  58. 1

    Product HQ
    Product HQ is a Notion dashboard to help you ideate, source and order your next product.

  59. 1

    Hey Falak, Really appreciate it :)

    1. Workpark
    2. All in one business management software for SMBs.
    3. @ArslanMajeed
  60. 1

    A chrome extension to automatically setup reminders for subscription and trials

  61. 1
    1. https://www.rohan-malhotra.com/membership
    2. A membership-based service, no BS contract, no BS fees, just pure design and Webflow development.
    3. @rohan210801

    Thanks a bunch :)

  62. 1

    Blog about programming, IoT and game Dev.

  63. 1

    Shorten, Manage and Track links like a Pro. Increase your click-through rates by almost 35% with custom domains.
    By @start123

  64. 1

    Folge.me - The easiest tool for creating step-by-step guides and tutorials in minutes by @oleks

    Thank you, @FalakDigital !

    1. 2

      Love your masking effect for windows & Mac download buttons. Noted.

  65. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  66. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  67. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  68. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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