Let me promote your product! October edition @Edited

Hi guys,
Some time ago, I thought about how to pay my debt for this amazing community. You helped me a lot so I would like to return all kindness. Together with my friend, we create Owwly - place where people can find and share products they’re working on. To the end of this year, I would like to promote 12 products, 4 each month, and help you find potential users. Product will be displayed on top of the page 🔥

We are not big fish like Product Hunt but I believe you can gain some traffic from our source ;). All you have to do is to fulfill template below:

Product name:
Short description (one sentence):
What user’s problem your product solves:

And count for some luck . Together with my friend, we will pick, the best in our opinion, 4 products to promote this month.

We wait 48h and list lucky ones in here after that.


@edit - ok guys, we are happy to announce that 4 products promoted this month are:

  1. Pirsch from @m5blum
  2. Payflexi from @stanwarri
  3. Repozix from @Cef111
  4. Blogaudio from @Krzciński_Wojtek

Thank you for the rest of you guys - you can try your luck in the next month ;) Cheers!

  1. 4

    🔥🔥🔥🔥We are happy to announce that 4 products which will be promoted this month are:

    1. Pirsch from @m5blum
    2. Payflexi from @stanwarri
    3. Repozix from @Cef111
    4. Blogaudio from @Krzciński_Wojtek

    Thank you for the rest of you guys - you can try your luck in the next month ;) Cheers!

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      Awesome! Thank you so much!

    2. 1

      Super excited about this. Thanks a lot @piotrbartoszek

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        🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bardzo dziękuję!

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    Hi Piotrek, thank you for this great opportunity !

    Product name:

    Short description (one sentence):
    Convert articles and blog posts into AI-generated audio.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Converting articles or blog posts to audio is not that easy without any software. At the same time there's a growing trend of listening to audio articles, audio books, podcasts etc. So converting your articles or blog posts to audio is the easiest and cheapest way to join this trend.

  3. 2

    Thanks for the offer Piotr!

    Product Name:
    Pirsch Analytics


    Short description:
    Pirsch is a privacy-friendly, lightweight, and cookie-free web analytics solution that is easily integrated into any website or directly into your backend.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Pirsch respects your visitors' privacy and offers GDPR compliant web analytics. It never tracks them across websites nor collects uniquely identifiable information. It offers an efficient dashboard to provide actionable, aggregated statistics.

  4. 2

    ZeroOne eCommerce is a business management system for sellers of digital products.

    Our platform allows sellers to list across marketplaces (Etsy, eBay, Mercado Libre), connect their ecommerce system (Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop) and screen out fraudsters for one low per credit fee.

    We help digital sellers reduce labor through automation of screening processes, screen fraud out to reduce chargebacks, centralize inventories, and ramp sales with marketplace connectivity.

    Check out the video at https://ZeroOneeCommerce.com if that's your thing

  5. 2

    Hi Piotr, thanks for doing this!

    Product name: UserBooster - https://userbooster.co

    Short description:
    A Notion dashboard that helps you get your first users and build your launch strategy

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    A lot of makers don't know where to find their first users, and even after that, they don't know how to get traffic in the short/long term.
    UserBooster will guide you on every step of your launch. For each acquisition channel, you can now get the templated strategy and leverage it to get traction. Without losing time on research!

    What's included:

    • Strategies on how to launch & prioritize
    • 400+ places to post your product
    • 70+ tools to help you build and prepare
    • Very detailed guide to launch on Product Hunt, Reddit, HackerNews
  6. 2

    Piotr! what a great offer.

    Product Name
    Wicked Templates


    Tailwind CSS landing pages for your next projects.

    We are help indiehackers, freelancers and companies to have an MVPin hours not days.

    Thank you for this opportunity Piotr.

  7. 2

    Ollie Health; https://www.ollie.health/

    Mental health credits for remote teams.

    Our new world of work can be isolating. There is massive pressure to perform. We strongly believe that high-performing teams need access to mental health support that is finally affordable, anonymous and on team members' own terms.

    Monthly credits give you instant access to book teletherapy sessions without having to pay upfront cash or claim.

  8. 2

    Awesome offer! Here's mine:

    Product name:

    Short description (one sentence):
    Remove your personal information from the internet.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    If you google someone's name, chances are you can find out information like their address, phone number, and even family members. We created a software that automatically finds and removes personal information off of the internet to help with the growing problem of personal information being exposed online!

  9. 1

    Learn Stash PRO - LearnStash.com

    Description: An all-in-one membership that helps you prioritize your personal growth with other lifelong learners

    Problem: We thought self-improvement was too complicated so we decide to make it simple. Learn Stash PRO has courses, community, and personalized tool recommendations so you can become a better you in weeks instead of years.

  10. 1

    Product name

    Short description
    End-to-end encrypted productivity platform for managing notes, tasks, and calendars seamlessly.

    Makes anyone organized and more productive with low effort.

  11. 1

    Product name:
    Creatorbase ( We just launched on PH so do support us there as well! )

    Short description (one sentence):
    Discover the best Creator Tools and Resources to help you succeed from the largest database of creator economy tools and content!

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    I've always found it difficult to get a sense of what creator tools are available out there in the market, especially when I wanted to embark on a new project. Creatorbase has a searchable and filter-able database of 300+ and growing creator tools to help you find the tool you need regardless if you're a podcaster, YouTube or newletter writer or whether you want to monetise, create content or need a banking service for creators. Creatorbase has got your back!

    Also we just launched Creatorbase on Product Hunt today and would really if you could support us on Product Hunt! It would mean a lot and thanks an advance :)


  12. 1

    Thank you @piotrbartoszek!

    Product name:

    Short description (one sentence):
    Build rich Digital Marketing reports and turn them into reusable templates.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Marketers need to keep track or their digital marketing compaigns across different platforms. Repozix allows users to build custom multi-datasource reports and turn them into templates that can be reused with other datasources.

  13. 1

    Product name:

    Short description (one sentence):
    Launch cloud applications with ease – in your own AWS account.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Anyone who tried to set up a production application on AWS knows the struggle: it’s just not built for people with less than quite some years of experience. Platform providers like Heroku work great until your app becomes very popular and the bill grows huge. Our goal is that every engineering team doesn't necessarily need DevOps because they can manage their own AWS infrastructure in an easy-to-use way.

    Checkout the Website :)

  14. 1

    Product Name


    The all-in tool to get backlinks by pitching journalists that are looking for a source. Get notified of new media opportunities, pitch with the help of AI, and much more.

    Makes it easy for companies to find relevant media outlets to be featured on.

    Thank you for this opportunity Piotr.

  15. 1

    Exciting idea and happy to participate!

    Product name:

    Short description:
    Developer friendly & highly customizable Bootstrap 5 admin template, featuring hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts and icons.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Helping development teams speed up their development process by offering a rich suite of freemium and premium UI components.

  16. 1

    Sooooo cool to see so many good products! This will be a tough choice 🧐

  17. 1

    Hey, @piotrbartoszek!

    I feel like this is an amazing opportunity so I'll share my latest project - BotMeNot!

    Product name: BotMeNot

    Short description: BotMeNot is a bot protection score service that will run several tests on your website to check your anti-bot protection and tell you how protected your website is from bots.

    What user's problem BotMeNot solves:

    1. People being unaware of their website's content being scraped or monitored,
    2. Is bot traffic is overloading their servers,
    3. Bots adding fake and unwanted content to websites,
    4. Checking how well their existing bot protection solution works,
    5. Informing people about other malicious bot activity on their websites (or any other website in particular)

    Hope you find BMN interesting!

  18. 1

    Product name: Aleerty

    Short description (one sentence):

    Alerts users of available celebrities (actors, actresses and musicians) on cameo.com while watching Netflix or listening to

    What user’s problem your product solves:

    Help users discover celebrities from their favourite shows or music in real time from cameo.com

    See product below.


  19. 1

    Thank mate. What's a great offer!

    Product name:
    Send Me A Voice Message

    Short description (one sentence):
    A simple, meaningful way to receive your customer's voice messages

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    People (Podcaster, bloggers) want to receive feedback, comments from their viewers. I create a web-based server to help people to receive voice messages from their fans.


  20. 1

    Thanks for doing this Piotr!

    Here's my product:

    Product name:

    Short description (one sentence):
    A powerful and easy-to-use note-taking app for networked thinking

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Notabase is a space for your thoughts and ideas and acts as a force multiplier for your productivity. Create your personal knowledge base by linking your notes and ideas together. As you grow your knowledge base, it becomes more powerful! Use Notabase to create a digital garden, synthesize ideas, write articles, track your projects, and more.

  21. 1

    Product name:

    Short description (one sentence):
    Create Image & Video Automatically

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    Creating many visuals using the same design sometimes takes much time, we need to reopen the editor edit it, and download.
    With Duply, just design once and reuse it.
    Duply also provide API, URL, form, and integrations to make creating image & video automatically

  22. 1

    Hello Piotr! Thanks for sharing and giving us the chance :)

    My product is called Dailytics

    It’s a daily email report from your Google Analytics, Fathom, Plausible or Pirsch account that can be customised to get the data you need.

    We all need to track the stats of our website but we don’t have the time to log in and see what’s going on every time. We could miss huge opportunities there (a trendy article in certain social media app, for example). That’s why I created Dailytics: you will have the data in your inbox, waiting for that morning coffee.

    Bonus track: you will see a rocket emoji if you had a traffic record 🚀


  23. 1


    Product Name: Signal Flare (https://SignalFlare.app)

    Short Description: Add context your analytics.

    How do you know what caused the spike or drop in your web traffic when your analytics only tell half the story. Signal Flare puts shared annotations into all your analytics to keep the team informed of all activity. Now you can see then the engineers update the site, or when the CEO was on the podcast, or when marketing sends an email blast.

    Supports: Google Analytics and Search Console

  24. 1

    Product Name
    Remotime: Freelancer Invoicing


    Manage your time, tasks and invoices - all in a simple-to-use mobile app.

    Synergises your time that you've worked (clocking in and out) with your tasks that you've completed for the day.
    And when it comes to billing at the end of the period, you can generate an invoice with a few simple clicks.

  25. 1

    Ownership: an app for simple shared ownership of a project or startup (http://ownershipapp.com)

    Starting anything from scratch can be the hardest thing in the world. We've created an app that allows anyone working on a project to log their hours and our app creates a fair ownership based on the hours worked and money invested. The team all log hours as they work and the people who work the most, own the most.

  26. 1

    product name


    Our software helps founders around the world build investor-ready financial models and forecasts!

    solves for
    Excel sucks! Startup finance is complicated! Financial software isn't user friendly! We make it all easy and fun 😎

  27. 1

    Weka Checker 🕵️

    Weka Checker reduces the spent completing candidate reference checks, freeing up recruiters time.

  28. 1


    Short description (one sentence)
    Easily create payment plans for your product and services. No code or technical know-how needed.

    What user’s problem your product solves:
    We Make it easy for businesses to offer payment plans to their customers in one minute

  29. 1

    As a side note, I really like the design. Piotr thanks for sharing your project.

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