Let me review your web app


Wow that's some response - thanks everyone! I think that's my limit reached for now!

I'll get going on these tomorrow and post over the next few days. I'll try and do as many as possible.

Best wishes, Paul.

Hey everyone,

I'm writing my first blog post in... (checks notes...) a very, very long time.

I'm doing "micro-reviews" of some web apps (saas) I've discovered over the past few months. Basically a few paragraphs about why I like it, why you should use it and a screenshot or two. I've got three ready to publish but was wondering if anyone here wanted me to feature theirs.

The working title is "5 Apps That Blew Me Away And Why You Should Check Them Out"

Here are the rules:

  • I'll try the app (free trial mode) for ~15 minutes and (if I like it!) I'll write an upbeat review about it.

  • If I don't like, or don't get to it in time to try it, I won't feature it. I only want to talk positively about apps I love, so nothing to fear it your app breaks or isn't 100% the way you want it to be just yet!

  • Depending on how it turns out I might republish the post here and push to my miniscule Twitter following. Don't expect big traffic!

That's it! I simply want to flex my writing muscle that has been dormant far too long!

If you're interested leave a link below to your site.

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    Hi there! Thank you so much for doing this. Have a look at https://smol.pub -- would love to know what you think about it.

    1. 2

      I like this a lot. I might switch over from my Squarespace blog for this 😂

      Forgive my ignorance, but does this support image hosting & embedding on posts?

      1. 2

        Haha thank you, I appreciate that. :)
        Yes, it supports images (embedding and hosting). Feel free to shoot me an email and I'll happily send you a key.

  2. 2

    A bit meta, but @jimzarkadas and @kangabru are building a tool for website feedback that might be interesting to review: https://thinkoutloud.io/start

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    Thanks for doing this!
    I don't yet have a public version of my app up yet, but I have a demo up if that's ok with you - https://demo.sponsaurus.com/wells-weekly

    Sponsaurus is a piece of software to help newsletter creators book advertising in their newsletters.
    You can play around, sign in and make your own page etc.
    Might be a bit early to be getting feedback, but if you have time i'd really appreciate it!

  4. 1

    I'm always up for this :)

    --> namy.ai

  5. 1

    Hi Paul,

    We recently launched an MVP version of our product, and it would be lovely to hear some feedback.
    It’s an online document editor
    Thanks for your time in advance
    All the best!

  6. 1

    Paul, by the looks of it you might already be busy due to the large number of replies but if you find the time, I would really appreciate if you had a look at https://slick.events

  7. 1

    I would absolutely love it if you checked out Notabase! It's a note-taking app for networked thinking.

  8. 1

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    You can try out Taptimize here: https://taptimize.com/

    Simple rank tracker for SEO purposes :)

    Definitely in early stage but functional. We were also featured on the Search Engine Journal: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/top-free-seo-tools/302553/

    Let me know what you think!

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    Not sure if mine qualifies but here it is: BeeTrendy Daily

    Would love any feedback you might have 🙏🏻

  10. 1

    Working towards a launch of https://peer.haus, trying my best to gather feedback from what I believe to be the target audience at the moment (team leads, managers, etc.). Excited to hear what you think!

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    That's very kind!

    I launched my app Segro yesterday. I got tons of feedback already, but if you could take a look at it that would be amazing!

    Sorry, it is not really SaaS or a web app, but maybe it you're not too busy with all the requests you can take a quick peek: https://segro.app

  12. 1

    Appreciate your efforts. My web app - https://csvbox.io

  13. 1

    That sounds awesome. If you're still doing this, here's my web app: https://mylinks.ai/

  14. 1

    Hi Paul, that sounds awesome.

    If you haven't been flooded with requests yet, here's my Saas web app: https://www.siteguru.co

  15. 1

    That's very generous of you! Could you have a look at https://everlint.com? Don't hesitate to post your feedback as a reply to this comment if you don't happen to like it, I'll be interested to know why.


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    Hi Paul,

    Does it have to be a mobile app ?
    I'd be happy if you had a look at Beanvest : https://beanvest.com

    By the way, your Beelist website seems down right now (invalid certificate with https, or 503 with http)

    1. 1

      Not at all - I've updated the post to explicitly say web app/saas.

      Beelist down? Bugger!! I changed the domain late last week (to https://beelist.app/) and obviously forgot to update the link here on IH! Thanks for letting me know.

      1. 1

        Right, it was still the .co domain on IH ! (you should ass a 301 redirect just in case)

  17. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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