Let me roast 🔥 your SEO - from a Head of SEO

Hey guys,

Add your website down in the comments, and let me do a quick analysis and tell you what you're doing wrong.

Also here's my new youtube channel:

I post up-to-date best practices for SEO. My last video is a full in-depth SEO Audit of an indie hackers website.

Let's get it 📈

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      Dude looks like such a phenomenal service - Congrats 🙌

      I honestly only have positive things to say:

      Looks like you've been creating a lot of pages recently and so those changes might take some time to come in to play. But looks like you're going up everywhere, both domain rating and the specific ranking for your keywords.

      Really well executed in terms of the landing pages that you've built both for the templates and the free tools, such a great way to get traffic. Just gotta be a little patient and those results are gonna be coming in for sure.

      Stay on this path! Continue creating these type of landing pages and that will definitely scale!

      Also keep filling up your blog, you're gonna be super relevant for this niche.

      Final thing, I know you have a page where you talk about how different you are to Canva, but check out this insane case study of how Canva got to their 60 million monthly clicks. Its insane and quite relevant to your situation: https://foundationinc.co/lab/canva-seo

      Will definitely keep an eye out 👀 for you - cus im expecting some serious traffic coming your way ! Goodluck 🙌

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        I signed up for a roast, instead I got compliments and encouragement, haha 😄

        Thanks for taking the time and the kind words. It's good to hear that I'm heading in the right direction.


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      What a dope idea!! Congrats 🙌 (Site looks phenomenal btw)

      Looks like you've already gotten a really great start from your links! A lot of really relevant domains, and some decent authority - Definitely keep moving in that direction.

      I think the main thing is to keep creating content! Looks like that main keyword "Google Analytics Alternative" is quite competitive so you're going to need to become an authority for this space!

      How do you do that?

      • Continue getting high quality links (which will continue happening, but maybe set up a lil link building strategy if you want to be more aggressive)
      • Keep creating content for this niche, so that google considers you to be hyper-relevant for this niche! Definitely fill up that blog and be consistent with it.

      ALSO Don't forget to have some proper internal linking going to any new page that you create that might have traffic potential to properly pass that authority from the homepage

      • Also any new post that has traffic potential, share it on twitter ( i saw you have a small audience) getting some social signals on those blog posts will defintely give them a small boost in the serps!*

      Goodluck! 👌

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    Hi Jaume 👋
    Could you please check mine too? https://appsupports.co

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      Dope idea 🔥🔥

      Based on the keywords that you're coming up for - Google seems a lil confused about what you're website is about! This probably has to do with the fact that a large majority of your pages (and as a result the content on the website) are related to the startups that you have for sale.

      I'd flip this around by creating a blog where you provide a lot of value to potential customers and you talk about the ins and outs of buying a business online. Also creating landing pages for the different features that you provide, and even a free tool to get some traffic (and links) coming in! (Something like a business valuation calculator 🤷‍♀️?)

      Looks like the authority is coming in nicely, definitely keep that up and if you want to be more aggressive put a small strategy in place and be consistent with the outreach to relevant websites!

      Goodluck out there 🙏

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      Dude this is such a cool idea - also the design on the site is so clean 👌

      Looks like you're off to a great start filling the website with a bunch of content on the blog and specific landing pages for different use cases!

      I would work a little on the internal linking (not just in the footer - in content links work better to pass authority) to get that authority flowing from the homepage to other pages that might have traffic potential (especially the personal CRM one).

      Also I do see that you've created a specific page for the keyword personal CRM, but is there a reason you haven't included that keyword (in some variation) in the homepage (in some heading?)

      Also looks like a lot of these keywords are seriously competitive, so you might have to up the link-building game and go out looking for some both relevant and high-authority links to out rank your competitors!

      Goodluck 🚀

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      Eyyyyyy look at the authority on your website!! Goddamn!!!

      Looks like you know what you're doing here. Really well curated links coming in, and most of them look quite relevant so congrats on that front.

      Love the amount of content you've put into the site, it will definitely pay off.

      All the tools that you've built for the site also look great, such a great strategy to get traffic and links!

      Don't have much to say here - keep at it!! Its coming!!


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      Site looks awesome - Congrats 👏

      Looks like you're in the early stages of SEO so here's some tips moving forward:

      Try and think what are the type of keywords that an ideal user would put in google to find a business like yours? Then sprinkle those keywords throughout your pages (and specifically take a look at the headers). Definitely need to add something to the H1 because "Learn faster, smarter" might be really great copy, but will paint a confusing picture for the search engines.

      Doing some basic keyword research is definitely gonna speed you up a bunch!

      Also, try and go out and get some relevant links to your site - If you know anybody with a site in your niche ask them to collaborate, or just start sending some emails to websites that you consider an authority.

      Keep posting on that blog, thats gonna create some awesome relevance moving forward for your website in the niche.

      Its a long-term game, but trust me its worth it!!

      Goodluck 📈

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        Hey Jaume!

        I'm glad to hear that you liked the design.

        I agree, the heading is not particularly good. I'll work on the copy and will try to get some good external links as you've suggested.

        Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.


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      Cool Idea dude!

      I'd start from the basics and make sure you're adding any important keywords to the top headings of your website! So if you're looking to target cheap craft beers in singapore definitely make that an option.

      Also it would probably be helpful to create a bunch of landing pages with the most popular options because those most likely have traffic potential. The more pages you have of the topic the more relevant you will be in the search engines (especially if those pages are properly structured and well thought out!)

      Also don't forget to create and fill up your blog - its the secret sauce of SEO!!

      Best of luck 🔥

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      Wow!!!!! This is insane!! What an incredible build dude congrats you're so talented 🙌

      So in terms of SEO this is actually a really interesting one - there won't be any right answers I guess it also depends on how you want to do this.

      So the main thing that I see from a quick analysis is that you actually only have 2 pages indexed!

      Is there a reason for that? What's your idea in terms of acquisition? Would you want to index the search results? Im guessing a lot of it could be marked as duplicate content which would be a bit of a mess. But there's definitely something here with all this information!!

      Would probably be good to create self-referential canonical landing pages where you talk about the ins and outs of your service and you explain all the benefits so those pages can have some relevance and bring in traffic!

      Right now they're all mushed together under the user guide.

      Anyway i'd love to know your thoughts!

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        Thanks for the praise and the feedback!

        The reason for that is that there are many millions of (Wikipedia topic) pages accessible and the Google recommendation for those type of sites was to not allow the crawler to index all those pages.

        This is achieved with a robots.txt with these lines:
        User-agent: *
        Disallow: /explore/?

        I don't know how organic search could be improved here. I'll look into the self-referential/promotion page idea. Thanks!

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    I guess this will be pretty roastable :)

    1. 1

      Wow dude what an incredible idea!! Reddit is such a goldmine forreal 🙌

      Is there a reason you don't have an H1 on your page? Would definitely help google understand your main message behind your biz especially given its only one-page!

      Also this looks like a great start i'd definitely recommend setting up a blog and using it to post consistent and valuable content to this type of community.

      There's a lot of traffic for keywords like reddit tools (and you're actually on the second page so not bad!!) and that means that theres going to be a lot of smaller keywords under that one that will be easier to rank for 😁. However its gonna be hard to rank for those keywords if you don't continue to create content!

      Also on the authority site of things try and get some relevant backlinks to your website will definitely help you in the rankings!

      Best of luck ✌

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        Thanks a lot Jaume!
        I'm just starting with implementing these advices.
        We're doing a redesign for the landing page, so the h1 tag and the blog this is already fixed :)


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    Let me know how I can improve.

    1. 1

      Hey man,

      I apologize for not being up to par technically, but I might need a lil more background on this one. Could you tell me who your ideal user is?

      1. 1

        oh no worries, makeall.dev is my personal blog with no clear audience in mind other than me and someone like me :D

        TBH It is kind of a playground for me to try and share new things. From my end I have done all that should be done from a SEO perspective with reference from google search console, ahrefs etc .. back link is something that I thought will build organically but it clearly needs a lot of effort from my side.

        I enjoyed reading your other assessments and learned a lot myself.

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      Hey man,

      Looks like you're in the starting stages of SEO which means you can only go up from here😁 !!

      Some of the things I found:

      • So right away the thing that sticks out to me the most is the on-page structure of things. It seems like all of your headings on your homepage are h3's. Ideally we'd like to have only one h1 (with the main keyword your trying to target) and after that a hierarchy of headings that separate all the different sections of the page.

      • Its awesome that your blog is active and there are a few posts on there. Thats really good and something you should continue doing moving forward. HOWEVER, we're missing structure on the blog pages, we don't have any headings, and as a result the whole blog post is a paragraph. Google will better understand the blogposts and better understand your website when we give it a proper on-page structure. Go in and just like the homepage, add one h1 and then some more headings throughout the blog post depending on the specific sections of content you create.

      • Since you're basically at the start of your SEO journey, you don't have too many links coming in which is gonna make it quite hard to compete for any keywords that have any type of competition. So i recommend going out and starting to acquire some relevant links!

      • There are a couple of links that aren't functioning (navbar and footer going to platform) This is more of a UX thing but since UX nowadays is closely tied to SEO should definitely make sure all things are functioning properly.

      Goodluck 🙌

      1. 1

        Hey @JaumeRos , thanks for the feedback. Yes, the website is still not yet fully released but almost there, definitely still at the bottom SEO rank so no way down from there 😁
        I'll start working on each point, thanks for the thorough feedback, really appreciate it and good luck man.

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      Looks like a well done site!

      Right off the bat I see 2 H1's on the homepage which can be a quick fix.

      Also any reason you don't mention Connecticut in any headers? I'd even make the h1 way more direct and try and target the most important keyword that you're after (especially since your homepage is the one thats getting the most links)

      I am seeing a bit of mess with the headers - but mostly on the homepage, a lot of h4's and h5's when you might not need them. Not something super crucial but would maybe help the on-page of it all.

      In terms of your incoming links - looks like you've gotten off to a good start, if possible try and get more relevant links - the higher the relevance the better the links will be considered moving forward!

      (also as a small suggestion, i'd continue posting on your blog for all things relating to house painting to continue to build up relevance and show up like the best resource for your specific niche)

      Good luck!! ✌

      1. 1

        thank you! yeah the headers need to be ditched and replaced with just larger text in most cases. I will look into all of that.

    1. 3

      Looks like you've gotten some pretty relevant backlinks which gives your site authority in the niche.

      I am seeing some structural issues on a few of your pages. A lot of h1's spread out when there should only really be one specific H1 per page (probably with an important keyword attached). Working on that structure would clarify the message that each page is sending to the search engines.


      1. 1

        Thanks so much for that feedback! I’ll definitely structure the headings a bit better.

        In terms of back links - what specifically are you referring to in this sense? That other sites have referenced some links?

        Thanks so much for your time and effort on this!

    1. 3

      Looks like you've got it all figured out! You got some serious traffic coming in, and for some pretty competitive keywords.

      Is your backlink profile completely organic?

      I also really like how you mix in CTA's in your blog post. Keep up the good work and continue posting!!

      1. 1

        Thanks man! Appreciate it 💪 I subbed to the channel, looking forward to more videos

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    https://extensionpay.com if you'd be so kind! I'm new to SEO and need some help.

  5. 1


    Early stage blog, but I want to get it to the next level soon! 🚀

    Thank you for your time!

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    Thanks for doing this!
    If you are still on it, here is mine www.sol75.com
    I'm trying to figure out how to deal with SEO, so any advice is very appreciated :)

  7. 1


    Thanks, Jaume for this opportunity!

  8. 1

    If you are still roasting...the please roast https://thecoincept.com

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    Hi ,
    First of all thanks a lot for picking something very important for initial stage startups. I really didn't focus much on SEO initially in the thought that I will be able to attract marketing traffic by paying some extra bucks on google ads but honestly speaking, it didn't work that well.

    I have been working on my SEO for past few months and definitely seeing results as well however would love to hear your suggestions on the same. If you can just give only 1 suggestion to me then I would be grateful. Rest I will try and Test :D

    1. 1

      Hey man this is a dope idea 🔥- and I can definitely see the effort you've been putting in! Congrats 📈 You're definitely moving in the right direction.

      You're on-page structure looks really good so nothing to critique there. Website design looks really clean 👀.

      I do see some potential pages that could be created and would definitely help you add relevance to this new site. Looks like the feature page is quite extensive. Any chance you could break those up and create pages for all the different use cases?

      Do any of the specific features represent keywords that could have traffic on their own? If so also go ahead and create a new page, but make sure you have good internal linking connecting all of them together.

      Continue creating dope content on the blog! You're on the right path!

      I think you're doing a great job and you know what you're doing!! Just keep at it, consistency is key 📈.

      Goodluck !

      1. 1

        Thanks for you suggestions. We actually have created different features pages and are going live with them this week itself;https://ruttl.netlify.app/

    1. 1

      Hey man, thats a dope idea you got there 🔥

      Looks like there isn't much traffic for the exact product you're offering so you might have to focus on other keywords related to either the "skateboarding" or "tinder type" topics.

      There's definitely gonna be a lot of low competition keywords there related to your business that you could think about and target - so the most important thing to do is create high-value content for your potential users!

      Don't forget about acquiring links from authority websites to help you grow yours!


    1. 1

      eyyyyyy thats a steep organic traffic growth curve im looking at!!

      Congrats on that - Looks like everything is on the up!!

      I don't have much to say here, just keep at it - You're definitely on the right path!


    1. 1

      Sup Yang 🤜

      Looks like you're just starting off in SEO so i'd focus on the most important pillars which is creating content and reaching out to relevant websites that have some authority online for some type of collaboration and a link.

      If you're serious about getting traffic online a blog is a must!

      Goodluck ! 🚀

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    thanks for the analysis, if you're still doing it !
    my site: waffle-ai.com

    1. 1

      Hey this is a dope idea!!

      The on-page of youre site looks dope so congrats on that front.

      I think considering that you're in the early stages the best thing to do is to fill up the site with content so that google sees your relevant for your main keyword cause theres definitely some competition out there for it.

      I'd also recommend spending some time trying to create partnerships with relevant websites to help you bring that authority for your site up!

      Goodluck you got this! 👏

    1. 2

      Niiiiiiiiiiiceeee - Love to see an SEO tool out here - looks great.

      If there's anything I know about the SEO space (or anything around it) is how insanely competitive it is, so you're gonna need to work hard on your authority.

      Looks like you've already got some decent links coming in but you might have to really focus on this aspect to come up for competitive keywords cause people in this niche unfortunately really know what they're doing 😁.

      Is there a reason you guys don't have a blog? I think creating a bunch of content will definitely help you guys in terms of the overall relevance of your website.

      Also maybe look into filling up the website with relevant landing pages where you're talking about possible applications of your service.

      What about offering some type of free tool that could possible get some traffic & links?

      Goodluck 🚀

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot for the review 🙏 Working on launching our blog. The idea of launching free tool is dope, kind of works for both SEO and lead magnet 🤩

        1. 1

          Lets get it!! 📈🚀

    1. 1

      Hey man, what a great idea - job boards are where its at!

      Looks like the no-code job board topic doesn't have too many keyowrds as of right now so you might need to look for traffic in more long-tail keywords under the general job board keywords.

      Might be tough given that your site is quite new, so i'd focus on just creating a bunch of really good content that users can get a lot of value from.

      If you have any competitors try and see what type of content they're doing and try and improve it!

      Also continue getting relevant links to your website, thats gonna speed up the process of you being seen as an important resource in this niche, and then once the volume starts growing for this specific topic you'll be there.

      Goodluck 🤛

    1. 1

      Awesome looking site!

      On-page is looking really great. Looks like the structure is well set up!

      Awesome content on the website as well, looks like you've got that covered - both in terms of the blog and the tools you're providing!

      One thing I would work on is given that you're getting most links going directly to the homepage I would try to improve internal linking to other pages where you see you have traffic potential - (the tools pages and even some of the blog pages from my quick analysis).

      Often times direct in-content internal links do a lot better than footer links.

      Good luck ✅

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot! I will keep your feedback in mind when I add more pages.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  13. 2

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

    1. 3

      Site looks dope, seems like something id use.

      Not much I can talk about in terms of SEO. Seems like you're just getting started on this front.

      The basic on-page structure of the website is done really well so nothing to critique there.

      I think the most important piece of advice which i'm sure you know is to go out and start creating content! Get that blog up and running!

      Try and see what type of content your competitors are producing and go out and make it way better.

      Try and provide value to your users, and become the best resource available for all things related to this niche.

      Also when possible try and get some authority backlinks!

      Goodluck 🙌

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        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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