Let me share what I learned in 3 years of running digital ads

I worked 3 years at Google, the majority of which as an Account Manager. I am now in the process of bootstrapping a business in the adtech space—Adflow.

Are you thinking of running ads to grow your business? I am planning to help 3-5 IHers set up their digital ads (Google/Facebook/IG) from zero to hero. I have spent countless hours working optimizing the campaigns of businesses of all sizes and industries and I am happy to offer my expertise for free.

First, I am doing this because you (we) are an awesome community, secondly all I am really asking in return is to follow you closely in your journey to extrapolate user insights for Adflow.

Who's in? 🙋‍♂️ DM me on Twitter

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    I clicked expecting a post with the things you learnt and some actionable advice for online ads, I got a shameless promotion of your project.

    Is this what indiehackers has become?

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      Sorry for the late reply, I just now saw your comment and felt it made sense to offer you my point of view despite my delay.

      While I understand how it may have come across when you read this, I can assure you this was the farthest thing from a shameless promotion of my project. In fact, I made exactly $0 from helping out people who reached out to me—exactly as expected, since my post was not a sales pitch.

      For context here's what my "offer" consisted in: I ended up advising 5 people for 2 hours each (+1 hour of research and follow up)—15 hours in total. I helped them to set up their digital marketing activities across Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Google and Instagram. I did this so I could "follow" them in their advertising activities and get a better sense of their painpoints. I did not receive any compensation for this work and none of the people/companies involved was forced to use nor purchase Adflow. Overall, I think the immediate value balance skews more on the side of the people I helped than on mine, but I cannot deny I got some valuable insights too.

      I'm not here to defend myself or brag about "selfless acts of help" for this community, but just to remark that jumping to conclusions too quickly may not always lead to grasping the full picture. If my post wasn't framed correctly, that's on me. I'll make sure to choose my words better next time. In the meantime, feel free to DM me on Twitter, happy to back my claims up with you some of the nice words the amazing people I had a chance to help out shared with me.

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    Good stuff.

    Keep us posted on your progress :)

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    Thanks for offering your expertise for free, Lorenzo! I'm interested as well! :)

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    Hey lorenzo! Thanks for doing this, I DM you on twitter (btw, adflow looks great! Really professional look and promising service for sure).

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    I'm interested 🙂

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