Ideas and Validation October 22, 2020

Let the customer decide how much to pay?

Alex @alex_b_h

I'm trying to think how good of an idea this is, bear with me.

Yesterday I launched Just Launched and it's doing better than I ever imagined. I already have two sales!

Basically it's a startup index like any other (Product Hunt, BetaPage, BetaList, etc) but there's only one product featured per day. The product to show is either the earliest product submitted, when someone pays they skip the queue.

How does this sound - when someone is paying I show them where their payment would land them in the queue. Ie. $20 gets them to 3rd, $30 gets them to 2nd and $40 will have them featured tomorrow.

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    So bidding basically?

    That's not a bad idea, except that, when you can pay your way to the top, your visitors wouldn't actually find merit in the rankings and postings.

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    Personally I'd want to know how much traffic I'll get for the price, and ideally also the demographics of the traffic. Just like anyone buying an ad I would imagine.

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      Totally. That is a great point.

      This product is only ~2 days old but I will add statistics of what I have right now for sure.

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