Let's create a list of products and services geared towards remote workers

If you actively target individual remote workers, please list your tool or service.
Would love to create a master list and help remote workers.

  1. Product/Service Name and Description
  2. Website
  3. Pricing (any discount you are willing to offer to help remote workers)

I'll start by adding my service:
1. Name and Description: ProsperCircle.org is a website that curates high-quality remote jobs from leading organizations and notable startups.
2. Website: https://www.ProsperCircle.org
3. Pricing: Free

  1. 2

    Keyboard. I bought one today.

  2. 1
    1. MyChat corporate messenger for employee collaboration with own server.
    2. https://nsoft-s.com/en/aboutmychat.html
    3. Free edition (no trial period) up to 20 online concurrent connections. Paid option - a one-time payment for the number of online connections. One connection costs $6.
  3. 1
    1. Remotely.rocks - Remote workers community
    2. https://remotely.rocks
    3. For Remote Workers: FREE
  4. 1
    1. Inoffice is a website that recreate "water cooler" talks for remote teams.
    2. https://www.inoffice.chat
    3. Pricing: Free

    It's still in early alpha so you can only try out the demo hacker office.

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