Let's fantasize: If you were rich...

... how would your everyday routine change?

Let's keep this discussion serious. No "Jetski the whole day"-answers (unless you actually mean it).

Some example questions to think about:

  • Would you still eat the same things you're eating right now?
  • Would you start/quit smoking?
  • Would you still wear the same clothes?
  • Would still be indie-hacking?
  • Would you still do programming/marketing/freelancing/writing/whatever else you're doing to earn money?
  • Would you keep your friends? All of them?
  • Would you start/stop going to the gym?
  • What projects would you start/stop doing?
  • Would you wake up earlier or later than you do at the moment? Why?
  • ...
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    I would move to Costa Rica and start an ecovillage or animal sanctuary. Also would spend some time still coding on Open Source projects I care about: Erlang, Linux. I would still wear the same simple 1 color clothes, cook and eat simple food as I do now, and ride a bike everywhere. Probably need less than a million :)

  2. 3

    I would do nothing but (learn to) code, take walks and eat healthy the first year.

    Second year, same but while traveling and making time out weekends for socializing and really enjoying the cities I'm in(
    Of course by this time I have enough skill set to actually start creating and shipping -which of course is the entire point).

    Retire my parents. That'd be really cool.

    Passively invest 40% of my wealth.
    Invest another 15% in real estate.

    Live in a third world country, so, pick 5 kids(or more) in a bad economic situation and take care of their schooling.
    Girl: Boy ration- 3:2
    Make sure those kids start to learn both coding and how to communicate/sell at the earliest possible time.

    1. 1

      Are you saying you can't take walks, eat healthy, and learn to code without being rich? That's a serious question: If it's the case I would love to hear why specifically this is not possible in your current situation.

      1. 2

        You seem to have completely missed the "....do nothing but...." part.

        If I had my way, I'd 100% focus on nothing but Learning and creating for a year or so.

        However, reality exist. There are things like the need to occasionally eat, roof over my head etc, to consider.

        That means doing what I gotta do to take care of those(I've gained momentum with coding and dropped off so many times because of this reason, you have no idea. Take into account the fact that I live in a country with crappy electricity, which means sometimes dealing with a choice btw using battery power to code or do something to earn money).

        I am learning currently but imagine if I could do that almost 💯 of my waking time. Probably wouldn't need a year to really skill up.

        1. 1

          I understand, nothing but respect for what you do given your situation. Keep going!

            1. 1

              hey friend, thanks for the follow!

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    I would study neuroscience, and invest on research.

  4. 3

    I would visit some of the most expensive and well managed cities like Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo.

  5. 2

    I would still do design and programming.. Just much less.

    I would still eat mostly the same foods but I would take care of my family financially.

    I would still have the same group of friends but I would be open to meeting new ones.

    I would travel with my SO much more often.

    I would spend most of my free time with my family and SO.

    and last but not least, I would buy an expensive sports car... McLaren or Lambo or both.

    Hopefully this can come true one day.

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    I don't think it would change that much unless I were super wealthy ($100M+).

    I already try to eat healthy and exercise, and no I wouldn't take up smoking.

    I'd wear similar clothes although I might get a ton of some of the products I worry about being discontinued (i.e. model of running shoe). Even without being rich I laready stock up on such items, so I don't think my day-to-day use of these items would change.

    I am currently working on 10+ projects and am overwhelmed. I've already begun automating and outsourcing the parts that are obvious in each business venture. If I were rich I'd hire several people to manage the day-to-day implementation of these ideas, allowing me to scale faster. So I guess in theory more of my time would be spent on high level planning.

    I'd still write, take photos, and explore abandoned places.

    I would hopefully have a vacation house, where I could work from, just to switch up the scenery.

    But other than this location change, I really don't think my day-to-day life would change drastically.

    This is largely because I make a huge effort currently to utilize my time efficiently, be financially independent, and take care of my health.

    I basically ask myself this question all the time, and my goal is to live life so that there is as much overlap between my current life and my ideal day-to-day life.

    This is a great question to ask yourself :)

  7. 2

    My routine would mostly be the same.

    I’d still go to the coffee shop most mornings to meet and talk with locals.

    I’d still have my office/studio for writing, podcasting and video.

    The biggest difference is I wouldn’t be doing customer support. 😉

  8. 2

    I would invest in my future 😉

  9. 2

    Guys, your long term world-domination visions are cool, but I was asking specifically for your everyday life! The small, ordinary, and regular stuff, you know. Habits, routines, etc. If you would start brushing your teeth 3 times and are currently brushing them 2 times, if you would wake up earlier or later than you do right now, etc.

    That's the question!

    1. 2

      🤣 This makes me think of this image

      The people are gonna do what the people are gonna do

      1. 1

        That's a cool picture 🤣

        I think that's a nice lesson too: you can't force people to do something. It works as well for a product: you should keep it open enough for people to get creative with it, but close enough not to be misused. Too much flexibility lead to bugs, complexity, and crashes.

  10. 2

    I would launch my own AI company and surround myself with like-minded people we who would love to change the world for the best.

  11. 2
    • Eat - absolutely. I'm annoyingly pedantic about what and how much I eat.
    • Not smoking, no intention.
    • Yes.
    • I'm not entirely convinced I qualify as an indie hacker as it is.
    • Programming - yes. Writing - might start if I end up having more time than I do now.
    • I would likely distance myself from some who I'm sure will try to get a piggy ride if given enough opportunity.
    • I am going regularly as it is. Might invest in a home gym instead.
    • Probably open source all my personal projects, focus on the ones that pick up.
  12. 1

    I don't even need to be rich. When I get to the stage of not having to go to work to live, I would dedicate most of my time to good causes and helping others. A big one I'd like to focus on to start would be homelessness. It's a problem that I think can be solved.

  13. 1

    I would start building company around biotech and AI fields. This combination looks very promising in the future. Tissue engineering and extending the lifespan of humans. This would be my dream.

  14. 1

    Would quit selling my time for money and go full time no my robotics company, also would fund in longevity tech and cancer research.

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    If I was rich (enough), I would:

    Business wise:

    • retire from my professional career
    • act as a startup hobby-investor/-mentor for those who upcoming founders whose business idea convinced me
    • passively invest 50% of my money in stocks
    • (maybe) build up a real estate agency to secure my wealth
    • host galas (for business as well as charity)
    • be a chair member in some small local organisations

    Personal wise:

    • buy a Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV (absolute dream car)
    • buy a house at the Italian Garda Lake, Long Beach in LA and my hometown in Germany
    • very carefully and consciously pick some homeless persons to give them a second chance in their life
    • donate to those, who supported me and who helped me become who I am
    • build a family
    • sign up in a resort club
    • travel to wherever I want
    • implementing measures to stay humble ( implementing constraints when it comes to consumption like restaurant visits and shopping trips, long walks on the lake side (when I'm at my house at garda lake), meditations and a shit ton of sports to stay healthy)

    Here's how I wanna get there:

    • Studying business economics at Mannheim University (Germany)
    • Dedicating my time as a student to gain deeper knowledge in how businesses work, how to invest, how to work on leadership, trying out stuff (like web development, new sports, new hobbies, basically as much input as possible to find more problems)
    • Attending leadership and startup conferences to discuss and validate my potential ideas that I have come up with during or before my studies
    • Building multiple MVPs after/during validation
    • Finding investors for scaling and earning money and working the shit out of myself (with regards to health) until I have reached the necessary net worth that I need to live my dream life which is about $11Mio. p.a or about $1Mio. p.m

    Sorry for my long comment but I thought I'd use thet chance to kinda reflect on my goals and on how to achieve them as well. Nice topic though! Continue like that bro you got my follow :D

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    I would build an actual company and hire some great people to work with me to really put my core projects in the spotlight.

    I think about this all the time. I basically have my team already hand picked from folks I’ve worked with over the years.

    I would pay everyone well -well above Market value and also apply a profit share scheme amongst the core hires. Products make money = everyone makes money.

    Yeah... definitely don’t spend hours a day thinking about this.

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