🔥 Let's follow each other on Twitter 🙌 (Building in public)


It's been some time since I've posted here....

Since I was away:

  • Hitsnag.com went from 14 to 1.3k users 🤯
  • Our team scored top company in the Startup Exchange Fellowship Batch 🔥
  • I started posting more on Twitter 🐤

IN an effort to force myself to build in public more, lets drop our info and a little bit about what were working on. Lets show each other some supportttttttt.

Here's my example:
@aidan__pratt, working on Hitsnag.com, a tool that lets you organize todos, support tickets, ideas, and anything you can fit into an email into your Trello, Notion, or Gdocs.

Drop yours below 👇

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    Twitter has honestly been amazing for me, and I'm only at ~270 followers. It's a great way to connect with other makers (AND build and audience).

    Here's mine, happy to connect & chat!
    Clickable Twitter link: @uwwgo

    1. 4

      followed! love the profile pic :D

      1. 1

        Haha thanks, hope you saw my banner too. I tried to make it as hilariously bad as possible, in a fun way :P

        1. 2

          haha! I liked it : D

    2. 2

      I'm in the same boat Hugo - actually smaller boat :) Even without that many followers the depth of the connections and learnings I get out of it are so powerful. Learning more everyday and inching forward.

    3. 2

      Just started following you both! I am brand new with Twitter, can I ask how you use it such that you’ve found it so helpful?

      Like, do you just post updates about what you’re doing?

      1. 2

        3 ways in which it helps:

        1. Helps build an audience. If you build a great product, but no one knows it exists, it's useless. So, Twitter can be a marketing channel.
        2. It leads to connections. I've talked with a ton of other founders and generally cool people in DM's, with some nice things coming out of that. Socializing is a superpower.
        3. It helps shape your path. You can see what other people do, try out, what is successful for them or not. It's a great way to gather experience without having to do it yourself. Surround yourself with smart people, and you'll find yourself being like them in no time.
        1. 2

          Yes this makes total sense. However, I guess my question is more around what/how not why? Like, do you just respond to other founders tweets and posts updates about your journey?

          1. 2

            Sure! I see it a bit like arriving at a party. You start out listening, mingling with a few conversations here and there. As you go on and become more comfortable with the people and the ambiance, you can gather some attention to yourself (do drunk party tricks) etc... Bit like posting your own stuff/thoughts/threads/memes.

            Some people take Twitter super serious, but I like the mix between seeing it as a way to grow your reach but also to see what others are doing and just genuinely interact with cool people.

            1. 1

              Hahahah, drunk party trick sounds awesome.

              Okay thats great. So I guess the first step is to start following people in a) the indiehacker / saas community and b) my product's community which is agencies / freelancers.

              So for example, my tool helps agencies and freelancers scope and price their digital projects. So I could maybe go find some "influencers" in the agency space and keep an eye for conversations about pricing/sales/underchargin, etc?

      2. 1

        Well your twiiter username is 🤔

    4. 1

      Followed! +1 for the shoulder cat!

    5. 1

      Same, I'm at 275, but can already feel some of the benefits. The only thing that has been bad, is the amount of responses to questions I ask twitter. I usually here crickets 🤣

      Anyway, happy to connect and chat 😃 Here is my Twitter link: @rasulkireev

    6. 1

      Loved your banner (too bad to stay unfollowed)
      Let's connect. I'd like to stay in touch with your projects and BIP.
      I'm on twitter 🐤as https://twitter.com/kod_ros

      For some reason your website https://namy.ai/ is down.

      1. 1


        Regarding namy being down, that's a DNS problem.
        https://namy.ai/ - DOESNT work
        https://www.namy.ai/ - does work
        http://www.namy.ai/ - does work
        http://namy.ai/ - does work

        I need to fix it :P

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    Twitter has been one of my favorite channels so far.

    I grew my Twitter from 300 to 1300 in just a few months but was not active later due to other reasons.

    Here's what worked for me:

    1. Replying with valuable insight to a big account as early as possible.

    2. Having a valuable pinned tweet is a must. Think of it as a lead magnet.

    3. If people like your pinned tweet, they will most probably explore your timeline too. Have really deep, insightful threads on your timeline.

    4. Tag micro-big accounts and curate their learnings and relate to them. Micro big accounts are within 50k to 60k follower accounts.

    5. Twitter DM is a seriously underrated strategy. It is called dark matter. This is where the actual networking happens. DM your favorite person and start connecting.

    Twitter is the most powerful platform out there. I aim to cross 4k by this year.

    Have a lot of saas products, side projects in my mind & having a Twitter Audience is the best thing for anyone trying to make money and grow professionally.

    I have met some amazing ppl on Twitter and perhaps my life has actually improved after following, learning, and implementing some of the brightest minds on Twitter.

    If you want to follow my journey, you can hit me up on Twitter 🙂

  3. 3

    Hey guys, you can find me on Twitter as @schakko. I am converting parts of my day job into IH projects: e.g. an exercise website for database modelling for my trainees or a web service improving Continuous Delivery.

    @adawg4 I've took the chance and added Hitsnag to the list of exercises for database-modelling.com. Free backlinks for Indiehackers :-)

    1. 1

      Hey @schakko happy to follow each other.
      I'd be really interested in your work with IH projects. Seems really interesting! Congrats🙌

      I just followed you via https://twitter.com/kod_ros. 🎉

      🔨I am building Pricewell, a no-code platform to collect, manage and optimize Stripe subscription payments!

      Let's connect 🔗

  4. 2

    @realOmkarBirje Working on SignalSavvy, a newsletter where I send well researched vetted business ideas and strategies.

  5. 2

    The most empowering feeling is knowing that learning anything is possible. I never feel that more than when I'm on Twitter. Tons of people willing to share their experiences.

    It's inspiring. As a self-taught developer w/o a CS degree, I want to share more of my journey and hopefully inspire others the way I've been inspired 2 choose this career path.

    Twitter: @codecamcode

    Currently working on:

    *Building Newsletter tools for Notion.so
    *Building Next JS integration on top of React JS Integration

    excited to meet more of you!

  6. 2

    Hi guys! I'm building apps for Italian learners and also a beginners React course for programmers. I post about what I build at https://twitter.com/victordev0 and I want to interact with more fellow indie hackers, so give me a follow 💯🙌🏼

  7. 2

    Hi everyone,

    Happy to connect! I am building a lot of projects this year(Hardcore year). Happy to connect and share my journey.

    Follow me on https://twitter.com/staticmaker1 and I will follow back.

    1. 1

      Hey🙋‍♂️ Happy to follow! I'd be interested in seeing your work and your stacked year's projects. I just followed you via https://twitter.com/kod_ros.
      Let's connect 🙌

  8. 2

    Hey, I'm @AnshulSojatia working on @ValueTools, all important developers tools that work offline. Also working on evencart.co, an eCommerce platform.

    Glad to connect.

    1. 1

      Hey @anshulsojatia just followed you on 🐤from https://twitter.com/kod_ros.

      Happy to connect with you and explore your productivity tools in @ValueTools 🙌.

      Let's connect and keep in touch!

  9. 2

    Hey! I have just started out in building in public, but love this initiative !
    I'm currently building a SaaS called INSPIC - meant for generating picture quotes easily.
    This is my twitter handle:
    Let's connect!

  10. 2

    Hi everyone👋 I’m new on Twitter and would love to connect with any of you on it. I’m currently expanding my development knowledge with the aim of building saas projects. My profile is www.twitter.com/rowandrhodes

  11. 2

    Hi Aidan, Twitter 🐤hasn't been that kind for me (I'm new though so I should not complain).
    I've been following fellow indiehackers , makers and people that inspire me to continue chasing my dreams.

    I've been building https://www.pricewell.io/ for some months now, with quite good traction, responses and feedback.

    Would love if we could follow each other and any other fellow indiehacker
    at 👉 https://twitter.com/kod_ros

  12. 2

    I'm learning to code and building something for my portfolio. Making something that people use is probably the best way to get hired. Follow me at https://twitter.com/JonTolentino11

    1. 1

      Nice to meet you Jon, just followed you on Twitter. Hope we can exchange ideas.

  13. 2


    I am currently writing few articles for Git-Help.com (A Super Simple Git Tutorial for beginers and Git Search Engine for frequently used commands).

    You can follow me on twitter @prakis

    Thank you.

  14. 2

    Sure. On Twitter, I provide insights, analysis about the Technology, Defense & Aerospace industry with the intention of helping companies solve demanding business issues.

    I'm at dsarkar_org

    1. 1

      I've seen that you also make some posts about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and applications. Would love to exchange ideas with you and check your daily tweets. Just followed you. Let's connect

  15. 2

    Only recently started tweeting to make friends with Indie Hackers @AmorphousDB

    I've been launching a product / project every month for the last few months. Currently working on number 5 - and this time I'm tweeting through the process.

  16. 2

    Hola guys, I'm Sanket, building in public, and on a mission to reach $5k MRR by 2021

    One of the best places on the internet where you can get like-minded people is Twitter.

    My Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/sanketmakhija
    Products that I'm working on:

    Happy to connect 🤝

    1. 1

      Hey Sanket, I'm really interested that you're working the no-code movement (we are part of it with https://www.pricewell.io/) and I'd love to connect with you and share ideas on Twitter 🐤.
      Just followed you from https://twitter.com/kod_ros

      1. 1

        Hey @Kod. Thanks for connecting! Followed you back!
        Let's share ideas and collaborate!
        Happy to connect over a call as well, if it works!

        1. 1

          Sure thing Sanket. I am at your conveniece. Want to send me a contact for a call?

          1. 1

            Sure mate!
            Let's send out a mail at sanket[at]mahija[at]gmail[dot]com and we can connect!

  17. 2

    I am building a URL shortener and a link management platform https://blanq.io for a couple of years now.

    I tweet what's working and not working for me, growth hacks and more.

    Would love to follow all you amazing indie hackers.

    My Twitter handle is @byteblanq

    1. 1

      Great idea with the URL shortener and really helpful you're building it in public through your tweets! Thanks for doing this. Would love to stay in touch with the progression of blank.
      Let's connect! I just followed you from https://twitter.com/kod_ros

      1. 1

        Thanks. Followed back.

  18. 2

    I am building https://particle.systems and here are my Twitter accounts:

    1. @xtbhyn (personal)
    2. @SystemsParticle (product)


  19. 2

    Hi Aidan and everyone! Twitter has been fun for me. I'm excited to follow everyone on this thread on their journey. I'm at @HuaTweets I mostly tweet about 👇:

    • the design tool I am building > typogram (my co-founder @wentin just joined!)
    • the newsletter I am creating sharing design and creativity tips with makers and founders
    • sharing my life as an indie hacker!

    Also: making friends, chatting, supporting fellow hackers and creators!

    1. 1

      And I am the cofounder, I am on Twitter as @DesignJokes

  20. 2

    I'm building two products: juniorjobsonly.com (job board for IT juniors) and skatesome.com (mobile app for skateboarders).

    I Tweet a lot about my startup journey: @dawidzamkowski

    1. 1

      As a fellow skater I'd love to check the progression of skatesome. I can see myself as an early user too!
      I would be interested in seeing its progression and exchange ideas with you on Twitter 🐤.
      Let's connect. I've followed you from https://twitter.com/kod_ros

      1. 1

        Cool! I've written to you on DM.

  21. 2

    Hey Aidan,

    Happy to connect!
    My Twitter handle is @romainsimon, I'm currently working on Beanvest, a stocks portfolio performance tracker.

    1. 3

      I also started creating a list of Indie Hackers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1418547333541908486

      1. 1

        Great initiative, followed!

  22. 2

    Great idea @adawg4. Hitsnag looks super helpful. Definitely going to give it a try. Any thoughts on bringing this capability to Slack?


    @rionmartin, working on Career AMA, a platform that helps job seekers land more interviews and job offers by getting advice from people who hire their role, in their industry.

    Also working StepLadder, a skills-based hiring platform that connects candidates and companies based on skillset. Kinda like Bumble. Candidates verify their skillset, companies receive matches and then make the first move.

    1. 1

      Have def thought about adding it to Slack! What would you use it for on there? (I love knowing so I can gauge how much ppl need it)

      StepLadder sounds pretty interesting ngl, the site is beautiful!

      1. 2

        Same use cases. Create or update docs, tasks, projects across different tools by sending a message rather than opening the destination itself. Doesn't look like Google Docs integration currently allows doc creation and update.

        Thanks for the compliment. Currently going through a pivot and redesign. Next will be even better. 😎

        1. 1

          Wait the docs connection did not work for you on Hitsnag.com (that's sus if so) or Slack, lemme check my backend real quick. Have you signed up for an account, connected gdocs, and sent to [email protected]?

          1. 2

            Docs on Slack. Haven't signed up for Hitsnag yet. I'm sure that's working just fine :).

            1. 1

              OOOOH word that makes sense XD

  23. 1

    @MatthiasGabrie6, working on Community Validated, a newsletter to discover business ideas that solve real problems, validated by communities.

  24. 1

    Back to IH after a little break for freelance work. I'm building yet another job board. Here's mine @nacho_x_codes — 5 followers at the moment. As an introvert I feel twitter is super draining.

  25. 1

    Absolutely love the #buildinpublic community on twitter! @jasonleowsg here, working on Lifelog, a writing community for creators/makers who would like to write more, as a way to think, daydream and plan. It's like building in public on Twitter, but longer form and deeper reflections.

  26. 1

    I'm learning the skills required to be a gamedev youtuber to build an audience.
    3D Modelling, Digital Arts, and Unreal Engine (no-code / blueprint).

  27. 1

    @drkcsm working on Recollect Starting to post more about how I'm building my product, what I'm doing for marketing, plans, & failures!

  28. 1

    I am building https://deploymentfromscratch.com/ on @strzibnyj. Soon after I want to start with a SaaS :).

  29. 1

    Awesome work Aidan, 1.3k users is great. My handle is @chrisbcarpenter I'm working on my SaaS https://mergeos.com, a document generation and online form tool. I definitely need to start using Twitter more often.

  30. 1

    Big thumbs up on your progress @adawg4!

    Like many of you I'm also new on Twitter and finally decided to give it a serious go. Was just looking around for fellow indie hackers to follow :)

    You can find me @afk_andy

  31. 1

    Hi all! I'm hacking on https://smol.pub -- and I'm @midnightpub_ on twitter. Thanks!

  32. 1


    I'm an ex-management consultant turned self-taught coding indie hacker :) It's early days.

    I'm currently working on an app to help cafe owners better manage their business finances.

  33. 1

    Hi everyone!

    I post about crypto and building web3 applications.


  34. 1

    Always keen to make some new Twitter friends!
    @hrrsnbbnt, working on Sponsaurus.com, a self-serve tool for newsletter creators to easily book advertising space.

  35. 1

    Thanks for starting this Aidan, great initiative! Btw I signed up for Hitsnag. I just love easy integration solutions for productivity tools!

    I'm @leticiamoas, building liquidcfo.com - an independent B2B marketplace to assist businesses that are looking for the booming outsourced CFO services solutions.
    I'm also the CFO of one of the largest alternative lenders in the Southeast Asia.

    I write about startups, finance, fundraising strategies and building businesses in emerging economies.

    My twitter: https://twitter.com/leticiamoas

  36. 1

    I curate top money twitter threads! :)

    Follow me twitter.com/petertaughtme

    or check out moneythreads.co

    1. 1

      How many subscribers are you having right now ?
      BTW wrong link :)

  37. 1

    I'm building a solo design service for Indiehackers and startups (like yours) from scratch!

    I just started on Twitter - twitter.com/ayushsoni_io

    1. 2

      Hey Ayush, great portfolio (I saw it from another thread). My nonprofit tech is in need of a designer. I'll be in touch.

    2. 2

      Beautiful brand identity :)

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