Twitter August 10, 2020

🔥 Let's go hack twitter! ✨

Sergey Gustun @gaserd

I know that each of you is trying to get as many followers on Twitter 🦜 as possible.

After all, we all want to have at least some first users of our projects, right 🤔?

Let's simplify our suffering, let's make this thread filled with your tweeters, and let's do this:

➡️ your Twitter link
➡️ what are you writing about or what project are you doing


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    A list of all twitter accounts found in this page
    Lets support each other!

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      Oh, nice work man!

    2. 1

      Awesome, this makes this a lot easier to catch up on!

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    Pophurdle - A lightweight, privacy-based popup blocker.

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    UX Design, Productivity Tips, What I'm building at Supernotes

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      Supernotes is super duper Tobias...

      1. 1

        Thanks @Michael_Andreuzza. Colors and Fonts looks pretty sweet as well!

    2. 2

      Site looks great Tobias! Good luck!!

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    Startups, Growth, Products, SaaS, UI/UX

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    ➡️ I tweet funny jokes about short trading and launch rockets occasionally.

    1. 3

      Oh Alex, you're quite popular in Twitter 🤔

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    Documenting my process of building my third SaaS app Astrola

  7. 3

    Bob Ross inspired images generated by AI.

    here are a few examples:

    Evening Calm

    Lone Peak

    Morning Tidepool

    1. 1

      What do you mean by "inspired"?

      EDIT: Interesting choice of colour and mood...

      1. 1

        the neural net was trained on images of Bob Ross paintings and so the images it generates are not copies of the originals

        1. 1

          Is there a possibility that it'll "learn" to paint its own style?

          1. 1

            generative adversarial networks learn to generate artificial images according to the style of the training set.

            so.. yes? it already has?

            or did i not understand your question properly?

            1. 1

              No worries... you have answered my question.

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    Sharing my experience building Divjoy and tweeting about React

    1. 1

      Good to see another Portlander!

  9. 3

    VP of Design in Finance, coder on the side.

  10. 3

    Twitter link:

    I am working on Particle Systems. It lets you capture email, feedback, feature request and other details on static websites with our customisable UI components and pass the captured data directly to your cloud apps. No need to write backend code

  11. 2

    I've made a Twitter list of Indiehackers who have posted their twitter handle in this comment section.

    Hope it helps someone!
    (if I missed your account and want me to add you to the list, feel free to reply to this comment with your twitter handle/link)

    Also, feel free to follow me :D

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    Observations, no advice :) Book notes. Coding and writing, learning and teaching. My products are around habit tracking and book reading/note taking

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  13. 2
    Building Bolt - the easiest way to collect design feedback

    Will be Tweeting more soon!

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    Currently writing a lot about how my new app got it's first 10.000 users and what I did to get featured by Apple

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    I tweet about:

    • Learning to code
    • Working remotely
    • Creating products
    • Generating leads
    • Ways to turn ideas into a business
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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    ... Writes about entrepreneurship, how to build a startup step by step and pinch of software related tweets.

    ... Builds to help indiehackers build successful startups, one step at a time.

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      Great to connect with someone from Singapore!

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    ➡️ Community building, indie hacking, occasional personal stuff mixed in.

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      Looking forward to following all your posts!

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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      Rosie, you do fantastic work. Followed! :)

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    have just started (!) a project to write about products, design, building online revenue

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    Building Siteoly - No Code tool for Google sheets

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    Building a social network designed to help creators to generate a sustainable income from their content. Sell products, services, digital downloads and subscriptions all from one place.

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    ➡️ I tweet about UI/UX, coding, product building, some fun stuff :)

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      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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      Very nice! looks like a good content for indie hackers

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      This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    ➡️ I write a blog about fintech, coding and startups, growth

  23. 1
    I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, and Software Engineering.


    Great idea! Nice to meet you all.

  24. 1 - A community of makers with a focus on the human behind the product.

  25. 1
    Newsletters, Newsletter Cross-Promotion

  26. 1

    Late to the party, but Twitter Support finally unblocked my company account, so I can finally join in on these:

  27. 1
    Documenting my journey of bootstrapping profitable online businesses as a software engineer. (Still a way to go :)

  28. 1

    Software development related stuff, mostly presentations & blogs:

  29. 1

    ➡️ I document my Indie maker - remote journey while making Squashr. Also tweeting about computer vision, AI & cognitive science & low-programming languages.

  30. 1
    Working on the best way to support and advise post revenue, pre series A startups to grow revenues beyond Series A levels. Looking to help 6 startups hit that level!

  31. 1
    Worked on a Video Webinar Course on 'Facebook Ads Targeting' -
    Followed everyone here :)

  32. 1
    My journey as a beginner in web development; goal to start SAAS businesses

  33. 1
    Writing about product, design, no-code, and a bunch of other things!

  34. 1
  35. 1

    I tweet about :

    • Going NoCode after being a +8yo "Full Stack" JS/PHP Freelance Web Developer
    • Freedom and Wealth seeking Mindset
    • The Good Gear My first SP aimed to help water sport rookies get best gear for their needs.
  36. 1

    Follow to challenge your thinking and get perspectives on Life/Philosophy, Technology and Behavioral Psychology.

  37. 1
    I work full time in commercial real estate but am working on validating an idea for a more focused Twitter platform for power users wishing to enhance bookmarking and curating content.

  38. 1

    😵 Is this still alive? My Twitter droppped here 👉

  39. 1

    Funny tweets here 🔥
    And productivty, day to day, UX/UI

  40. 1
    I write about B2B SaaS, product-market, technology, web dev/ops, productivity etc.

    1. 1

      Looking forward to seeing all the good stuff you're Tweeting!

  41. 1

    Writing about everything from personal stuff, my journey as a mobile lead developer, info about my online course, and more

  42. 1

    Academy Of Mine. Your own customized Online Learning Platform. For B2B.

  43. 1
    I tweet about my learnings around tech & product making. I'm building that helps users to build & generate PDFs

  44. 1

    👉 I post about the two products i'm building, and my journey as I learn more about growth

  45. 1

    ➡️ Mostly about Indie Hackers, my previous business and whatever comes to my mind...

  46. 1
    Write about building web apps with Django, about writing and about other fun learnings

  47. 1
    Xoba -- A knowledge engine that enables you to find/discover/share information regardless of which application it lives on.

  48. 1
    Building the Internet’s #1 Free Personal Growth Resources Directory –

  49. 1
    Vehicle Data API for devs like specs, market value, history and more

  50. 1

    I wasn't active on twitter before but I realized the importance of twitter since I became an indie dev and I'm going to be more active from now on . Feel free to follow me and I'll follow you back :)

  51. 1

    My twitter: . I tweet about web dev stuff and my indie hacker journey 👨‍💻
    My project KnobsAI: . An app for tracking, recording and sharing guitar pedal settings 🎸

  52. 1
    I share stuff on online business, online money making, marketing and random stuff I find funny or fun

  53. 1
    Developer Tools, SaaS, Product, Testing, Feature Flags at

  54. 1 I post about ecom and am trying to build in public 🙃

  55. 1
    Building a lovely community IndieLog and a cool product Backlogs in public.

  56. 1
    I share my experiences + thoughts while building Letterbase

  57. 1

    [@semicolonandsons] ( - I create videos giving a guided tour of my web application, showing how the online marketing systems work, what experiments I tried over the years, and the programming practices I settled on for shipping features faster.

  58. 1 - Writing about what I'm learning and sharing notes on content I'm consuming (right now, I'm mostly focused on emotions, leadership, and decision-making.) - A service-focused / software-enabled health insurance agency for Utah consumers who buy their own health insurance. - A weekly podcast in which two founders discuss topics around what it takes to build software companies that can last.

  59. 1
    I tweet about web development & indie hackers

  60. 1

    Tweeting about indie hacking and language learning

  61. 1


    🤓 I tweet about culture change, writing, reading, designs (this more so as I am partaking in a design class currently).

  62. 1

    Also writing about sports, tech, startups, and my journey to figuring out a side project at

  63. 1

    Email Marketing + Web Development. Currently building -> Email Marketing Bundles for hassle-free email strategy :)

  64. 1
    I post interesting startups and tips for founders.

    I'm building a place where you can post your startup to get additional exposure.

  65. 1

    ➡️I talk about JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, CSS, and Software Engineering.

  66. 1
    2x founder, trying it a third time bootstrapping small SaaS products. I tweet about design, code, and personal stuff sometimes.

  67. 1
    ➡ I (occasionally) tweet about Flookup and everything else in between...

  68. 1
    building Mailing List Hackers, a chat community for people building mailing lists and newsletters. tweeting daily stuff to get people talking about their newsletters, pretty new account so follows are appreciated :)

  69. 1
    Building out a notion tool and other no-code ideas ❤️

  70. 1
    I tend to write about product management and working remotely. I'm hacking on Meet Cafecito, where you can take a break away from your task while meeting another creative all from your home.

  71. 1

    I study English and working on blogs for Unicorn Platform.

  72. 1

    I am currently without project

    But I'll follow ya'll

  73. 1

    ➡️ Tweets of occasional outrage and working on

  74. 1

    I am working on Cleaver. I try to share interesting things I read, progress on Cleaver, tutorials (will be working on adonisjs shortly), interesting tools I come across, etc.

  75. 1

    Building an accounting API, tweet about self-employment, indiehacking, bootstrapping and startups.

  76. 1

    My Twitter

    I write about remote work, technology, and productivity on Twitter and at my blog!

  77. 1
    NoCode, Startup, Venture investment, Fun stuffs

  78. 1
    Indie hacking, code & design, my life

  79. 1

    Hi everyone!

    1. My Twitter: @radiomorillo
    2. I published The Developer's Guide to Content Creation and I tweet a lot about writing and content creation for software developers. I blog 1-2x per month and I also have a biweekly developer content newsletter. Frequently share tips via Twitter. :)
  80. 1
    Working on Preferr, A/B testing software for react developers and designers.

    Trying to get better at tweeting!

  81. 1

    Pushup Hero - app to track your pushups.

  82. 1

    Just post stuff that interests me (writing, software development, bjj, other stuff) and
    trying to gauge interest in

  83. 1

    I am building Messagink, place for conversations and text story.

  84. 1

    I'm working on check_my_site - A service to monitor your SSL certificates and notify you when they are due to expire

  85. 1
    I don't have a content strategy for Twitter 🙈
    (but I follow everyone back! 😊)

  86. 1

    📝 I'm writing a book.

    Stuff for developers (from my blog / talks / interesting article).

  87. 1

    Hey all! I'm building the Social Image App - automate your social media share images with our image generation API / Zapier integration. More integrations coming every week!

  88. 1
    App development and AI/ML for developers.

    I'm tinkering with tensorflow.js and researching GEC (Grammar Error Correction) with machine learning.

  89. 1

    Startup funding, fintech, what we're building at FundStory

  90. 1

    Hi I'm
    Tweets about my progress on personal project and anything related to coding :) I'd love be friends with you :)

  91. 1
    Programming: mostly TypeScript, JavaScript and Flutter. I also do some video tutorials about programming on YouTube

  92. 1

    Just started a newsletter called AntiFeed where I'm gathering the internet's greatest hits.

  93. 1

    ➡️ Side projects, blogs, coding. Starting my own video podcast and tweeting about the journey

  94. 1
    Virtual pub, Old school web, Quirky social media, Pixelated walking simulator

  95. 1

    Open web, indie hacking and recipes I like. 😉

  96. 1

    I write about Psychology around us, Technological advancements and Updates on Building Various Products!

  97. 1

    UX/UI, Front-end dev, what I'm building at Norde and Baseline and some other random things!

    Will follow back other interesting people doing interesting things!

    1. 1

      Your type scale generator is pretty neat tool!

      1. 1

        Thanks! It's a part of what I'm building for Baseline but I decided to make it a stand-alone tool as well since it might be useful for some people :)

  98. 1
    Building a mesh network messaging for privacy & censorship proof communications.
    We also tweet about infosec, and hack stuffs.

  99. 1
    Community building, product dev, engineering management and financial markets.
    not in that order.

    Current side hustle - Instadukan, building a community for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

  100. 1
    Still new on this! Currently, my retweets and likes are about indie hacking, writing, saas :D

  101. 1

    Design, product, inspiration and a painting or 2 from time to time !

  102. 1
    I Curate a weekly newsletter where I pick a topic each week and share the best blogs, podcasts, videos, books around that topic along with some commentary, context and actionable insights.
    Check it out.
    Following everyone back on Twitter!

  103. 1
    After I resigned my 12 years career I decided to continue my life as Indie Dev. :)

  104. 1

    Daily actionable SEO tips. I have a massive 50 tips thread already pinned to my profile, so you can check it out.

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  105. 1

    Def need another boost, just hit the 1000+ :D

    Write daily development articles, html, css, javascript!

  106. 1



    1. 1

      love Colors & Fonts! followed.

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot Nick. I followed too!

  107. 1

    ➡️ Digital Rights, Bitcoin & Blockchain

  108. 1

    Let's try this!

    I mainly write about sales prospecting for agencies, saas, tech. Happy to help others in being among the first users or tweeters of projects!

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  109. 1

    ➡️ I write about building SaaS businesses and living a good life

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  110. 1

    Building weeks and hours, a time tracker to minimize overtime so you can spend more time on your personal projects.

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  111. 1
    Working on Remote Letter, Writing about programming, startups

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  112. 1

    I tweet less than I used to (Yay Fediverse) but certainly about tech, politics
    I'm learning Python
    I'm exploring #Indieweb
    I'm Docker fan !

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  113. 1
    Productivity, Team performance, Startups and Tech

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

  114. 1
    Building Custorian Art tours, I share what I care about in Art & technology

    1. 1

      Following you! Consider following me back please :D

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  116. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  117. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  118. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  119. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  120. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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