✨ Let's hack Twitter ✨

Let's hack Twitter again today for Black Friday!

You know the rules:
1️⃣ Post your Twitter and say what you're working on.
2️⃣ Follow other Indie Hackers!

I'll go first

I'm https://twitter.com/bjakyt on Twitter. I just recently started using Twitter and I hope I’m not too late.

I am a developer who is interested about dev, UI/UX, growth hacking and startuppy things. I have lurked here for quite some time, made an account last year and I’m about to start build my own products soon.

Let’s go!

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    Hi Everyone 👋

    We build a platform that allows our users to collect video testimonials from their clients and upload them to their websites with no hustle.

    Our landing page: https://videotouch.io/testimonials

    My twitter https://twitter.com/AndreyNovikoov

    Happy to connect!

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    I'm @jakublukowski on Twitter. I plan to be more active there soon.

    Recently I launched Raport beta with @Krzciński_Wojtek and we are working on bringing full product to market. Our goal with Raport is to make analytics simpler by integrating all possible data sources in one app (currently we have 5).

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      Interesting project! Followed.

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    Hello! I'm Geordi (https://twitter.com/geordidearns), Building Tippy (https://twitter.com/tippymoney) super close to a public release after some closed beta testing.

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      Awesome, followed! :)

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      Please share how the release goes, followed!

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      Looking good! Followed.

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    Hey, I'm Wojtek. I'm a co-founder of Raport. I am semi-active on Twitter but I'm visiting almost every day.

    My Twitter is https://twitter.com/krzcinski

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    I have built scoutraise.com to fix the broken fundraising process for startup founders.

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    Hey Hackers 👋

    I'm @jebraat on twitter and am currently building ChronoShift.io. A service to convert time zones easily to schedule meetings and keep track of your contacts/teams overseas.

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    Greetings Everyone

    This is https://twitter.com/adityasharamkar currently CMO at POSIMYTH

    We have WordPress plugin with 50K+ userbase

    I recently re-designed my product website - http://theplusaddons.com/

    Excited to connect with you all

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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first (or maybe second) post here on IndieHackers, but I am reading this for years.

    I'm https://twitter.com/lucianghinda on Twitter. I post from time to time about various subjects on Twitter, mostly programming and creativity.

    I am a Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer who is interested in dev, UI/UX, product management and, creativity. I recently started with my partner a project about creativity and our first step is to build a curated free newsletter about creativity.

    You can read more about our newsletter here: https://newsletter.ideatify.com/about or the issues we posted so far here https://newsletter.ideatify.com

    Happy to connect!

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        Thank you! I also follow your journey!

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    Intern here at Thrivedesk, you can follow us for future product updates, what we are working on, SaaS & E-commerce strategies, trends, insights from industry leaders, and of course lots of memes!


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    Hello IndieHackers Fam! ❣
    I am a computer science engineering undergrad. from India.
    I have an experience of working as Head of Marketing for a startup that I was working on in the edTech field.

    I would love to help you in the domain of web-development as well as on marketing side!

    Would love to connect with you all on Twitter : https://twitter.com/nickhillmishra
    You can find me here too https://bio.link/nikhilmishra

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    Hey everyone! I'm Roberto and you can find me at:

    I'm building and growing katlinks.io

    I also launched a small side-project at https://superseo.tips/

    Let's be friends!

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    Hey everyone, I hope I'm not late (just got my invite)!
    Super excited to get to know y'all and learn from you

    Here's my twitter: https://twitter.com/teeter_tater

    I'm building a tool for comparing tech career options 👉careerpather.com and sharing my journey along the way.

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    Hey makers 👋 I write daily-ish about building better SaaS products on https://twitter.com/@sssaini_

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    Hi everyone,

    No code developer here
    I'll tweet about my daily struggles and wins as a no-code dev, my side projects being built, and growth!


    Happy to connect!

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    I'm https://twitter.com/ld_unblind
    I share my journey and mainly focus on 2 questions.

    How can we humanize software?
    How to market our SaaS at scale?

    I already have a +60 person company, most recently I started a new business. My first SaaS application. hope to add value

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      Too much software is computer-focused, glad to see a different way of looking at it. Followed!

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    Hey makers 👋

    I'm Goutham ( https://twitter.com/gouthamjay8 ) currently building https://www.astramind.io which is a community platform for makers building in public.

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      I like this, I think building in public should (and will) become more popular in the near future. Followed

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        Thanks @TeeterTater Agreed, Build in public is a great way to start :)

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      Nice idea. Followed!

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    We are building a NoCode platform that adds feedback widgets to web application in production.

    The product: https://gleaner.in/

    My twitter : https://twitter.com/ranuzzzz

    Happy to connect !

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      Love the idea.
      I'm working on the no-code space too with pricewell.io
      a tool to collect , manage and optimize subscriptions in minutes ⚡

      Happy to follow!

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    👋I'm @DerekFeehrer on Twitter

    I'm building MockRocket.io – Jaw-dropping 3D app mockup videos in your browser.
    Tweeting about JS, React, WebGL, video creation and running profitable indie businesses.

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      Love the animations! Might use this for my landing ;) Followed

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        Awesome! If you want, I have a 50% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday (recurring) deal running: just use code BLACKFRIDAY

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    Hey Everyone 👋

    I am building the URL Shortener T.LY. We're a Bit shorter than the competition. T.LY makes long links look cleaner and easier to share! Add your own Custom Domains to personalize your brand, use our simple API, and 1 click to create short URLs from our extension

    Our landing page: T.LY

    My Twitter https://twitter.com/Tim_Leland

    Happy to chat!

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    Hello from Spain ✌️

    I am a product maker, previously I worked as a product designer, I launched a startup that failed after reaching 2k MRR, and have been learning by myself to code and design.

    🐦 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/borjasolerme

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    Hi I'm Joseph🙌

    I try to help other entrepreneurs get modern tech product ideas with ideabot.io

    I share my journey and stats on Twitter (I try to be as transparent as possible).


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    Meme creator, visual content creator & product builder in nocode
    Follow my journey to turn a side project into a startup
    I help you to build business and build an audience

    My account

    I Open pre-order for my playbook that will help you build an audience and earn your first dollars on Twitter

    1$ today and Monday the price will increase by 2$ each day until Dec. 24
    pre order

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    Hey all! 👋👋

    I'm Rony, indie hacker for two years with a portfolio of macOS and iOS apps.

    I'm currently working on SocialWave, a story editor for audio creators, helping them grow their social media reach.

    The update I'm working on makes the app UX a joy to work with, and adds tons of features users have asked for.

    Say hi on Twitter. Happy to become friends with fellow indies.

    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ronyfadel
    SocialWave: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1586634158

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    Added most folks here to my list focused on early stage builders and makers. Feel free to subscribe or go through the list.

    I'm linked from there, ofc. Building a content translation productized service, trading tools as digital products, building both on a content and audience first strategy. First post hit front page of HN, 10k visits. Done this a few times now, as an avid HNer myself I feel in tune with the community somewhat!

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    Hey, everyone

    I'm https://twitter.com/hsnice16 in Twitter.

    I am a front-end developer, and nowadays I am exploring back-end dev too. My recent full stack project is https://www.onlibrary.site
    I keep posting about my learnings, life, and web development on Twitter. So Give it a Visit.

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    I am going to start writing about what it takes to create great content and document my experiments to help improve my writing skills. I will also be documenting how those ideas drive the content creation product we are building.

    I would love to connect with people creating written content and people who are trying to start out with writing. Looking forward to sharing and learning from you all.

    My twitter: https://twitter.com/itsprasa

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    Hey mates,

    This is Stan - @StanBright on Twitter.

    I'm building, alone, two relatively big websites: SaaSHub - a software marketplace; LibHunt - find popular software libraries. The first is kind of B2B, and the second is helping software developers. Both products are built after my needs. Both of them together are getting about 50k visits a day.

    Happy to connect, too!

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      You have something nice going on, good work! Followed.

      1. 1

        Thank you 🙇. Step by step... everything is possible over a long enough period of time.

    1. 1

      AI is cool, I work in the field ;) followed!

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    Hello 👋 https://twitter.com/iamspolsky here.
    I'm building a product tracking tool, so that you can track your next launch and see how your users utilize the product 🚀

    Check out the free tier 👀

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    Hi bjaky, I'm https://twitter.com/gathersight on Twitter. I'm building a better way to find people with interesting things to say. I just followed you and will follow everyone else in the thread. Happy #followfriday everyone!

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    Hey all, I'm building a community to help indie founders scale faster to $10,000 in MRR and beyond. I tweet about community building, indie hacking, marketing, and the occasional data-driven side quest. See you there 🌎🌍🌏

    Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnthonyCastrio

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      Definitely interesting topics. Followed!

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    https://twitter.com/founderemils - I tweet about interesting entrepreneurship topics, business book reviews, and my journey in running Founderness.

    I appreciate the help! :)

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      Good luck with your journey! Followed.

    1. 1

      Good luck! Followed.

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    Hi bjaky and hi Everyone 👋

    I'm a software engineer based in Spain. I tweet mostly about:

    • Tools and tips for productivity
    • Web development
    • Different projects that I build just for fun or with the idea to make a profitable online business.
    • Currently building remotohoy a job board for Spanish companies.

    Let's connect! https://twitter.com/frandevme

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    Hello hackers,

    here is mine

    very soon I'll start posting cool tutorials about building great UI using no code tools like bubble and adalo.

    Will follow back :)

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    Hey guys 🖖

    I'm Rifal from Dupple :)

    Here is Dupple - https://dupple.com - a community platform that allows you to create better products and save time by involving your users in the development of your projects.

    My twitter: https://twitter.com/cornelouche

    Let's connect!

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    Hi Everyone 👋

    I tweet about my journey building product for humans, web3, productivity things, mental health & memes.

    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/leehieu136

    I have made a list of builders & makers from IndieHackers too:

    Happy to connect with you all!

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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