✨ Let's hack Twitter (yet again) ✨

It's been more than a month since @kylekrzeski last hacked twitter.

I think we're due for another round.

You know the rules:
1️⃣ Post your Twitter and say what you're working on
2️⃣ Follow other Indie Hackers!

I'll go first 👀
I'm https://twitter.com/AnthonyCastrio on Twitter, building in public and growing the Indie Worldwide community. 🌎🌍🌏

Muppets Dancing

  1. 6

    Hey friends! I post branding, design tips, and build in public tweets about my newsletter. also chatting and making friends in general.

    👉 https://twitter.com/HuaTweets

    1. 1

      +1 for Hua too, surprised you don't have 10x more followers than you do

      1. 2

        You are too kind Anthony! 💛😁

  2. 5

    I'm https://twitter.com/MarcoSpoerl on Twitter. I'm writing a weekly issue for Basic Problem and I'm building Birdspotter, sharing what I learned.

    1. 3

      Followed you Marco. Basic Problem looks interesting 👍

    2. 2

      followed!! I thought bird spotter was actually an app for bird watchers! XD

      1. 2

        :D It kind of is. Just for the blue, tweeting ones.

    3. 2

      Followed you Marco!

      FYI I got an error when I tried to sign up to the Birdspotter waitlist

      "ERROR: plausible is not defined"

      1. 2

        Oh wow, thanks for pointing this out! Just fixed it.
        And I can see you on the "pending" list, so your signup worked :)

        1. 2

          Okay! Thanks for the follow up

  3. 4

    Hey everyone! I'm Kyle, and I'm working on a financial independence planning app that respects people's data and doesn't involve linking real financial accounts.

    New to twitter, but here's mine: https://twitter.com/_knolan

    1. 1

      followed :)

      Think I followed all now on this thread

  4. 4

    Hey everyone! I'm Richard and I'm building Notabase, a personal knowledge base for networked thinking.

    Follow me @richard_chu for tweets about self-employment, product development, and my journey. I'm actually going to be launching Notabase into beta very soon, so it should be exciting!

    1. 2

      Really cool alternative to roam, followed!

    1. 3

      Slow is the right way to do it at first. First establish the culture & values of your community, then focus on growth!

  5. 3

    Hey ✌️you can find me @drkcsm on Twitter, I'm building Recollect a productivity dashboard for Chrome!

    1. 2

      browser extension is a great place for this.
      how long did it take you to get approved for the google chrome store?

      also...followed ✌️

      1. 1

        Thanks! Followed you back :) It took only about a day for my extension to get approved, I was really surprised. The permissions are super minimal for Recollect - I guess they do more of a review if the security scope covers more things (also I have no trackers or 3rd party remote code).

  6. 3

    Self-employed web designer pivoting to full-time maker. I tweet about my journey building up SVGBackgrounds.com ($750MRR).

    👉 https://twitter.com/MattVisiwig

    1. 2

      Followed you Matt 🎨⚡

  7. 3

    Hello everyone, founder of a self-funded, profitable SaaS (9 years, 7 digits) and tweeting mostly about my current indie side project - the cutest time, habit and goal tracker. :) DMs open, happy to help first time founders.


    1. 1

      love the "calm 8/5" mantra!
      followed! ✌️

    2. 1

      Followed you Marek, how does Kairo work?

    1. 1

      What's up Eli! Follow this guy ☝️

  8. 3

    Hi all! I’m https://twitter.com/stevediaconou & I’m building https://bff.quest to help people make more friends on Twitter ❤️

    Also trying to teach devs more about how computers actually work down to the silicon if that’s your thing.

    1. 2

      Follow you back Stephen

  9. 3

    Building Athena, an async video-sharing tool for communities. Recently integrated with Slack and Circle soon: https://www.joinathena.co/


    1. 1

      already following, love what i've seen of Athena so far!

    2. 1

      +1 for Janet, Athena is really cool!

  10. 3

    Hey, two-time founder, I just left my job to build a new SaaS and I'm being very public with the details.


    1. 1

      Wunderbucket looks great! Did you design the landing page yourself? The video + cartoons + style are all top notch 👌

      also... followed! ✌️

      1. 1

        Thanks! Yeah, I did the landing page myself. That's part of the fun :-)

  11. 3

    Hello! My name's Troy and I'm building a different kind of meditation app, in public. Looking forward to following everyone!

    My twitter: https://twitter.com/troyshu

    1. 2

      Really looking forward to what you have in store for useeasyapp!

      1. 1

        Thank you Steve! Excited to share more and have you use it one day soon!

      1. 1

        Thank you Anthony!

  12. 3


    I run a sales agency where I connect commission only salespeople with clients at no upfront cost to the client. I also do software development work. Would love to connect with people.

    1. 1

      was already following but now enabled notifications. gotta catch these 🔥tweets @AntCas mentioned

    2. 1

      You're tweets lately have all been 🔥

      Only a matter of time before your audience grows.

  13. 3

    We tweet about positivity in the crypto space. If anyone's interested we're creating a safe crypto community https://twitter.com/yes_token

    1. 1

      fascinating. followed ✌️

  14. 3

    Love this! I am https://twitter.com/bensterne and am working to make the Oco Crew (ococrew.com) the greatest climate community the world has ever seen!

    1. 1

      great work you're doing, ben! followed ✌️

    2. 1

      +1 for Ben, follow him ☝️

      1. 2

        I am honored Anthony!

  15. 2

    Hey! Great idea. Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandro_vol

    I am currently building deposur.de and feedbee.io and mainly talk about building SaaS software on AWS in a serverless way🙂

  16. 2

    Late to the party but hey everyone! I'm https://twitter.com/justinprojects

    I'm building something a little different:

    Like the million dollar homepage for seconds of the day instead of pixels. Nearly 1000s sold and I'm sharing my experiments/learnings publicly.

    Followin' ya'll now! ✌️

  17. 2

    Hello fellow creators, I summarised every type of growth strategies posted by other founders at GrowthHunt.co

    Tweet me over here. Cheers!

  18. 1

    Hey team! We post about cashflowing assets and buying businesses as a revenue source, plus other financial and investing tips as well as building our newsletter in public at https://twitter.com/Codie_Sanchez

    Who else does something similar? Would love to follow other creators.

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