Twitter September 23, 2020

Let's help each other on Twitter

Anshul Sojatia @anshulsojatia

We can always connect with each other to have a well-diversified discussion. Let's start with Twitter.
Let's connect to grow together. You follow me and I will follow you.

You share yours in the comment.

My twitter link: @AnshulSojatia

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      Glad to connect Emeka :)

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    Mutual follower for anyone interesting (basically anyone here qualifies)

    My topics are: startups and tech, aviation, fitness, and a little bit of public policy.

    My credentials are: 1 time acquired founder and head of eng at Atrium, instrument rated private pilot, Crossfit L2 trainer, and being an educated citizen :)

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    I've been tweeting a lot more often, lately.

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      Glad to connect Ant :)

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    I twittts about startups, web apps, programming. My twitter link:

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      Great to connect man. :D Whats your good name btw?

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    I usually tweet about Nocode, virtual events and growth

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      Cool Felix. NoCode seems to the best trending thing after node.

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      Glad to connect! Those are very much the same areas I am interested in.

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    Sure! Will give you a follow.

    I'm tweeting about my next SaaS app's progress mainly if that's of interest:


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      Hey Scott, you are great to connect. I'm certainly interested in SaaS. Would love to see your progress. Followed you there and here as well :)

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        Nice one! No doubt speak to you on Twitter.

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    What are you tweeting about?

    Mine is

    Tweeting about building and marketing stuff

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      Looks like we're on a similar path - just followed!

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      Awesome. I am tweeting about everything that I think is interesting. But it's mostly related to startups, programming and experiences.

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    I tweet about startups, virtual reality, product management, and growth hacking.

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    I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, and Software Engineering. Let's connect!


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    I am starting with Twitter, let's connect

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    I tweet about #SaaS #Cloud #Entrepreneurship #Telecom #ProductManagement #Development #NoCode

  11. 1 for context around software engineering and CS :)

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    Trying to build up followers for, I'll follow you back!

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    This is the #FollowFriday revamped!

    I am @Bernardamus
    but mostly help us and follow our product

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      Happy to connect Bernardamus :)

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    I’m not actually gonna post my twitter handle here (if you’re really interested it is in my profile). I tweet about anything and everything that I think about.

    Now, last time I posted my twitter handle here I got a lot (well, relatively at least) of new followers, but now I just have a bigger number of followers but still 0 active followers. I don’t get many new engagements, I tried asking people to tell me a bit about themselves but got only 1 response!!!

    I would love to expand my network and connect with all of you, but unless that connection is 2 way, having a slightly higher number for my follower count really does nothing for me.

    Anyways, enough of a rant, hopefully some of you do follow me and we can meet, connect, and help each other out 😃!! Can’t wait to see you on Twitter 🐦

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      Hey John, Glad to connect.

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    i can help, but if things get overwhelmed all you hear is nothing from me

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      Hey Fajar, Nice to know that. Great to connect :)

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    Mostly about Continuous Delivery, marketplaces and lessons learned in IT/software development.

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      Happy to connect Schakko :)

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      Great to connect Lucas. :)

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    I am a full-stack developer. Also a armature founder of Inoryum Ltd. Working with multiple projects to Kick-start my startup. Lets connect. Cheers

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    I'm a remote design systems manager with a passion for privacy and travel. Figma fanboy, foodie, and avid footballer (soccer to you weirdos).

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    I chat about my startup, the tools I build it with (Laravel, Vue, etc) and other random thoughts. Occasionally mobile dev-related things

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      Cool connect Valetin :)

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    Mainly tweet about Cloakist (my product) and startup stuff!

  21. 1

    I document my learnings from starting multiple projects and writing online

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      Glad to connect Marcin :)

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    I didn't post anything yet but i will post about my new SaaS very soon.


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    Personal :
    Most tweets about iOS, Apple stuff

    Most tweets about productivity, collaboration

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    I'll start twetting soon when a publish my saas project :)
    I follow back

  25. 1 -> I'm probably really boring to follow 😔

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    I build free & unlimited tools for website analysis and growth (b2b email finder, SEO, etc.)

    Happy to follow back.

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    Hey! I'm

    I wear many hats, but here's a sample of what I try to share:

    • Projects I'm working on (I consult on software projects & build a lot of hobby projects)
    • The tech I work with (Django / Python / data-related stuff like Pandas & sklearn)
    • Security & infrastructure stuff (Docker Compose, Appsec, supply chain audits, etc.)
    • Anything related to running businesses online!

    Would love to connect with some people!

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      Hey Hos, Glad to connect. Formito looks interesting. How long have you been working on it?

      1. 1

        Hi Anshul,

        I've been working on it for about a year now, but in the last 4 months, I was working on version 2.0 to make it a better tool for no-coders community. I'm going to press the release button on Sunday. Let me know if you'd like to take a look at the beta version earlier.

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    here is mine →

    I share insights on how to launch, get your first users and growth!

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      Followed you Xavier :) Do you write newsletters?

      1. 1

        That's something I consider yes, what kind of content would you like?

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      Happy to follow Ryan :)

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    Great start of a thread. I’m following everyone in here. I’m Tweeting mostly about building my SaaS project in real time (presenting Github issues to management) and China-stuff, since I live in Shanghai.

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      Hey Ching, happy to connect.

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    Hey Anshul! Happy to connect! I'm @MrMaksimize on Twitter; Tweeting about geospatial data science, international development, data engineering, and learning how to start a newsletter!

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      Geospatial data science, that's pretty niche. Do you have a product related to that?

      1. 1

        Hey @connorbode! Glad you ask.

        When I started getting into Geo work, I thought it was pretty niche too. But if you look just in the US, the annual ESRI user conference (ESRI = like the Microsoft of mapping, more popular in the US draws in 20k people. And I'd guess that's about 1/2 of the market - since open source tools are much more popular outside of the US.

        I have a landing page at I'm still new to building in public, so hesitant to post it for review on IH (I'm not sure if what I have is the way to go).

        When I started getting into Geo work, I thought it was pretty niche too. But if you look just in the US, the annual ESRI user conference (ESRI = like the Microsoft of mapping, more popular in the US draws in 20k people. And I'd guess that's about 1/2 of the market - since open source tools are much more popular outside of the US.

        I'm trying to decide between several directions:

        • Do I have an intro course, then a curation newsletter
        • Do I have a newsletter that's exactly as I described on the landing page after the intro course.
        • Or just do an intro course to get some subscribers, and decide what to do later?

        I also have this hedge in the back of my mind - what if this doesn't take off? I don't want to attach my name (and Twitter account) to it too much, in case I want to try other things.

        Probably TMI but you asked :)

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      Hey Maksim, Same here :) Let me know when you setup your newsletter. Would love to check it.

      1. 1

        Thanks @anshulsojatia! I have a landing page up at but struggling which way want I want to take it (I wrote a whole essay in the comment above).

        If you're up for dropping your email in, once I stop waffling and it goes out, you'll get it! Do you have anything up for yours yet? I'd love to check it out as well when you're ready!

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      Hey Lim, Glad to connect :)

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    Glad to connect. I am fairly new to Twitter, however I want to tweet about products (code and no-code) I make.

  32. 1

    Happy to connect :)
    I'm quite new to the twitter community. I'll post regular updates of my current Project Mage, ML-Topics as well as about start-up life in general.


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      Hey Benedict, happy to connect. Mage looks promising. Good luck with that. :)

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    I tweet most about things I've learn, something that impress me, and a bit about my no-code builder works (updates, experience)

    My twitter: hieuSSR

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      Hey Hieu, Glad to connect. I like Inverr. How do you plan to differentiate? No-Code is getting very competitive these days.

      1. 1

        I've been working on Inverr for nearly 3 years. The main goal is to be flexible, and allows users create web and apps for the long-game.

        For example, we're the only one support connect to your own database to get/update data (since some people using Airtable, or Google Sheet as database, but worry their APIs or Term of Service will change one day)

        1. 1

          Interesting. What's the tech stack that you are using?

    2. 1

      Hey Hieu, Glad to connect. I like Inverr. How do you plan to differentiate? No-Code is getting very competitive these days.

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    Hello, I'm @justfizzbuzz! I tweet mostly about my app building progress. Happy to connect :)

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      Hey man, great to connect :)

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    @jamilabreu 👋

    Just started my #buildinpublic journey yesterday.

    I have a newsletter about old-school social apps:

    and made:

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      Super. Happy to connect. I would like to know more about your newsletter. I'm starting my first. How did you get your early subscribers?

      1. 1

        I wrote a post that did well on Hacker News - and post consistently to a few relevant sub-reddits.

        That's it!

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    Hey!! Super nice idea, just followed you!

    Happy to increase your following count.

    Here is mine:

    1. 2

      Hey Teodora, happy to connect :) What do you tweet about mostly?

      1. 1

        I'm tweeting about startups, growth, productivy and makers.

        Actually I'm writing an ebook of how to start taking profit of your Twitter account.

        If you are curious about it I'm sharing the process on this thread:

        1. 2

          Interesting thread. I like how are documenting everything for others to learn.

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    I tweet about life, code, and as I progress on my side hustle, more of that. Generally try to keep politics and such out of my feed. @bartekci

    1. 1

      Happly to connect Bartek :) I agree. Politics and Coding don't go nicely together.

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    hey! I'm on twitter, or is my new agency, let me know what you think of the site! I'll give you a follow Anshul

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      Happy to connect Jonathan. Congratulations on your new start. I like the clean design on your site, but I think the colors are bit dated for a marketing agency. A digital marketing agency website should make feel the visitors lively. I'm not saying colors are bad. But I think a little more vibrant colors would give your brand a better uplift. :)

    1. 1

      Happy to connect Alex :)

    2. 1

      Happy to connect Alex :)

  39. 1


    I'm a pretty prolific replier/quote retweeter.

    Starting Monday I'll be tweeting about the ongoing development of my product AudienceHash.

    1. 1

      Happy to connect Brian. Good luck with your development of AudienceHash. Would definitely love to know more about it.

  40. 1

    Happy to connect with everyone! I haven't been back to twitter for the longest time.

    Been wanting to go back and document my ideas, thoughts, and journey on building up my side projects into profitable SaaS businesses.

    Will be tweeting on that in the future!

    1. 1

      Hey Bryan. Happy to connect. Hope the new session would be an inspiring one on Twitter.

      1. 1

        You and me both! Looking forward to speaking more about startups and programming with you over Twitter.

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      Hey Alen. Glad to connect. What exactly is StackPal?

      1. 1

        Hi Thanks for asking.

        Stackpal It'an answer to the question "What technology to you personally use for your projects?"

        It is a platform where developers can create a profile in which they enter their technology stack (frameworks and languages they use) after which they can share it .

        It was launched just this week, so it is in its infancy, however there are many new features on the horizon!

        1. 1

          Okay. Sounds good. What's your business model for this? Paid profiles?

          1. 1

            Currently none, with plans to add premium features in the future.

            What those features will be, I'm still unsure, but if there's a market here it will surely let me know.

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    Here's my Twitter!: — I just followed everyone on the list :)

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      Glad to connect Jochem :)

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    Happy to follow! I tweet about indie hacking, side projects and the like...

    1. 1

      Awesome Stephan. Followed :)

  43. 1

    I will happily follow you. I'm hoping to become more active on twitter!

    1. 1

      Followed you as well Fraser :). Hope you hear from you there.

  44. 1

    I'll reach out too! I post about cloud tech, serverless, APIs, and blogging.


    1. 1

      Cool. Happy to connect Allen. :)

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    Let's connect! @brunoraljic

    My recent tweets follow process of creating a podcast from scratch, but I also tweet mostly about things that IH-ers would be interested in. See You around

    1. 2

      Hey Bruno. Glad to connect :)

  46. 1

    Gave you a follow. I'm at @indiegrowthguy, tweeting about Growth and Startups :)

    1. 1

      Hey Yash, Glad to connect. Do you write any newsletter?

      1. 1

        Not yet! Planning to start a YT channel surrounding Growth and Indie hacking side projects :)

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    Sure, I will give a follow, I twit about funny tech topics, news and my startups. My twitter: @omertaban. My latest project is if you can check landing page out and give comments would be great.
    Thanks ^^)

    1. 1

      Hey Omer, Happy to connect.
      I do have a knack for a good sense of humor around tech. I think we would have a good discussion some time :)

      From first looks of ConfirmedIn, it looks like LinkedIn. If it indeed is, how are you planning to differentiate?

      1. 1

        Hey Anshul, thanks for the feedback. Actually there are many differences compared to Linkedin and Indeed. But simply here you create a career profile with confirmations of your colleagues. So it brings more credibility and trust to your profile.

  48. 1

    Hey there, @ArrigoLupori here. I tweet about content marketing, entrepreunership and, occasionally, web development. Happy to chat!

    1. 1

      Hey Arrigo, happy to connect :) I would definitely like to know your take on content marketing.

  49. 1

    Hey Anshul!

    My twitter link is: @nwbotha.

    I tweet about online privacy and general tech related stuff. Currently building

    1. 1

      Hi Nico,
      Glad to connect. That seems interesting. Is it like a product directory for all security apps?

      1. 1

        It is a SaaS product directory with security and privacy related info about the products. Any SaaS product can be added, it is not restricted to just security products.

        1. 1

          Okay. Sounds good How do you plan to monetize this? Preferential Treatment like BetaList?

          1. 1

            I'm not focused on monetization at the moment. I'm still validating the idea and exploring blazor's capabilities for building a responsive UI.

  50. 1

    @RichardAwoyemi - tweeting on Startups and Building in public.

    I look forward to connecting.

    1. 1

      Hey Richard, happy to connect. What are you working on currently?

      1. 1

        Currently sorting out my site, launching a newsletter, and prepping for a new project.

        1. 1

          That's cool. Where are you writing newsletters?

          1. 1

            Will be publishing to

            I am hoping to start later this week or the start of next week, just finishing up my personal site first.

            1. 2

              Cool. I will also be starting this month at
              It's going to be a new thing for me. So pretty excited for this :)

  51. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

    1. 1

      Hey Kevalin, glad to connect with you on Twitter :)

  52. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  53. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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