Bloggers August 1, 2020

Let's rate each other's blogs!


As they say it, content is king. Creating a blog is a great way to engage users and also become more discoverable through Google.

I wonder if we can help each other polish our blogs. Mine is relatively simple, it only has three posts so far:

Symbolic regression example with Python visualization

Using Symbolic Regression to predict rare events

Using R to visualize a Symbolic Regression model

I was recently advised to use more keyword-rich headings inside the posts, something I am currently working on.

So what is your blog? Link it here for us to take a look at it!

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    Hey I read one of your posts and I like the content! The pictures have good descriptions. Code highlighting would be nice, and I see that there is a product page for the Turing Bot. Maybe try to make the blog and the product page follow the same style? It would make everything more cohesive.

    Here's my personal blog about learning better, productivity and creativity:

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    Rating blogs, what a fun topic!

    @turingbot, in Symbolic regression example with Python visualization:

    • The images are fantastic
    • Perhaps some syntax highlighting would make the Python code easier to read
    • The paragraphs are a good size and the text flows nicely
    • I certainly learned something!

    I have a personal blog — 👉 — where I help people learn about code! It's aimed at beginner-to-immediate, and I mostly focus on the web platform and programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Go.

    My goal is to convert to my newsletter (currently ~300 subscribers)

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      I like the simplicity of your blog, the home page makes it easy to find something interesting among the several posts. By the way, I am quite impressed with the number of posts you have written! You must get many organic visitors.

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    Nice! A few comments:

    • Very readable: lots of image/code relative to text
    • Nice and brief! Though having no experience in your space idk if that's a feature or a bug 😅
    • A great way to showcase your product. Love it when tutorial/onboarding content doubles as content marketing

    This is my blog. I write about new ways to understand and appreciate the world (hence "knowledge art" lol):

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    Hey turingbot,

    The good:

    • There are many graphs / screenshots in your post, I like it.
    • I'm not into machine learning, but the content is clearly written, looks actionable, and short. Nice!

    The less good:

    • I don't like that there are so many stuff going on on the left. It's distracting from the main content.
    • From an SEO perspective, you should maybe shorten the URLs; for example should be
    • I'm not an SEO specialist, but I believe it might be better to have a subdomain like I'm not sure, take that with a grain of salt.

    My blog: The Valuable Dev

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      Those are great points! I didn't realize that the URLs were so long, I have just changed that. Thanks!

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    Hey turing. Your presentation is readable, clear, and concise. I'm not a programmer, but I can see that the visitors of your site will not be confused about what you're presenting. Communicating how your product works is the best way to get people hooked. No problems as far as I can see! It's hard to judge something when you've stripped away the inessential.

    Here's mine. I write about the intersection of psychology, art, and business.

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      Nice! I like that the intro is so simple and clean. The "Parody videos on b.s in the world of entrepreneurship and self-development." part caught my attention lol

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        I'm glad! I try to keep the serious pieces balanced out by some poking fun of the triteness in entrepreneurship and self-improvement.

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      Also like your site. Your book looks great (at least from the title), and frankly quite relatable (: