Let's share your projects here in the google sheet

I'm building the site for microstartups community
Is open source now: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ohKvG5Ug1HzT31rZz5ltEmVZVComZ7g0nyRZIezvCWo/edit?usp=sharing

Ultimate goal is I will share the list of your projects in the site as soon as I build it. We will have a submit feature later on as the lists grows.

Other than that I will make the site simple as possible, like blog news updates and etc.

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    Just posted mine.. Thanks

  2. 2

    A microstartups community with people willing to help and share would be nice. Lurkers are everywhere but people who really give value with comments, tips, etc is something i don't see much in some forums and communities.

    1. 1

      yes let's help and share more! ;) lurkers are everywhere.
      Let's add value more together. Thank you

    1. 1

      Really appreciate it!

  3. 2

    Who doesn’t love sharing their project 😄? Thanks man I added mine. Really curious to see what you build !

    1. 1

      Yes i will be building mine as well! ;) I love sharing too.

  4. 2

    Shared mine, I'm excited.

    1. 1

      thanks for the share

  5. 2

    I posted mine : ), if you want to chat feel free to contact me

  6. 2

    Like this! Great idea 💡

  7. 1

    I shared mine ;) will be adding this on the site soon

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