Lets start full stack developer journey together!


How many of you wants to become a full stack developer? Most probably all of you, sure i know many of you are already a developer but i’m talking about those who aren’t and planning to become a full stack developer one day.

Well me too, so i’ve this idea today that why not i find a partner who also want to become a full stack developer one day as people come here to find partners for their side projects right. It would really be a great journey together. Imagine spending hours coding everyday and giving feedback on each other’s work. Maybe do zoom meeting once a week, building real projects and portfolio. Imagine getting 6-figure job after becoming full stack developer. Sounds interesting right!!!

I’m starting my full stack journey this week, we’ll be learning from really basic to advance level. if anyone want to join me in this journey can email me at:

[email protected]


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