Let's stop rewarding copy/pasted IH posts from people who are just trying to pitch their startup at the end.

Yes, there are a TON of these lately.

Stock posts about social media marketing, personal branding, landing page tips, job hunting, etc.

A growing number of them are posts I find elsewhere online -- lifted and a few sentences changed. And it's not just happening here on Indie Hackers. It's happening all over the place. Not hard to spot when you start to look critically.

I'm not saying these posts aren't useful. But it's spam, nonetheless.

Here is an example. This was just posted today, and it's 95% the same as this Kajabi article. Not word-for-word, but a few words switched out here and there, and sections reordered.

I could literally point to a dozen more just like this, many with dozens and even hundreds of likes and comments.

Again, this is useful information. But the author should really be giving credit. Otherwise this is just spam.

  1. 36

    Yes. 100% agree.

    BTW, that's what we're trying to address with my new startup!

    1. 3

      Anyone saw "dQw4w9WgXcQ" and immediately knew what it was?

    2. 3

      A classic for sure 😁😁😁

    3. 3

      can’t find the investors tab…

    4. 3

      You man are absolutely killing it! 😂🙌

    5. 3

      😂 This should win an Oscar of pitching.

    6. 3

      Haha, you got me. I was about to point out the irony of your post. You, Sir, deserve my upvote.

  2. 4

    It's simple, IH needs moderation. For quite a while now...

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