Let's swap landing page feedback!

I'd love to do a targeted, mutual feedback session with those who are also going through the process of landing page design.

Please post your landing page (or if there's something else you want feedback on) AND specific questions you want answered (to help set direction).

Here's mine:

  1. What do you think we do?
  2. What is the value proposition? Is it clear?
  3. What hesitations do you have about signing up?
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    Hey Lisa, great idea!

    1- looks like a new way to do software project management
    2- value prop is that I will be better at forecasting delays in deadlines
    3- I wouldn't sign up since I'm still not 100% what you're doing, and I don't want to give my email away like that.

    As a note, if I was desperate for a software project management service (I'm not right now), I might try it anyway.

    Now here's mine:


    1. what do you think we do?
    2. do you assume you will get a custom or catalog logo?
    3. how much do you think it costs ?


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      Very cool grid design:)

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      Thanks Dagobert! Just for a little more context, do you have an engineering background?

      My feedback:

      1. Logo creation software
      2. Custom-composed logo, but from a catalog. My assumption is that there are lots of different logo subcomponents in the system and, based on my questionnaire, will generate a combination of them that makes sense for my business.
      3. $100 - because it sounds like you can get additional customization from the generated design. I'm also assuming that the specific logo I choose will be taken out of circulation for others
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        Yes, I used to be a senior front-end dev before creating my startup.

        Thanks for your feedback! Seems like you understood 90% of our offering right away. That's quite surprising, it's usually a bit less clear for people. I guess you're our ideal customer 😁

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          Thank you!

          It's really a great offering! I'll probably use it once we start actively selling :). What's the 10% I missed?

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            Thanks! We'll actually start work on the "project management" logo catalog in the next few weeks, I'll keep you posted :)

            The thing you missed is more of a refinement. Basically we have a regular price at $79, where the logos are not taken out of circulation for others (the probability of two sales is pretty low though). And then a higher price point ($549) where the logo is guaranteed to be exclusive to you, trademarkable, + our designer takes a customization request to make it even more your own.

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              Ah, got it. That makes sense

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                hey @dagorenouf - thanks again for your feedback on my site! I revised the page to provide more info on what we're doing - what % clarity are you at now? What hesitations do you still have about signing up? (and "no need for this solution" is a totally valid response)

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                  Hey there, it's much better on the clarity side! It seems very useful to have on top of JIRA when you're managing a team.

                  I have a couple of remarks, hopefully they are helpful:

                  • there is no logo in the header, which makes me feel like I'm on a random page, not on an actual business website (just writing "vardo" on the top left of the blue header would be enough at this stage)
                  • the way it's presented, it looks like a very tiny product. Like it's just forwarding notifications with a delay? On one hand it seems like a no-brainer to add on top of JIRA, but on the other it seems easily forgettable (sorry for being blunt). My guess is that I don't understand the true value of the product from this page. Maybe adding a "before / after" or example use cases and how your product solves them would help.
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    The header graphic is low resolution. An svg with an embedded screenshot would probably be better. Also, the text on the left could be html and the image on the right with just the phone (you can check out my site for how that would look, I have a similar setup).

    It's software for product managers trying to get an overview of the current project status.

    I'm not a project manager, but there's no real pain being solved here. "Better forecasting" is the feature, what's the benefit? Less angry supervisors mby?

    I don't sign up because I don't use Jira. If it works without it, that's not immediately clear. Also I'm a single dev with no team.

    The design looks kind of boxy. I personally prefer round corners.

    The thin icons look really nice.

    Here's mine: Tag My Knowledge

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    Hi Lisa!

    1. Forecast delays in software development and notify the team when delays are happening.

    2. Helps to keep track of your progress and not miss the deadline

    3. I am currently a solo maker and keep things simple (no deadlines).

    Would love to get some feedback on my landingpage aswell: https://makerstack.club/

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    Nice design.

    1. It's an alert system that gives you an early warning before the deadline surprise hits.
    2. Value prop is as mentioned in the second, and the differentiation is the smart prediction model with the past data.
    3. The tool is a bit unclear if it was for project manager or software developer. Maybe it'd be compelling with some stats of how much people waste time or go over deadline. But that's just me. Maybe project manager already has this problem in mind.

    Other notes:

    I like that value props. Very clear and targeted (Jira support). It'd be nice to see Jira on the top hero as one of the main prop. The UI demo in the hero looks a bit too cluttered with small writings. And it looks like Vardo is an app, but you just want to show the email right? Maybe you can just screenshot the content.

    Mine's a very early demo page.

    1. Is the product easily understandable?
    2. Do you see the problem I'm trying to solve?
    3. Assuing you use Linkedin/Twitter, do you find the value prop useful?

    UPDATE: wow. You're getting tons of comments already. Well, this post is 2 day old, so only if you can.

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    Hello Lisa.

    1. Reordering tasks based on due date. Forecasting completion based on team velocity. Notifying about probable problems.

    2. Maybe it's me, but I think it would be better if value proposition will be described in conversational way. PMs are too exposed to corporate speak, so it would be refreshing to be directed as human and not "role". Like "Every team have some guy who is super-smart and awesome, but constantly missing due dates. And while you planing your sprint you constantly thinking will he deliver on time? Should I add some velocity coefficient to an estimate? " and so on...

    3. I think you should declare your target user: product/project managers, so they can have: "oh that's for me" moment. I'm definitely your user, but it take me time to understand this. And it shouldn't

    4. Small font for descriptions

    5. You should test moving signup to "first screen".

    Here is mine: https://whatnot.ai

    1. What do you think we do?

    2. Is article-like landing good idea?

    3. Did you get value proposition?

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      hey @slavaGanzin - I really appreciate the feedback! Do you mind calling out a few examples that feel too much like "corporate speak"? It's really helpful to be able to communicate our value prop in the words of our customer.

      It's great to know that you could identify who our target user is, but you shouldn't have to work to figure that out - I'll work on that. As our target user, I'd love to know what hesitations you have to signing up?

      For whatnot

      1. You aggregate all relevant news on a topic(s) of my choosing. I can stop digging around, for example, 5 different sites to know which companies raised a round in the previous day. I'm not clear on how I get it tho - is it consolidated into an email? Do I have my own account where I have saved modules? Am I alerted when new articles come up? It seems like I 1) go to your site, 2) search for a keyword of interest, 3) can click into each article (taking me to that site) based on the search results. Also, I didn't realize the top bar was a search bar until the very end so it wasn't immediately clear on how I can interact with your site. I originally hovered over Kanye's name (and the photo description said wikipedia) so I assumed if I clicked his name it would take me to the Kanye page on wikipedia where, actually, it searches your site for Kanye - which is WAY cooler, but was not clear. Lastly, there are a few grammatical errors throughout.

      2. I don't understand what "article-like landing" means - could you please clarify?

      3. My answer to 1 walks through my thought process of what you do. It seems that I finally got there, but it wasn't 100% clear from the start and if I wasn't doing a site review, I'm not sure I would have spent the time figuring it out.

      Happy to continue providing feedback!

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        Corporate -> conversational:
        continuous forecasting on your software projects -> Find problems in your tasks
        manually recalculating reports -> refreshing report page
        cascading effects -> troubles it can cause
        trigger conversations -> talk to your team
        historical data to build a model -> based on your teammates successes and failures

        I'm not a native speaker, but, I think, you can get an idea.

        I signed up. And it would be great to send me some email as confirmation: "thanks for signup. we'll notify you when we ready" and so on

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    1. Software dev tracking software, when are things going to be in production
    2. Get quick answers to when thing will be done instead of bugging the team
    3. I think (assume) this relies on devs posting updates and creating accurate estimates. I have personal reservations that spending time on accurate estimates is a good use of company time...

    Here's mine: https://www.centro.rocks

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      hey @RyanHitchler - thank you for the feedback! I revised the site based on the lack of information and would love to know if I've answered your questions, especially if your answer to "3" has changed at all.

      For Centro:

      1. I opened the page on my 24" monitor and was immediately pulled into the looping gif. The page ends up being very busy. I pulled it down onto my laptop (13") and the gif is now below the fold, and much easier to understand.
      2. For the gif itself - it's moving much too quickly for me to understand what's going on. Maybe if it was moving more slowly or a shorter loop, the page wouldn't feel as busy when opened on a large monitor.
      3. I've worked in large organizations where there are definitely information silos - is the value that I don't need to log into 5 different systems anymore and that all conversations, notifications, and record updates can be done via slack (while still syncing with the system of record?)
      4. Another value it seems you are communicating is that everyone can work together - who is the target user? is it the sales AE, the CSM? Although information was siloed, each role owned their respective info and the other didn't need access to it - but maybe I'm missing the point?
      5. finally, in terms of speedy response, that may be valuable at a very small organization but, at scale, hyper-response is only encouraged for fixing customer issues (with the support team). If an AE or CSM responds within a day, that's totally acceptable, so depending on who your customer is, I'm not sure if this last point is a selling point.

      Happy to provide revised feedback if I misinterpreted anything. thanks!

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    1. Project management software
    2. You won't be surprised by delays. You'll be notified when they happen?
    3. Clearly there is no product yet. Unsure what value I'll get by putting in my email

    Here's mine: https://tryroamer.com/

    1. What is the product?
    2. What problem do you think it solves?
    3. What hesitations do you have about signing up?


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      Thanks for the feedback Daniel!

      My feedback:

      1. Cross-site vacation home searching with internet as the main criteria
      2. People who only care about being able to work from a location don't easily have all the best options available to them. It's also hard to understand the reliability of internet in most listings
      3. It seems hard to vet internet at places that don't have details about it in the listing, or it's in a location that hasn't been visited by someone else (assuming it requires someone else that uses the program to update the latest latency information). This means that the subset of places I can search through is much smaller, and I may not be getting the best deals. This makes me realize that these hesitations are probably because I'm not the target user. I'm cost-sensitive, and good internet needs to be balanced with this consideration as well.
      1. 1

        hey @DigiDaniel - thanks again for the feedback! It was a helpful learning to realize the simplicity of our original page made us appear too early. I've revised the sit to provide more info and would love to know if your opinion changes at all. thanks!

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    Hi Lisa,

    My feedback:

    1. Some kind of project management platform or extension.
    2. It will save time for the team, but I would make it more specific in the first sentence, like - no more surprise delays in ____
    3. It feels that the is a long way to go before the product or beta version is ready and until then I might find another solution.

    Here is mine:

    What am I selling?
    What would you add or remove to make it more clear and/or for a clean design?

    Thanks and good luck!

    1. 1

      Thanks Renan! That's such an interesting insight - even if you believed in what I was building and found value in it, the fact that an actual useable product is a long-ways off actually turns you away from it. Basically, a worst substitute now is much more appealing than a good product a year from now.

      My feedback:

      1. Real-time inventory management and activity monitoring system for construction sites
      2. I would actually remove the general piece of activity monitoring aka "guessing which activity from the site needs more attention". I think focusing on a really clear starting use case that you already have - give alerts when material is about to run out and get a daily report of material usage - allows you to test one specific hypothesis at a time. That way there will also be a lot less text on the page to explain both the problem and the solution.
        Given that material tracking is one of the top use-cases (at least what I'm picking up from the site itself), it'd be cool if the demo video you have at the bottom reflects the amount of material usage. Right now it tracks equipment, gloves, and a lot of extra things, but it doesn't actually track the usage of the trench shields. If you could just strip away everything else from the video and show that you can accurately detect the number of trench shields used over time, I think that'd be a really compelling use-case. Of course if you wanted to pivot and change to "assessing safety of workers at a construction site", the tracking of helmet/glove/reflective vests in the video would also be really compelling. But I think you should just focus on one main use-case to make it cleaner.
      1. 1

        hey @rensc - thanks again for your feedback! It's helpful to know that our design actually made us appear too far away from launch. I've revised the site to more accurately reflect what we do and how we do it - I'd love to know if this changes your opinion at all?

        1. 1

          Yes, It's much clear. If I were a Jira user (I only have used Trello once) I definetly would try your tool to monitor Jira and forecast delays.
          Another minimal feedback:

          1. If possible I would improve the quality of the "phone image" of your front page, notice that it's a little blurry.
          2. There is a little Bug but is not the big deal. If I click in the email box and then click outside the box, the first section of your front page disappears.
          3. I would add a footer and the social media logos.
          4. Try to make your page "https" (get the SSL certificate) it will look more professional and also now days it's free to get it, just follow some youtube tutorials.


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    Hi Lisa,

    1. Looks like a Project Management Tool or extension or so.
    2. Your main goal is to tackle the trouble of delays.
    3. Ok, I fit in here the rest of my comments, I hope that's fine :)
      There is really little information, and I was quite unsure what it is about and how you wanted to solve this and what's new to that topic. I usually like minimalistic designs, but in this case, it might be too little information :)

    Would be happy for any Feedback regarding my Webpage getmage.io :D
    What do you think is our mission?
    Do you think the product is communicated clearly?
    What do you like/dislike?
    What's Confusing?

    1. 2

      Thank you for the feedback! Definitely drives home how important this piece is!

      My feedback:

      1. I'd say the high level mission is to universally make price equivalent to value.
      2. Yes! I like the dedicated sections for why, what, and how.
      3. I like that it mentions the social impact of adjusting prices per country. One thing that would still concern me is the effect changing prices have on customer attrition. For example, when Classpass originally bumped their pricing, they saw insane attrition levels. Though it's slightly different than a subscription service, I'm assuming in-app purchases might see similar behavior if they're repeat purchases. It would be good to have a way to see the impact that changing prices has on purchase volume.
      4. I don't know how important this actually is to answer on the landing page (maybe more of an FAQ), but I don't understand whether there's a UI to make these adjustments or whether it's just an API
      1. 1

        @feefifofisa is your product really going in the PM Tool direction?
        During my studies I put quite some focus on IT-PM and other PM-topics, if you're interested in exchanging feel free to reach out :)

        1. 1

          Yes it is! Maybe we can set up some time to chat about the space? Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're up for it!

          1. 1

            hey @FlyingLasagna - thanks again for your feedback! I've updated the site to be a little less minimal and include more info about how we are solving the problem and what's the value to you as a user. I'd love to know your thoughts. thanks!

            1. 1

              It's awesome! Now I know what your goal is, I feel the pain, I get where you're aiming.
              There some questions left open, but that's ok I guess, you want to get them to get in touch with you. Maybe add a second signup field at the top again, so it's more prominent and people don't "forget" to scroll down.
              Design of course can be always improved by everyone, but for a minimalistic beta inviting page it should be enough ;)

              In summary it got better by a lot!

      2. 1

        Thanks for your explicit feedback!

        Regarding your concerns, we're taking care that for the same user prices won't change that quickly and too enormously. Additionally, in most cases where you might offer discounts, it instead increases the users' attrition.

        About your last statement, that's a good point! We'll add this definitely! There is a UI for you to register and make adjustments. You get to the web interface via the signup button.

  10. 1
    1. Get updates on when your software project isn’t working as expected
    2. It will be best at forecasting delays in software projects
    3. I’m not sure what I would need it for. There’s not enough info. I want to see some examples :-)

    Here’s mine: BuildFaster.co

    1. What am I selling?
    2. Is the copy clear?
    3. What should I add (or remove) to the landing page to improve conversion rate?


    1. 1
      1. High quality websites without the cost of time.
      2. Yes, but see #3 below.
      3. What the intro text really hones in on is how much time it takes to generate a website. I actually think the bigger sell is the "worry" that you eliminate. I actually felt a ping of relief when I scrolled down to the themes section, because I saw the screenshots with all the formats supported. It's great to know that I don't actually have to worry about things looking off in a particular iPad/mobile format compared to what I'm seeing on my laptop screen. Yes, this ultimately is a time-saver, because if I spent the time to make sure it's responsive and works properly in edge-case formats then I wouldn't have to worry. But the core emotion here is worry. This is also what the clean code addresses - it worries me that if I cut corners to get a responsive website as fast as possible, it might be harder to maintain and update. I think you should pivot your value-add to eliminating worry more than time-savings.

      It might also be helpful to remove the big block navigator to choose between the different template types - it takes up a lot of screen real-estate. The sell is the premium screenshots of how good your websites look; having this higher up on the page will be much better. Right now you have to scroll through the large navigator, then through the intro text, just to get to how beautiful yet simple the designs actually are. They're awesome - showcase them earlier!

      1. 1

        Amazing advice Lisa! This is very helpful. I will work on making the themes show up earlier and making the elimination of worry a key component in the landing page.

        Thanks again :)

        1. 1

          hey @BraydenTW - thanks again for your feedback! I've revised the landing page and would love to know if there is now enough info to understand what you would need it for. please let me know when you have a chance. thanks!

          1. 1

            Looks great. Much more modern.

            I also updated a bit of the landing page for BuildFaster.co. Let me know what you think :)

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    The first question that comes to my mind after reading "no more surprise delays" is which surprise delay are these people talking about. Is it the delay at the airport or delay my food order?

    The next line clears up this confusion a bit. This could be something with delays in software releases. Having seen multiple engineering teams deliver software, Now, I'm thinking, huh! I don't know how this can work. So, I'm curious to know how are they trying to solve this? Am I curious enough to put my email in there, not so much I guess.

    1/ Some sort of product management tool or plugin which predicts when the product could get delivered.
    2/ If I have got the first point right, then USP could be explained in a better way I guess. "Know when your <website/app> is going to get delivered"
    3/ This better be a plugin that works with the tool that engineering already uses, otherwise, it would be impossible to get the team to start using new software.

    1. 1

      Thanks so much Shravan! It's cool to see a walkthrough of your thought-process as you read through the page. Great call-out that one piece that's concerning is whether this requires yet another tool. You mentioned that you've seen multiple eng teams deliver software, do you mind sharing what your role is?
      Also let me know if there's any feedback that you'd like from me!

      1. 1

        Started from within the engineering team slowly moving my way up towards product management.

        1. 1

          hey @shrvn - thanks again for your detailed thought process! I've revised the site to provide more detail on the "how" and "why". I'd love to know if I've addressed your comments about the USP and concerns of the workflow. thanks!

          1. 1

            I understand that this tool works with Jira directly from the landing page. So, that's good.
            I still have some confusion around who is the end-user of this product. It does say in the email that it is sent to the <Program Manager>. But, it could be made apparent.

            In the second section of "how it works?", I could understand how you could build a model based on previous data from Jira. But, I couldn't understand how you would model the complexity of the project.

            Last time, my landing page wasn't ready. It's a self-discovery tool called manas. Do let me know your feedback.

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    Hi Lisa,

    Here are my understandings

    1. I don't know exactly what continuous forecasting means in this case, but I guess your service helps to predict if there will be delays on software delivery. Perhaps with the help of some AI. Is that correct?
    2. To me the value proposition is that I am able to find delivery delays sooner. This would be great for project managers for better planning and could save a lot of money to the company. Frankly, it is a great idea!
    3. I haven't enough information to sign up. I see the potential but I am not sure if I understood well, so I won't signup with the doubt. I would use some screenshots or gif to provide more context and more words to explain the problem and how your product works and solves it.

    Here's my landing https://gemsnotes.app/
    I would be glad to have some feedback on the same questions :)


    1. 1

      Thanks Itta!

      My feedback:

      1. A place I can store and associate content I want to remember
      2. Reduces need to search & likelihood that I'll "forget" content I wanted to include. My assumption is that this is actually for content creators, since that's the use-case where you'll have the most need to recall information about a particular area and make sure you don't miss anything.
      3. It feels like a lot of work for me (not as a content creator, but just using it for random content of interest I want to track) to actually create a tree of information. I don't actually need that level of detail when it comes to information associations. The highest fidelity I need is actually just tags or clusters of information, and worrying about how information is associated and nested is more work
      1. 1

        hey @ittaboba - I've revised the landing page to go into more detail and hopefully answer some of your outstanding questions. I'd love to know if you still have doubt and in what areas. thanks!

        1. 1

          Hi Lisa,

          I am sorry for my late answer! 🙏 Thank you for your valuable feedback, it is very helpful for me to better understand how the tool is perceived at first sight.

          Actually questions were your own and they are great. I think I'll use them as default from now on!

          Also, I have just seen your updated landing page. It's much better! I would spend a few more words on how your product works. For example, how do you exactly predict tasks delays? Do you use AI? Do you need some previous tasks to train the model because every team has its own pace?
          Also, a cool feature could be to propose story points for each task automatically according to previous sprints. Don't know if it is possible but usually it's something boring and time consuming. I love the idea of using AI as a support for sprint planning.

  13. 1

    Things that I would do different:

    • Clear proposal (How are you solving this problem?)
    • More vibrant colors (In my opinion the website is to dark)
    • Being a Software Engineer myself, I don't really like non https secured sites

    Since it seems like you focus your target audience on software developers, I would recommend to especially fix the last point.

    Sorry for mentioning only cons, but in the end you only learn from mistakes.
    Due to my MVP being in a really early alpha stage, I sadly have no link to share. Maby I'll post it later on!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback Jan! I love hearing cons and where I can be better! It's definitely helpful to understand the details that pop out at you and also the context of your role. Why do you think the target audience is software developers?

      Yes, please share your link once you're ready! I'd love to help out with feedback

      1. 1

        Sorry for my brief introduction, looking back at my answer I could have provided more information about myself. I'm Jan, 24 years old and I'm working as a software engineer for 4 years.

        Since I started my career 4 years ago, I'm working in a Scrum team. In Scrum forecasts are often used to set a - in my opinion "vague" - date on when the project might be finished.

        When I entered your Page, Scrum and its forecasts was the first thing that came to my mind, but I could not find any confirmation on it. That's why I think a clear statement - for example via. a information text, or short video - would be helpful for users, so that they know, what they are getting into.

        The reason why I thought that you target software devs was, because of your wording: "... on your software projects ...", but that could have been a misunderstanding, due to me being German and interpreting it wrong.

        When it comes to the color tone of your site, I think it all comes down to personal preference, though it's probably a good UI/UX practice to use more vibrant colors. (psychology of colors)

        I hope this will give you a better understanding of the points I mentioned earlier. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me anything ;)

        1. 2

          Thank you so much for the detailed explanation, Jan! That's definitely good to know that your first thought was Scrum/forecasting for Sprints and Projects, because that's exactly what it's for! The reason I'm asking about software devs specifically, is because I was originally targeting more the project managers, so was curious to think about why it appeals to you as a software engineer.
          Also really interesting to think about how there needs to be some guarantee for exactly who I'm targeting before you sign up - even if you think it could be you, you need to know that it is definitely targeted towards you first

          1. 1

            I'm glad that that it helped you. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to see Vardo grow and improve :)

            1. 1

              hey @janvoelker - thanks again for your feedback! I revised the site based on your comments and would love to know if it's now more clear (http to https is unfortunately a more complicated process, so that will follow)

              1. 1

                It's definitely clearer now! Hopefully I'll get a beta invite ;)
                Which hosting provider are you using? I know a few which are easy to setup, support https (you don't have to configure it) and are also completely free. Just write me a mail if you want some information on free hosting provider.

  14. 1

    I think I'm not your target, so may be your landing would be more obvious for other people:

    What do you think we do:

    • It's not really clear for me, i think it's around continuous forecasting for software project, but it's written on the landing so it's easy. I don't know what the product can be.

    What is the value proposition? Is it clear?

    • You solve delays on software project ?

    What hesitations do you have about signing up?

    • I almost wanted to signup for more info. However, I am not sure if the product is for me. Again, I might just not be the target!

    However, the design is really clean!

    Here's my landing :): https://www.misakey.com/
    I would be glad to have some feedback

    1. 1

      Thanks so much Fabien! Great point that there's still this uncertainty of whether this is actually meant for you - so even if you felt the pain fo the value prop, you wouldn't sign up because it might be more noise if you're not the intended target.

      My feedback:

      • My first question would be "how is this different from Slack?" So it'd be good to highlight this differentiator outright and address the elephant in the room. I know you mention "with your client", so it's about external versus internal communication, but it might be good to pull the section of "Invite any of your clients without requirement" section to somewhere near the top. Though encryption/confidentiality is super important, that's actually not the first thing I'm worried about when it comes to client communication. The first thing I'm worried about is actually getting them to easily use a tool.
      • I signed up to play around with it and tried to create a private space to compare it with the "Early Birds Community" and see what changes, but it seems like it needs a private invite. It might be good to give an example "fake" private space somehow so that people understand how the interaction on the platform works
      • It might be better to actually reduce the information on the site to just the key pieces: "Easy access for clients" (no account/install needed), and "Secure communication" (end to end encryption, authentication, access control, compliance). Share confidential docs and protect the clients data are actually the same things in my mind
      1. 1

        hey @Fabien - I revised the site and would love to know if it now answers the question of if this product is for you. thanks!

        1. 1

          Thanks for your feedback @feefifofisa.
          Yes it is much clearer to me. I think your landing is much more optimized for your goal (signing up), the CTAs remain visible and we have a lot more information about the product and what it does.

  15. 1

    What do you think we do?

    • Something around forecasting but don't know what exactly

    What is the value proposition? Is it clear?

    • Who is this for? And what problem are you solving?

    What hesitations do you have about signing up?

    • Because the value prop isn't clear, I'm not sure if it's for me

    Keen to hear your feedback :) -> https://virtualmojito.com/

    1. 1

      Thanks Felix!

      My feedback:

      • Really cool that you're aggregating all the remote tools for me. Right now it's a little too much of "for everyone" from work to social events. It might be better to target one, or if you want to target all of them, allow people to select what their use-case is and show the tools for that use-case. Otherwise, I feel I have to do too much sifting to find the right tools for my use-case
      • I really like the idea of "hot picks". Since they're already hand-picked, it might make sense to actually add a little more detail to this section instead of formatting it like all the available tools under the search section. If you could even make a card for each of them, introducing what each does and why I care about them, it'd serve as both a tutorial to your site as well as something that convinces me about the care that goes into the curation process
      • The start of the page is a little busy. I'd start with the intro and then the hot picks after that instead of split-screening them. That way there's a clear order I should read them in. This one's a bit of a nit - if possible, I'd also slow down the rate that the bottles fall, because they're really distracting.
      • The virtual event calendar is really cool, but it's buried under the entire tool gallery. Since you're already starting off with an intro of the hot picks, I'd actually move the virtual calendar above the tools search so people are exposed to that without scrolling all the way down. If you want to prominently feature the search, maybe JUST the search bar, then the virtual event calendar, and the trends subscription before all the cards with the tools
      • I didn't realize that there were also tags on the cards until looking at them in table view. It might actually be more valuable to expose tags on the cards in lieu of the website url
      1. 1

        hey @felix12777 - I revised the site and would love to know if the value prop is more clear? would be great to know what shortcomings are still there. thanks!

        1. 1

          Hey thanks for your feedback and update! Your headline looks nicer and clearer!

          Now I'm wondering have you applied any design system for your landing page?

          I'm a little picky in terms of UI/ UX haha, the mobile mockup looks a bit dated, which gives me the impression that your website is not updated. Secondly, the button seems embedded on the website, I would suggest using accent color to make it more obvious.

          Btw, I've launched a new product -> VenturesList, would be awesome to hear your feedback!

          1. 1

            Hey Felix! Sorry I missed this so this is coming a little late.

            Landing page feedback:
            Love the design and feel of the site. Very approachable and clean.
            One thing that felt a little at-odds was the immediate names and terms used when I hit the site. My first impression was actually that this was for investors. For example, "venture list" makes it sound like it's a list of potential ventures to fund and "startup investment insights" would actually give me some trends that would help me make funding decisions. Then after I scroll, I realize it's actually the other way around. After reading through all the details, it's very clear that this is actually targeted at startups that are raising.

            We're actually going through fundraising right now, so I can offer my "user" perspective as well:

            One thing that's top of mind is the investor catalog that you showcase. Right now for this, I use Signal and Crunchbase, which have both been awesome. So this immediately brings up the product question - are you trying to compete with these or are you going to be a resource connector that suggests these, like you do with other pitch deck / term sheet resources?

            In general, I think it would be helpful to pick one mindset you want founders to come to your site for, because that's what will drive us to remember the site and keep coming back. For example, I use Signal when I'm wondering whether a particular partner at an investment firm has a specific stance on our industry / detailed insights on a person. So my mindset is "I really want to understand a person I'm about to reach out to or talk to" and I immediately pull up Signal.

            The two offerings you have right now of investor catalog vs tools to get started feels like they're different mindsets. The tools would be more "I have no idea what I'm doing in this area, let me see if there's anything that can jumpstart me" vs the catalog would be "I know the types of firms I'm targeting and I want to narrow down my funnel"

            Hope any of that was helpful!

  16. 1

    Heya @feefifofisa I took a glance at your landing page while I was doing my weekly landing page feedback live-stream today, I tried to give you some honest feedback and I've highlighted a few areas of improvement. I also took some time to do the timestamps in the video description, so it's easy to find! Check it out: https://youtu.be/SxyVsA58c34

    1. 1

      Thanks so much Orlie! So great to actually be able to hear your reaction in real-time. Your point about the lack of reputation behind the page is so good. It's so important to realize that that has to be coupled with either a reputation or a more detailed "how". I watched your feedback for most of the other landing pages, and those were really helpful too - very concise feedback.

      Let me know if there's anything I can give feedback on for you!

      1. 1

        hey @orliesaurus! Thanks again for your video feedback. I revised the site and would love to know if the "how" is more clearly communicated and any new feedback you might have. thanks!

        1. 1

          Gonna take a look soon! If you haven't already subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the video where I discuss it :)

  17. 1

    Definitely something software engineers are looking, but lacks in the believably factors. How are you going to eliminate this problem?

    1. 1

      Thanks Darko! Good to know that believability is the most important factor here. Just wondering, do you happen to have an engineering background?

        1. 1

          Hey Darko! I revised the site and would love to know if I've addressed the believability factors in terms of our approach to solve the problem. If not, where do you still have hesitations? thanks!

          1. 1

            It's a more solid foundation to start from def. The screenshot gave me an idea of what the product does. So basically, this is for software teams so they don't piss off their customers with delays.

        2. 1

          Great, thanks for the context! Also let me know if there's anything I can provide feedback on for you as well!

  18. 1

    Not trying to be mean. Here's my honest feedback:

    1 - I have no ideia.
    2 - It helps me to avoid problems that cause delay on software development. How? That's what I have no ideia.
    3 - There's no reason to sign up as it's really hard to believe that there's any private beta coming out soon. I say that by seeing how simple this landing page is, but I can be wrong.

    1. 1

      Hey Vitor, I really appreciate the honest feedback! What I'm learning from you is that the landing page needs to make it believable that we can deliver the value-prop that we're talking about. Either with the "how" or making it seem believable that we have a product to offer that does this (possibly with a use-case example of impact we've made - like saving X hours of delays within Y company). Does that sound right?

      What I'm trying to test with it is whether someone will sign up if they feel the problem that the value-prop is targeting, and it sounds like the answer is "no" without a reasonable guarantee that it can be done

      1. 1

        Yeah, that's correct.

        I'm a software engineer, so I know that this problem exists. And I've seen some attempts to solve this in my day job, some works and others don't.

        At this stage, I think that you don't need to have a guarantee that it can be done, but you need to explain how you'll approach the problem, so the users can compare it with other things they already tried. If it's a different approach that seems reasonable or this is similar to the ones that worked well, they'll sign up.

        Oh, and if you can give me your feedback on my landing page I would appreciate: idlelessapp.com

        1. 1

          Amazing, thank you for the extra context - it's so valuable for me to understand!

          My feedback:

          • The core message is very clear and speaks to me: save money by scaling your website to demand. I like how it's split into the two parts of simple value + how. I'd just tighten up the language a little here, since it's the first thing people see. So fixing the typo to "Your sites don't need to run at full speed all the time", and maybe condensing the second sentence to "Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by scaling based on demand" or "Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by setting schedules based on demand" (I realized here that I'm not sure if the scheduling is automatic, or you have to set a schedule for it)
          • There are a lot of screenshots on the page, but I think the best explanation of what it does is the second screenshot of the schedules and the times/instance types during those times. I would actually remove the two examples of the "Next actions", because they're trying to show the same thing but less clearly. I don't think people need to know the details of how they'd modify the schedule as long as they understand the core use-case. I believe that the less things people have to look at to understand what's going on the better. One helpful thing to add though in place of those 2 boxes, is how demand is measured and whether there's an interface for that.
          • Just nitpick on the layout, I'd just make sure the 3 blocks for Right DB size, pausing instances, and quickstart stretch to the width of the page. They're a little hard to read, because they're condensed to smaller squared
          1. 1

            Thank you, that was a great feedback.

            I've got other feedbacks about the typos :/ . Next time I'll surely check the copy with some native English speaker before putting it into the landing page.

            My first idea was to not be automated - like analysing the demand for you. It was to give you the flexibility to do it by yourself.

            I think of it more like a visual way to create cronjobs that communicates with cloud providers public apis to scale things up and down. But yeah, do the analysis of computing demand and automatically schedule actions for you is a good small pivot.

            Maybe if I show the second image as a video people are gonna understand that it's up to them to schedule actions.

            Let give you more context: in my day job we have cronjobs to scale, at determined parts of the day, things like GCP instances and our MongoDB atlas cluster. It saved a lot of money and this is where my idea came from.

            In this job, that's my first one, it's pretty obvious when we will have demand, so we just need to scale up at 6am and down at 8pm. This must not be the best approach for other companies, but I don't have this experience to know.

            It's how you used to see people handling the problem in companies that you've worked? If not, how did your team handled this kind of stuff?

            1. 2

              I don't think you need to actually create a video for the second screenshot - I think just having the screenshot with the language around "Set scaling schedules for your cloud infrastructure" is already very clear.

              We had slightly varying infra needs based on time of day, but this was pretty negligible for us. The biggest cost changes were based on usage - e.g. depending on the content of request sent to the server it could eat up 100x more resource. This was less predictable throughout the day, so we auto-scaled it based on how many heavy compute requests we were experiencing

              1. 1

                I see. In our case, all requests consume almost the same amount of resources. So we tried to add auto-scale when cpu reach 70%, but it didn't work so well because our servers are highly I/O bound - and it biases the metric.

                Well, thanks for your feedback, it helped me a lot, and good luck with what you're trying to build. :)

                1. 1

                  Hey Vitor! Thanks again for your feedback - I revised the site and would love to know if based on the new info, if you have a better understanding of what problem we solve and how it compares to solutions you've seen or tried before. thanks!

                2. 1

                  Yes that makes sense! I think that'd be an interesting differentiator to add somewhere on the site - for cases where automated scaling fails. I'm sure this is also the situation that others are facing

  19. 1

    not understandable. what do you do that's different than a burndown chart lets say, or just a person giving updates?... what is it? how does it prevent delays? or surprises?

    1. 1

      Hi Hatky! Thanks for your feedback! Do you think that's the level of "how" that you'd be happy with (e.g. "with a dashboard" versus "proactive alerts") to have a general sense of what it does? Or do you think one targeted example of a differentiator could also satisfy the need for "how"?

      1. 1

        you'd have different types of users, not sure who you target
        I'm a techie, detailed oriented, I need to feel I know what this is how it works from each side, what does the notified user sees, what does the system operator see/do...
        if you target a less detail oriented project manager/c level or whatev they might be satisfied with way less

        I just don't feel you said anything there to even give a direction of the vision.
        "No more surprise delays" - this could be a programming company with a customer guarantee of 100% money back, 100% committed to dates.

        "Continuous forecasting" who does the forecasting? is it manual? is it an automated system of sorts? what's the base of the data? what systems does it connect to? will it work if I manage tasks in github/trello/excel/jira?...
        Do you have some secret sauce for forecasting? or do you do one on the common ones in a new display?... we all know forecasting is one of the hardest things for many software projects... due it might depend on the project...

        Who am I as your customer?

        1. 1

          Hi Hatky! Thanks again for your feedback - I revised the site and would love to know if I correctly addressed your points or what gaps still exist. thanks!

        2. 1

          Such great feedback that there's not even "a direction of the vision". Really appreciate the detail on this. I wanted to give as little away as possible, but I can now use your feedback to find the right threshold where it's not "too little". Thanks again! Please let me know if there's anything I can also help give feedback on for you!

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