Let's validate your startup/ product idea for free! 🚀

Hey guys!

I will help you to validate your idea in 3-5 days for free. I will facilitate workshop where we discuss your idea, customers, their problem and competitors. Then we ideate solutions and I will design simple prototype. On the last day we will test prototype with 3-5 potential user and collect their feedback.

Value to you: saving time and money by not developing your product, but testing prototype with real users.

Value to me: I will record our whole process and upload it on my Youtube channel. As well as practicing efficient process for validating new ideas and concepts.

If you want to test your idea drop me message on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justasto/

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    How would you measure the success of validation?

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      @felix12777 thanks for question. It depends. We will set KPI and goals before the sprint. To be honest, I haven't done idea validation sprint in such a short term. However, I believe there should be a way to validate ideas and concepts in short period up to 2 weeks and I want to find that way :) My idea is to build clickable prototype on Figma and test it with 5 potential user. We should analyze if users are using a product in a way we expected, if they are making actions we want. As well as, collecting their feedback about a problem. So probably after this sprint we should see if we are going the right direction with the concept and where should we go next with adding new features in the next sprint.

      Do you have any suggestions for validating success?

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        This approach is interesting. I’m just out of curiosity why the sample size has to be 5 and how can you ensure the result is valid in a short period of time?

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    Sounds good. :) Have sent you a connection request on Linkedin.

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