LF: Tech Leader @ Startup - (Minimal coding on an already Successful Product)

Firstly, let me tell you that I will NOT settle.

Spread (https://www.spreadtech.online/) is a product I hold very close to my heart. I only want the best of the best to work alongside me to bring Spread from beta to market.

Spread is an automated content repurposing tool.

Content creators and content marketers will use Spread to repurpose their existing content into more content.

Spread is currently in BETA product testing stage. Currently Spread can turn youtube videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs, and blogs into Twitter threads.

Let me start with why you would want to be a tech lead at Spread

  • A pre-built beta product (I will link in private)
  • Made by a great backend freelancer
  • 335 beta users signed up to date
  • private launch commenced
  • 30/335 beta users have been emailed links
  • feedback already gained
  • Only one similar product (duplikit)
  • Open to reasonable equity, profit sharing, and even payment options
  • It's just me, you, and our baby Spread... The holy trinity of startups :)

Your Role

Let me also be clear in saying that you will most likely be the tech lead for BETA ---> Real product/Growth stage only.

A more experienced CTO will be hired for Growth ---> Mass Market stage.

This will also happen to me as the CEO. And every other founding leader we bring on together. Unless you prove otherwise.

  • Get along with me great. We're gonna be a duo for a while... :)

  • Innovate the application so that it works and pleases users to the highest degree possible

  • See all opportunities for change, both in the product and team

  • Great coding skills (however, I presume this will be more so minimal as the product foundations are already built)

  • Lead a team of freelancer coders (post-beta stage)

  • Be everything a product manager is for a tech product

  • Committed to Spread for a few hours a day minimal

  • Understand the product. Background in content marketing preferable. Understand podcasting, blogging, social media etc would be great!

When we get talking we can draft everything out properly. We will probably both be wearing many hats in the beginning...

As I said before I'm not prepared to settle for anyone. I want to find the most perfect possible fit. I will wait. But please don't let this discourage you from speaking to me or anything!!!

If you're interested in joining me then please email, DM me on Twitter, or simply reply below and I'll reach out to you.

Thank you so much for reading :)

  1. 2

    Wow, it was indeed a simple but innovative idea. I have experience in web development and have time to commit to this project. You can find me at [email protected].

    1. 1

      Thank you bro

      Do you have any past experience with projects? Anything you could link me to?

      1. 1

        yes sure, send me an email and I will give you links to my previous projects

        1. 1

          Hey sorry bro, I've found a CTO for the project now.

          You're still more than welcome to come on as apart of the early team though? If that sounds at all interesting to you

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