Linesbox in beta


We are excited for our first public launch of Linesbox.
After 2 years of development, we are finally ready to present you Linesbox. We have been building business software for over 10 years, using that experience, we came up with a simple app to cover the entire employee life cycle.

Some of features include:

  • Recruit (Applicant tracking system, Onboarding / off boarding)
  • Manage (Employee management, Team management, Company management )
  • Operate (Time tracking, PTOs (ie holidays and time offs), Expenses management, Hardware and software licenses, Project management)
  • Communicate (Work logs, Recent ships, Team and company news, Get to know your colleagues, Wikis)
  • Grow (Employee and team morale, One on Ones, Monthly Rate, Skills, Objectives Key Results (OKR), e-Coffees)

One of main focus was to build a first tool that tries to cover the entire employee life cycle, in a simple, elegant and modern way. There are other behemoths in that space, but they are extremely bloated, not elegant and don’t move fast - at all.

The beta period will last at least several months (currently, 6 months),We believe that Linesbox will change how companies manage their employees and give them an enjoyable experience of performance.
Try it now: https://app.linesbox.com/register?plan=LP-Beta

We hope you like it!

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