August 5, 2020

Link Your Website, I Will Give a Super-Detailed First Impression Feedback

Michael Fenix @michael_fenix

As I was developing HockeyStack, I spent 100+ hours to understand what makes visitors convert to show the most useful events on the dashboard.

I want to give back to the community so hard thus I will make every comment super-detailed. If the comment will be too long to post, here I can also email it to you.

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      Hey @Akcium
      I love your design! Very clean!
      I saw the try cta with the URL input after spending a few minutes on the page. I would suggest putting this both on the hero and the end of the page to create a higher sense of interactivity.

      I’m not a huge fan of the copy in the features. It explains the concept very clearly, but not effectively. It can be shortened and made easier to scan.
      In the false-positive feature, you define the terms you use before explaining the feature. The definition is even longer than the explanation of the feature! Instead of telling what a false positive is, you can say something like “we monitor from multiple locations to give 100% accurate info”.
      The “monitor from multiple locations” is written like an informative paragraph with phrases like “it’s important to know” and “it may be useful to you”. Removing these phrases, removing the “why we do it” question, and replacing “first, second, third” with bullet points will make it much more scannable. You can also change these sentences to imperatives such as “Know when your site is down in a certain region” and “Get detailed regional information” would make it much more interesting.
      One small quirk I realized is that the last feature header is not in the imperative form.
      I absolutely loved your screenshots, especially the ones for notifications. Though, avoid false positives looks kinda like a placeholder. Maybe an animation with country flags merging would work there, I don’t know, not a designer :p
      I realized the only variable in your pricing is the number of URLs. At HockeyStack we used a slider to reduce repetitiveness and introduce an extra layer of interactivity. You might want to take a look at that. Otherwise, you may want to write out the features again in the pricing, it will remind visitors subconsciously of what they are getting for that price.
      Optionally, if you find that visitors who scroll to the bottom convert better, you can move the who is it for boxes higher up. If you are looking into paid advertising, creating separate landing pages for each of these customer types will help a lot.
      The other parts of the page are top-notch! The hero is very clever and easy to understand. Good job!

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        Give this guy two shots of coffee or whiskey or whatever he needs please

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    Hi @michael_fenix, thanks for taking the time to do this. Would love to have your input on:

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    That's very cool of you! Mine is a note-taking app

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    Hey, I'm working on a startup for security cameras. Can you please have a look at

    Waiting for your feedback.

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    Hey Michael,

    My name is Pankaj and sharing a platform for designers, Can you share your opinion.

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    Building the most powerful #nocode engine for Google sheets to website conversion.

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    Hi Michael, thanks for doing this. I am working on, looking forward to your feedback.

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    Hey, I'd appreciate the feedback. It's under production and there are still some copy issues that I need to fix but please take a look :)

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      I definitely agree with @michael_fenix.

      Real quick suggestion...

      Main Heading > Bulletproof Email Marketing Recipes
      Sub Heading > Get our battle-tested email and content strategy, plus premium responsive HTML emails
      CTA Button > Learn More Now (on-click, scroll to a section that starts the problem story)

      I would also break-up your homepage into sections, each section having bite-size pieces of information, allowing the visitor to digest each part quickly and more easily.

      Between every other section, you could include a "Jump to Pricing" or something similar.

      Lastly, I'm not sure I like the word "recipe" in this context. Maybe replace it with a word like blueprint, or something similar.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I am really fond of the unorthodox way of doing LPs but I think i will AB test current and shorter LP text :)

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          Yeah, your current LP is designed more like a longer sales page -- and some of those work really well in converting.

          Would be great to hear the results of the A/B tests!

          One thing I can say for certain, testing is the ONLY way to know whether or not certain UX/UI changes perform better.

          There have been plenty of times I've tested creative that I thought was great, but turned out that it didn't perform well.

          In addition to A/B testing, I'd recommend recording visitor sessions and running heat-maps.

          One time we deployed a whole new website UX, that was way better than the prior version, but we quickly discovered that CTR to one of our main pages plummeted from the new homepage.

          Couldn't figure out why, since the new site design was much better.

          We implemented heat-maps & user session recording. That helped us learn that people were not paying attention to the main CTA (button) and they were clicking things (like a hero image) that weren't going anywhere or going to places we didn't want the visitor to go.

          Made changes, and got the CTR higher than the prior site design.

          Keep us posted!

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      Sorry, this will be a long one:

      There are 2 huge issues with this page: there is too much text and not enough call to action!

      The first CTA appears at the 60% mark of the page, though if you check with your analytics tool the average max scroll will be between 30-50%. This means that most customers do not get the chance to take action no matter how convincing your text is.

      When I enter the page the first and really only thing I see is walls of text. There is a reason many copywriters say “write with your eraser”. Because when I enter a page like this, I don’t read any text. Visitors almost always scan the page quickly and leave. Try to condense everything at least to half. Visitors do not want 2 paragraphs that ask them 10 rhetorical questions.

      They want a text that says what the tool does in as little and simple words as possible. To top it all, I still don’t know what recipes are! I suggest you this: Call a friend that has as much to do with email marketing as a 5-year-old and explain to them your product. This experience will enlighten you.

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        Thanks for the feedback. I was already aware somehow the copy is unable to answer all questions. Your feedback also confirmed that. I will think about ways of fixing it :)

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    Hi Micheal,
    I've recently launch the landing page of my personal website as an eco-friendly graphic designer:
    It's a static website which is developed to be lightweight to match my green design approach.
    I would love to have your feedback,

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    Just launched my newsletter landing page.
    Happy to hear feedback on this

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    I love these opinion threads! Here's my personal website: Pradeep CE.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! :)

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    HockeyStack seems interesting! Would love any feedback on:

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    Nice, thanks for doing this Michael!

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    Hey Michael!
    Not sure if you are still doing this... but looking forward to your feedback

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    Thanks a lot for this, Michael!
    Here's our landing page -

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    Hi Michael, I have a pretty simple landing page would love some feedback

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    Hi Michael, we are in the early stages. So your feedback will have an impact on our next iteration of the design.

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      Hi @horizontech,

      loved the color combination and your message was clear at first sight. However, there are a lot of words on the landing page. Subheader is really long and I think that you can create bullet points from it instead of repeating the word 'our'.

      The second block is 'Our Journey' but you are talking about your expertise and your location. Either change the title or change the content. The most important part is Our alumni work in companies such as Microsoft, Amazon & Cognizant. this but it looks the same as other sentences. It doesn't attract attention as it should.

      There are a lot of testimonials on the page. I think you should delete the testimonials that are at the end of the page since they don't have pictures and seem fake. You should also place the Get mentored by engineers from the block above the 'our journey' block because Amazon what makes people scroll down, not the journey.

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    Hi Michael! Would love to hear your feedback to, thanks!

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    Hi Michael 👋🏻, is something I am working on right now! I would love to hear some words from you!

    Great to see you back!

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      hey @yugen,

      I fell in love with the combination of the dark background and the elements of your website. It is great and I bet you iterated a lot to come this far. I have only 2 feedback:

      • You should add a CTA button in the middle to convert people who scrolled past 45% or 50%. Currently, the button is at 100%. I cannot say the exact numbers without seeing your analytics but I do think that you might have lost visitors because of it.

      • You can put customer reviews below the companies to create trust early and put it on the navbar too.

      1. 1

        Thanks Michael! Gonna make the changes super soon! Appreciate the honest words! Cheers.

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    Hi Michael,

    Would love to get your feedback on

    Looking forward to it.

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      hey @tjrg,

      The image is good and relevant. The hero could be better. I cannot see a reason to put Management there. As a visitor, I couldn't understand the management part.

      I would also like to see the how it works part as soon as I opened the website.

      I think that the benefits could be placed somewhere else and the box looks bad. Also the title has capital word some not: benefits of using PathRoute

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    Sounds cool! What do you think about my personal site 🙏

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      hey @mxmzb,

      I loved the picture you used! The about me page is also really successful. I cannot give a detailed comment since it is a personal page but maybe you can add your latest projects and a blog to attract attention.

      You nailed it bro!

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    Thanks for offering!

    Here's my Substack blog / newsletter:

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      hey @cyberbadger

      Background images are cool, I liked it but I don't think that you need 'as a service' in the hero. It is clear that it is a service.

      You should add a try free and a see pricing button below the hero to direct more visitors to pricing page.

      How it works block is too below to notice. It could be better to place it below hero with some testimonials.

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    Thanks for doing this Michael.

    Here's mine:

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      Hey @BraydenTW,

      Looks clean!

      I think that this sentence is not necessary for the subheader since your main benefit is clear. Coding a website has never been easier.

      I also think that placing the testimonial block should be placed below the hero. When a visitor sees it, he/she continues to scroll.

      Trying it free is the most persuasive offer. You should add a CTA button below the hero because visitors should scroll past 75% to see that offer in the current design.

      Why part is strong and it conveys the right message. I have a quick question: Can I use these themes if I am a total stranger to coding?

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback Michael! I’ll defiantly implement this into my next design!

        Yes, you can use my HTML templates without knowledge. I added comments in the files so you can understand what to do in the code. All you have to edit is the text and the images and you’re done 👍

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      Cool site! Dumb question: are these themes for WordPress, Ghost, or more universal? Little lost on how to implement (I'm obviously not a coder/web developer). :-D

      1. 1

        HTML themes 😁

        Basically they are hand-coded and I sell those templates to developers who need a website quick 🏃‍♂️

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    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for this. I'd love your feedback:


    1. 1

      hey, @levinunnink,

      I loved the monkeys!

      The color combination is good but I don't think that you need to write 'now' in the hero. It doesn't make any sense to me as a visitor. I thought for a few moments to understand what does now means there. You would not want that to happen.

      It seems like the main benefit of the product is No backend required but I think that you can offer more than that. What do you make better and which problem do you solve? And also Harness can be replaced with a better verb in my opinion.

      I loved the tailoring based on the persona. I don't know your analytics but if you can direct most of the visitors there, your conversion rate would increase.

      1. 1

        Thank you, Michael! Great feedback. Let me know if I can return the favor.

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    Hi Michael, we have recently completely rebuild our landing page and would love to get some feedback how to further improve it: Thanks a lot!

    1. 2

      hey @klavik,

      I liked the arrow idea and the consistency but you need a better hero. Universal yet so simple doesn't convey the main value you offer.

      I think that you should replace the second infographic with the first one since it represents your idea. I want to know what OrgPad does as a visitor but I see random terms like teamwork or planning and a video.

      I said I liked the consistency but testimonial block doesn't really need the arrows. It creates so much chaos there.

      You have only one page. I'd add use cases, solutions, and a blog to create trust.

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot! We will take a look into it in the next iteration.

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      hey @egan,

      Interesting idea!

      To start with, the video is awesome. I am not much a film guy but I understood what you do with the video.

      Your why is strong and I think that you should focus on it more. Instead of a sentence you can write a manifesto or dedicate a page on your why.

      You can add more CTA buttons, testimonials, and a how it works section. There are a lot of words on the landing page. You can reduce them by adding a dedicated page to your why and adding bullet points. If you have a high rating on the store, add that too.

      1. 1

        Will add seperate "Why" page + testimonials and reviews as soon as when I get them.

        Thank you!

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    Thanks a lot, any feedback will be really appreciated!

    1. 2

      hey, @pldespaigne Social Network as a Service is a cool name.

      There are a lot of words on the landing page. I skimmed through them to understand what you do to give feedback but a lot of people won't. Also, the first bullet point has a grammar mistake. they need to implements every features

      I don't think that your visitors are curious about your tech so instead of these sentences you can use the space to make the visitor understand why you do it and how it works.

      That's why our core engine use a graph oriented model to be as adaptable as possible. We also need to build a powerful backend capable of scaling when your app does. To achieve that we rely on the Google Cloud services so we can focus on building our Social Network as a Service API.

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for the feedbacks, I will iterate on that !

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      Hi @chrisbuttenham!

      The personal landing page looks awesome with a lot of white space. I love white space because nowadays all landing pages trying to sell something everywhere with discount codes, chatbox, email pop-up, etc. and landing pages with a lot of white space makes me trust the brand.

      Features block is also great but it makes the visitor scroll a lot to see all the features. If you could change it with how it works block of the teams landing page it would be incredible.

      Great job Chris!

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    Hi Michael, would love some feedback on


    1. 1

      Hi @DanielDe!

      I liked the idea and the design. The video could be shorter with a few examples like the Slack one.

      The first sentence of the subheader and the hero are literally the same. You can delete that first sentence in my opinion.

      I loved Big unsubscribe button hahaha

      3 easy steps block looks good but I personally prefer it like this one. If your visitors scroll past that, it is fine but if they don't you might wanna consider this option.

      You can also add a testimonial block.

      You also don't have many pages. I would start a blog immediately and add pages like

      1. 1

        Wow, super appreciate this, Michael. I particularly like the Frontend Mentor example you linked to there.

        Thanks so much!

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      Hey @launchbeast!

      Your design looks cool. Join 10K+ members is a great testimonial but the thing is I could not understand the main value proposition. People sell courses and there are stories. So is it something like GumRoad or is it like indie hackers? It is a bit confusing honestly.

      Other than that, the stories on the landing page are great but I'd like to choose a category and read them. This way I just scrolled and scrolled until I found a relevant story.

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      Hey @Michael_Andreuzza,

      The design is really clear, congrats!

      I think that 'For startups & personal use.' is not necessary since if someone needs a template, he/she will know his/her intent.

      The menu is also cool but you can replace 'Other tools' with 'Design resources' since it attracts more attention.

      Video is cool but it is the same thing with the how it works section. I'd a/b test those blocks and choose the best one.

      The people who will buy these templates probably don't know how to code and they probably don't know what Bulma or Tailwind CSS is. Replacing them with things that can attract no-code people's attention would be a better option. Design for your audience.

      The pricing section looks good but saving 3$ is not a huge thing. You can incentivize people better.

      1. 1

        Hey @michael_fenix.

        Late replay, sorry for that.

        I think that 'For startups & personal use.' is not necessary since if someone needs a template, he/she will know his/her intent.

        • I agree, but shouldn't we have some text there?

        Well, the templates are actually, for those who can at least HTML & CSS in specific Bulma & Tailwind right now.

        Video is cool but it is the same thing with the how it works section. I'd a/b test those blocks and choose the best one.

        • We are actually texting the video, and we got more downloads since then, I am planning to make it smaller and put it next to the how-to cards.
          For accessibility more than anything.

        The pricing section looks good but saving 3$ is not a huge thing. You can incentivize people better.

        • I know, it sounds very tacky. We are building more, we just wanted to actually have a pricing option including them all.

        Thank you so much, Michael. Very helpful.

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      One of the best designs I have seen in the comments @richardindie!

      Your value proposition is really clear and the subheader is concise. The images below are really good since they show how the product works rather than telling. I think that you can put testimonials below the images and a 'how it works' CTA button. That way you can save a ton of place.

      The bullet points Get More Done, Save Time, and Take Control are also great but I think that they should be under the hero.

      I think that the use case block is unnecessary since it is already on the navbar. Also when I clicked the Use Cases I saw the same page as when I clicked the Documentation. There you should reduce the number of use cases to the most important ones and you can add a + button which shows all use cases.

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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for offering! Checked out your site, cool product. My site is and Twitter handle is @CodeWithFitz. It's an email capture for a free online course I'm working on teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    1. 1

      Hey @CodeWithFitz,

      No problem!

      Since your website doesn't have many elements it will be short :)

      I really liked the idea of putting your picture there, it creates trust. I would also add a small resume there to make the visitor understand that you are the expert on the topic.

      The colors are great! "Don't let your dreams stay dreams." this sentence is also great. If you have testimonials adding them below the signup button would be awesome.

      1. 2

        Great suggestions. Thank you sir! I will work on getting a resume and testimonials added. Much appreciated!

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    I'd love some feedback on my product

    1. 1

      Hey @Soft_Re,

      The design looks slick at first sight! Your logo can be redesigned and the subheader could be shorter. Maybe you can reduce it to 3 bullet points like

      • Find What You Need
      • Build a list
      • Share it

      I loved the video. It is short but it explains everything. I think that putting 3 CTAs there takes a lot of place and wastes some valuable real-estate. You can reduce their size or locate them on the navbar.

      Testimonials are great in length and content but like the CTA buttons, they also waste a lot of place. Placing them below the hero block will not only attract attention but also save your place.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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