Linkbuilding doesn't really matter, does it?

Hey there!

I've read multiple articles about on-page/off-page SEO optimization and whatnot.

The thing that bothers me the most is linkbuilding.

Seems like there's no any meaningful info about linkbuilding besides that it's great to be mentioned on a "high authority" website. This way Search Engines will know that your website is a trusted source and your article is relevant to some topic, and so on and so forth.

However, what about getting links from smaller websites? Like small personal blogs or software blogs that are relatively new / don't have massive traffic, etc.

E.g. I'm running a blog for a SaaS that is a Twitter scheduling tool. Will it benefit me if my posts are mentioned on a relatively small blog of the same nature? Like if another social media scheduling tool mentiones my product and links to my website or blog posts. Or a somewhat notorious marketer mentions my product or blog post in their blog.

The thing that I'm curious about is that such similar tool / notorious marketer's blogs have to be relatively small, and shall not have like 100k visits per month or whatever is considered huge amount of traffic.

Does any body know the answer or can, at least, guide me through?

Do you even use linkbuilding as part of your SEO/content creation strategy?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    First of all, link building is only relevant if you have an actual SEO strategy & a clear view of which keywords you're going after (based on search volume & intent). Once you have your on-page optimization in place, it depends on your link authority how/if/when your keyword rankings will improve.

    Don't worry abot link buildin if you haven't figured out the keyword selection & on-page optimization first. That's like putting a lot of gas in your car when the wheels aren't on it yet. ;-)

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      Thank for your feedback! That's true. "Let's cross that bridge when we come to it", huh? It doesn't make sense to worry about linkbuilding when the core strategy is not ready.

      However, the reason I was asking about linkbuilding with small websites is that it seems like there's no info at all about how such links affect your website.

      One of the linkbuilding strategies is to reach out to websites and ask for mentioning, explaining why your content is worth mentioning and so on. But there's little to no advice on whether you should invest time in reaching out to small blogs to feature your links, rather than huge websites.

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        Typically backlinks carry both 'authority' and 'relevance'. Some backlinks even have both. Ideally, you need both to have a natural backlink profile. So a backlink from a low authority niche website would always be a good addition, next to some more powerful backlinks from a more generic website.

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    I DO NOT CARE what anyone has to say on this subject about google telling people they aren't important, I have shot websites onto page one by laboriously getting them just the right backlink profile. You need the big dogs for citation - go fill out the form for Manta or Yellowpages, etc, build out your Google My Business profile so that all your data matches, then go after links similar to your competitors. You want either geographically relevant ones or industry and topic relevant ones. Backlinks are the inescapable underpinning of google, just get them at a steady pace, not in one burst and do it manually yourself.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      So would you suggest not spending time reaching out to smaller blogs / websites as it will not yield any meaningful results?

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        Forget the blogs, but a smaller website is fine if it makes sense like you have some overlap in some obvious way.

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