LinkedIn account banned. What did we do with it?

The story is...

lemlist's CEO Guillaume Moubeche got banned on LinkedIn...

8 months ago, he was sent to LinkedIn jail…

20,000+ followers,

1000s of business conversations…

And one day... All gone…

Simply because in 2019, we built a project helping people getting more reach on their LinkedIn posts…

LinkedIn disliked it!

So they sent Guillaume to the so-called “LinkedIn jail”

The truth is, that project got acquired long ago and he wasn’t involved anymore
But LinkedIn didn’t seem to care
We followed-up multiple times with them but no more answer…
LinkedIn refuses to give access to the profile…

8 months without free speech…

So we've decided to take action 💪

We have decided to launch THE BIGGEST ONLINE rescue mission in order to help Gullaiume get out of the LinkedIn jail 🎉

Hundreds of people share the same post with the hashtag #freeGuillaumeMoubeche

(including John Barrows, Tony J Hughes, Roxanne Varza, Grégoire Gambatto, and more) 🙏❤️

You can check this here https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/content/?keywords=%23freeguillaumemoubeche&origin=FACETED_SEARCH&page=2&sortBy="date_posted"

Some results so far:

  1. After 40 mins +600 new connections
  2. Hundreds of people who share this post
  3. After 50 mins LinkedIn banned a new account 🤬

But we don't give up

if you want to participate in this, you have the opportunity to show the world that when people get together they are much stronger 💪💪💪

Check everything here https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/content/?keywords=%23freeguillaumemoubeche&origin=FACETED_SEARCH&page=2&sortBy="date_posted"

  1. 2

    It is the first time when I am hearing that LinkedIn also ban or block the accounts. Anyways, accept my best wishes. Hopefully, it would be sorted soon.

  2. 2

    Wow that is quite a story. I wish the best of luck with this.

  3. 1

    I want more details about this.
    For now, it looks like a pretty effective marketing message.
    He is CEO of a growth acquisiton platform. He is not a victim. His business is just fighting Linkedin.

    1. 1

      He is not a part of the product that LinkedIn didn't like for months, but they just don't react to support messages we leave

      1. 2

        Are you sure ? His name is everywhere on it.
        What is the name of the product ? Lemlist, right ?
        Can we have some proof of this ban ? A message, a mail, a notification ?
        There is so much darkness around this.

        Even Lemlist is online, not banned with a video of Guillaume from last week. https://www.linkedin.com/company/lemlist/

        More details are needed.

        For now, from the outside, it looks like a well done marketing operation.

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